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Oops! I sold these board games by mistake!

Bones Collector
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This is a list of games that I sold and later re-purchased! Hope you enjoy!



  1. “If you are technically talented, because we’re not….” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  2. I absolutely love watching & listening to you two; Love your biscuits & gravy all over the table; love your honesty, passion and shared stories and experiences. Thanks so much. Easily the best board-game channel on the planet. I hope you re-squire GLENN MORE IIIt looks like you will.Of the games you re-acquired, my favourite is Lorenzo il Magnifico. It’s just so satisfying and challenging at the same time. I don’t think I have ever re-squired a game I sold/ passed on. Not YET anyway. I did borrow TANG GARDEN and enjoyed it, but never bought it- that might be one I eventually hunt down. Talking of which- what are your games on your ‘hunting them down’ list? One of mine is Saint Petersburg which I think you like/ own.I don’t know why you are waiting for the dice tower crew to complete their top 100s before you get going. I’m quite happy for you to get started as soon as possible! Dance your own sweet tune!

  3. Great set of stories and mini-reviews! Thanks 👍

  4. i love Sagrada 🙂 For lorenzo i have lorenzo master of renaissance and i love it .thanks and have a nice day 🙂

  5. Great reacquisitions! Lorenzo is our favourite game of all time. The expansion is a must and adds a fifth tower. Really appreciate the concise feedback on each game in your videos and the relaxed, yet informative, feedback from both of you on the games. Love the channel.

  6. Thanks Bones collector! Really appreciate your candor, you seem like a really nice guy! I recently added TTR: Europe to my get list. It looks good, definitely getting the 15th anniversary edition just for that map. And yes, 2022 was a great year- I'm still trying to track down certain games from reviewers' top tens from 2022, but I've gotten most of what I was looking for so far (some of my 2022 faves: Planet Unknown, Wonderland's War, Wayfarers of the South Tigris, and the Windward Collector's Box). I took Tang Garden off my get list because I saw a negative review or two, but I just put it back on. There's enough intriguing about it to at least try it out. My mom and I absolutely love Sagrada- It's her favorite game of all time, thus far. (I play a lot of games with the fam). We've got all the expansions and have played it more than any other game! Looking forward to Artisans!
    Thanks for sharing all the lessons you've learned through your board game collecting journey. I''ve been collecting for about three years now, and will be enjoying board games for the remainder of my days. Thank you so much for your channel! I really appreciate the work you both put in!
    Looking forward to your top 100! And I hope you are both having a relaxing Sunday 🙂


  7. Yes! I am the "some people buy games but never play them." Heavens to Murgatroyd!

  8. Sold Small World after about 10 plays. Never missed it.

  9. Several years ago, because of being off work for a extended period of time due to medical issues, I was forced to sell off some of my games. I have been slowly reaquiring those that I did not want to let go, so I completely understand wanting to get games back. Great idea for a video and I am glad to see that you have been able to get back your games!

  10. Really cool idea, and I LOVE the way you go over these with your wife! Stellar content! Subscribed.

  11. There's something about Mice & Mystics. What an adventure! I don't really dig dungeon crawlers, but I get such a cozy feeling when I get that one to the table. So once in a blue moon I get the urge to play a dungeon crawl; it'll always be M&M. Such a treat!

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