One of the BEST Combat Board Games of all time! SMALL WORLD #Shorts -

One of the BEST Combat Board Games of all time! SMALL WORLD #Shorts

Tim Chuon
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  1. I got small world of warcraft, guess I should bring it yo the table. Hello from SK. 🎉

  2. The only thing about this game is that it costs a lot of money but it seems fun

  3. Smallworld is a direct imitation of an earlier game, Vinci, but infuses it with a fantasy element, whereas the original based itself on historical cultures of the world. Smallworld isn't remotely one of the best combat board games "of all time". For the real games deserving of that title, you have to look at war games. But this is about as far into combat that most Euro-gamers are willing to go.

  4. I played this game a year ago and have been looking all over the internet for it, I couldn’t remember the name. This game is so fun and now I can finally play it again!

  5. TIM. You know how I told you, you were the reason I went all into Marvel United?And then I saw you post about Rising Sun. You didn't like it. I didn't like it too.Then you posted about Marvel LCG. Dude I love that game.AND NOW SMALL WORLD. This is my #1 board game. And you're raving about it!! Dude. I feel like we are boardgame spirit animals!!🙌❤💯I will now binge your videos haha.

  6. Reminds me a bit of "Cinematic Sunday" videos, but also includes your opinion of the game. I like it.

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