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Our Most Anticipated Board Games of 2022

Roll For Crit
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What new board games are coming out in 2022? Well, it’s hard to say, but we can at least tell you what we HOPE we’ll be able to play during the next 12 months. Enjoy this exhaustive (but still incomplete) list of titles you should get excited for!

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  1. you had me at "anti-capitalist theme"!!!

  2. Can’t help but feel like this isn’t a “Most anticipated” list but more a list of all games releasing this year. I’d like a list of games you’re actually anticipating. Like, a top 10.

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive preview. By far the best I’ve seen. Excited for 2022! Keep up the great work. I appreciate you guys.

  4. Do you have your list posted online somewhere?

  5. Weird that you don't add any pictures from how the game looks like, only the cover, now we have to google all them and it's kind a frustrating.

  6. Miss: Carnegie, Hippocrates, Stragonov, Golem, Museum: Pictura, Dice Realms,

  7. Wow, that's a very comprehensive list. I am most excited for 7th Citadel (but don't expect it until next year), So You've Been Eaten, Darwin's Journey, and Spire's End: Hildegard.

  8. watching this, the only thing I can think about is my poor wallet -.- 🙁 😛

  9. No funkoverse universe. i guess the drop the line? but we still got the unmatched.

  10. you forgot the time force power ranger expansion

  11. Isla is pronounced ees-lah. It's Spanish. Isla Nublar means cloud island in Spanish.

  12. Great video guys, lots of games mentioned are also on my list, of those not mentioned, I’m also excited for:
    MP: Energy Empire – Cold War expansion
    Madeira Collector's Edition
    Petrichor: Collector's Edition and Cows Expansion
    Nemesis Lockdown
    Shogun no Katan
    Three Sisters
    Tussie Mussie: Expansion Collection
    Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold
    Factory Funner
    Bear Raid
    Ghosts of Christmas
    Rome & Roll: Gladiators expansion
    Scrumpy: Card Cider
    Isle of Cats: Don't forget the kittens
    Mechanical Beast
    Union Station
    Marvel United: X-Men
    On Mars: Alien Invasion
    Mythic Battles : Ragnarök
    Reiner Knizia's Criminal Capers Collection (Pumafiosi, Hot Lead, Soda Smugglers)
    Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town
    Shikoku 1889
    The Palaces of Carrara – Deluxe 2nd edition

  13. I think you missed “Wonderland’s War”, Circadians: Chaos Order, Resurgence, Monsterpocolypse, Soul Raiders, Geisha’s Road, Florence, Mythic Battles Ragnarok. Sakura Arms, Endless Winter, KaPow, Black Rose Wars.

  14. I think it's a safe bet that The 7th Citadel will slip into 2023. They've already slipped from May to December.

  15. Thanks for the great video guys! Super excited about Ark Nova, Endless Winter, Frosthaven, Jurassic World Legacy, My Father’s Work, Thunder Road Vendetta (probably next year), all the Unmatched (some will probably be next year), and Vagrantsong. 2022 is already shaping up to be a great year for board gaming!

  16. First 😁
    But yeah I only wait for slay the spire non of the other games excite me anyway 🤷

  17. Late backing Arydia and interested in Wayfarers, Tidal Blades 2, and Ark Nova.

  18. Jurassic World and Jabba's Palace sound perfect for my game nights🙂! Thank you for a great 2022 preview video!

  19. Stormsunder is #1 for me. And until you mentioned it, I'd forgotten about Divinity Original Sin completely.

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