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Our Community’s Top 10 Board Games Of All Time!

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YOU picked your favorites out of every game possible, and we have compiled (thank you Heath!) the consensus of every pick of our community and are sharing the top 10 today!! If you enjoyed this, or better yet you didn’t and want to have a say in future polls, join our discord in the just below!

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  1. Can we revisit this? I think that would be interesting. 😊

  2. The "Pick is in" sound effect for these is money. I giggle every time i hear it.

  3. Great list! That was fun. I'm so tired of hearing about gloomhaven. I was never a fan. Maybe Frost Haven will change my mind about it.

  4. I did the EXACT same thing with Sleeping gods as Kenny did. I got it. I set it up. And then packed it and sold it immediately. It was just too much for me as a solo play.

  5. I really like too many bones, but the art and graphic design I was never a big fan of. I really want to try out the elder scrolls game coming out, I'm scared to think how much it will cost though.

  6. Anak isn't great. It's the same every time with slightly different cards and assistants.

  7. wow I would swap root and spirit island both good game but great list

  8. TMB is to me what Arnak is to Max. I think it’s a good game. I traded it away, but will give it a second shot when Unbreakable is delivered. Love the list though!

  9. Ahhh Burgle Bros getting some love!! Such a brilliant game that doesn’t get enough buzz in my opinion ❤️

  10. Glad to see Root so high bit it's probably not surprising. Kenny is right, it's definitely a lifestyle game which reduces its broad appeal but the replayability factor will keep people coming back for years to come. Great list!

  11. When are we repeating space camp? We should.

  12. I think we did a nice list. It has to be like this because the discord is so great therefore the list has to be amazing. @kenny, have you played the Barkham Horror Scenario?

  13. Max, Max, Max, I am 100% backing the Elder Scrolls CTG game!!!! I will love it for sure.

  14. Gotta give it to y’all. Not a bad list in the slightest!! Happy to see my favorite near the top 🙂

  15. What fools voted on this list? (I didn't)
    Gloomhaven? Bleh. 😛

  16. ( insert stock complaint about Nemesis not being on list )

  17. Fun video and hungry hungry ho’s 😂😂

  18. What a lovely varied list! I think we did well! 🎉🎉

  19. I am surprised that castles of burgundy was not on this list! It’s a classic imo

  20. As long as Spirit Island made the list, I’m fine with it. Surprised it didn’t have more #1 votes, though!

  21. I’m famous!!! Definitely a solid list from my favorite discord. I wish I could remember what my top 10 was hahaha

  22. No Brass! Man that’s a good game. Also Sleeping Gods is a 10/10 for me and I soloed it as only a mediocre solo gamer. It was actually really fun to make all the decisions myself. Amazing experience. And it wasn’t too much to take on all the characters. Worth it.

  23. Thats a nice list. People over on that discord must have good taste.

  24. Great list with nothing I don’t like on it. What good taste you have over on Discord!

  25. I don't like Arnak mostly because it's too much of a multiplayer solitaire (not enough player interaction) but I know that the general board game audience loves that kind of thing. I don't. I also think that people are susceptible to hype, reviews and social cues when it comes to deciding what's good.

  26. Can you guys go through all the scenarios of vagrentsong

  27. This was filled with lots of laughs! Really enjoyed the dynamic of the three of you together. Great top 10!

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