One of these is fake. (How To Spot Counterfeit Board Games) -

One of these is fake. (How To Spot Counterfeit Board Games)

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  1. I have to say that I have bought some counterfeit games knowing that they were copies, but only when there is no more stock of the original game. Sometimes you have to wait for years until the game is released again, and its a pain to wait that much time.

  2. Can you help me making video of azul board game which one is the fake one (azul base game)

  3. I got a genuine copy once. More than once as a matter of fact. I still play it.

  4. There are many different print runs of the game. In my first edition of the game the stickers where off centered

  5. Idk man, capitalism can be a real stick in the mud, when I can get anything cheaper I will, and low quality board games arent like low quality machinery, it wont be less efficient or less optimised or catch onto flames, it's just of lower card stock which I can live with. Seems like a good deal for poor people is all im saying. Also, isnt the 4 dollars worth it to introduce to a bunch of kids the amazing world of modern tabletop games?

  6. Are they legally doing that? Can’t the original peeps sue them ?

  7. Its hard to take you seriously when you've replaced the box insert with a tupperware box.

  8. Yes, I once (unknowingly) bought a knock off copy of both Kingdomino and DOS from a toy store… When I got home and opened the games, I realized they were fake. I felt so dirty inside, I ended up giving them away to a friend and bought retail copies of both games.

  9. I recently went china to visit my wife’s family . While there got a copy of heat which was ridiculously cheap – about a quarter of the price. It’s a Chinese edition but as the game is mostly language independent it didn’t bother me. The quality of this copy is stunning and if it is a fake it’s very hard to tell. Leaving me to wonder if games in china can be cheaper because they don’t need to ship out of china.

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