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Orbito Is A Two Player Strategy Game You MUST Try! #boardgame #couple

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  1. I'd be tring to fill that middle up asap but would obviously need to block as well.

  2. Once i was able to understand the game after his first fuck up i realized this game would be tons of fun

  3. At first I was like “wtfuck is happening?!”Then I quickly figured it out.

  4. Neither of you people need to be eating dinner

  5. Id be pushing just to see the balls move😂

  6. Clearly controlling the middle is strong in this game. The lady never putting a piece in was a bad move.

  7. I'd just let her play that stupid game and cook myself.

  8. The game makes sense to me, you have to get 4 straight in a row, column, or diagonal. Players take turns moving an enemy piece one place over and then placing their own.

  9. Is this like tic tac toe ?! This is so cool…

  10. So basically better and more complicated connect 4

  11. People who dont know how this game work

  12. Tic tac toe meets connect 4 but drunk?

  13. I don’t know where to put this but I found an ad for a Pokémon ripoff that used the avatar intros voice line things that was showed a squirtle a water type for water charmander a fire type for fire jiggly puff a fairy normal type for air (jiggly puff is known for floating but there is a flying type) and then psyduck a water type for earth. There is both a rock and ground type. As well as grass.

  14. This game looks dumb as crap. "Hey lets combine 14 games together and make this, great idea ocd adhd boss"

  15. Oh it’s like connect four but way more confusing

  16. I like how they play the most unknown table game known to man without explaining how to lose or win or how to play and expect us to understand everything.

  17. Can someone tell me the name of this please

  18. I don't understand the rules on most of these

  19. Woman because women live into a kitchen

  20. Have you ever had a womans cooking today he may still be the loser.

  21. Connect 4 with extra steps and higher difficulty… I can dig it.

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