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Our Loot from Essen Spiel ’22 | Hot New Board Games!

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We’re back from Essen Spiel ’22. It was our first time there, and it was AMAZING! 😀

We brought home 30 board games, the vast majority of them being new 2022 releases. In this video we will be showing you all our new acquisitions. As we go through them, Kathrine shares her thoughts on whether the games sound like something she wants to try (I was the one doing the researching and buying).

Were you also at Essen? Which games did you pick up? And if you weren’t please let us know whether you also think any of these games seem worth playing!


  1. Great haul. Tribes of the Wind is on my want list. Vincent du Trait is always a + and the anime theme seems good. Flamecraft is a blast to play. Very easy to play right out of box; just keep reference page handy. If you like choose your own adventure games, check out Lands of Galzyr. It is heavy on story but each session is only about 1h instead of 3-4 like Oathsworn or Euthia, etc.

  2. Wow that is quite a haul! I'm sure you have enjoyed playing all of your new games 😊 I don't normally love beige covers but I actually find the cover of Beer & Bread quite charming haha 😄

  3. Looks like you made an awesome haul! Subscribed!

  4. Hey mate witch of these are we playing Wednesday

  5. All these games were love at first sight! 😉

  6. Great haul, and quality baby time. Very fun. Enjoy the games.

  7. Looks great!! SPIEL '23 will be my first one, looking forwards to it. If you are taking a trip to Bornholm at any time soon you should bring The Great Split with you… I really want to try that game 😁😅

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