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Our Must-Have Board Games & Where Are They Now

Board Game Hangover
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It has been a while since we met our Must Have games! How have been they doing? Are we still friends? Do we meet them? Find out for yourself in this video where we re-rank (kind of) all of our Must Have games from previous videos.

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3:36 Fourth
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MicroMacro Crime City review –
Dune Imperium review –
Spirit Island –
Nemesis –
Wingspan –
Alice is Missing –
The Search Planet X –
7 Wonders Architects –
Ark Nova –
TM Ares Expedition –

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  1. Love this idea and the review keep it up!

  2. Everdell
    Arch Nova
    7 Wonders Duel
    feed the Kraken

  3. To me, thats the true review of a game

  4. I sold Spirit Island, I just found it tooooo tough. I couldn't get into it as I could hardly ever win. I guess some games just don't gel with you!

  5. I've always described Ares Expedition as "Race for Terraforming Mars" but i do still keep them both. In my experience, its easier to introduce a new player to Ares and THEN have them learn Terraforming Mars just so they don't feel so overwhelmed. Also, unsolicited observation here, you guys should have links to the reviews you talk about that show up at the moment you identify the new game 😛

  6. Love this format, please do more of these!
    Feels like this is a more objective rating, to see what you actually think of the game after the first hype!

  7. Fun video… was project elite one of your must haves?

  8. Whaaaattt.. Spirit Island feels like multiplayer solitaire?? How.. do you guys play with silent mode house rule or something

  9. Name of the channel should be "Boardgame Must Haves" 😂

  10. Love the channel! Thanks for your work.

    You ever considered reviewing classics every once in a while?

  11. For me, Dune Imperium dropped from "Must Have" to "Fantastic" with the release of Uprising. Uprising just fixes all the bits of the original that irked me.

  12. Thank you guys, amazing content! You are my favorite content creators!

  13. No "Very Good" on the rating scale. Maybe this is same as "Really Good"?

  14. Great list indeed. While I initially loved Spirit Island, it rarely gets played because I have to be in a specific mood to play it. Your review of Ares Exp. led me to get it and love it still.

  15. I need to know where wonderlands war stands now that you own a copy. It’s become my top game of all time! Love the format

  16. Finally! I was looking for a source of all your must haves but didn't find any… so I "had" to watch most of your reviews😂

  17. I've had to change BGG ratings with more exposure to other games. I love this idea.

  18. Great video guys, loved the format.😁😁

  19. Wingspan I really wanted to like, but it fell flat for me. I gave it so many chances and every gaming session left me feeling unfulfilled, which is a rarity with these kinds of games because I love the genre.

    Merchants & Marauders, however, was a massive drop, going from one of my favourites (or "hotness", really) into a game I don't even want to play anymore, letalone keep in my collection. It does so painfully many things right, and since Sid Meier's Pirates! is one of my all-time favourite video games, this one was an easy one to get into. But unfortunately it is LONG, complicated, ridiculously random (ie. you can get ridiculously overpowered instakill cards at random and death is super punishing) and especially the ship vs ship battles just drag like crazy. Such a shame, I think this game is so close to being one of the best sandbox style games out there, but has some critical weaknesses that just makes the experience miserable for me.

    Smash Up! also left my collection after being one of my go-to easy card games. I don't think the player count scales well, two players can be a blowout at random and four player game drags on for way too long. At the end of the day, it just felt lacking and other card games have taken its place. Also, my tastes as a gamer have definitely evolved more into a heavy eurogame direction, so that might also be a factor. Unlike M&M, I would still play this one occasionally though, just not enough to warrant shelf space in my own collection.

  20. Was there no more room for Wonderlands War? I noticed it’s not on the shelf behind you so I thought it was popping up in this video. Love that game.

  21. Okay I liked I commented and I’ve been subscribed for a while 😂 y’all better keep making these
    Please 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  22. I literally burned out all the games I loved, eventually, with every game I adored I came to the point when I felt fond of the game but couldn't be bothered to pick it up and play it again … Top 5 I play at the moment are, Dwellings of Everdale, The Great Wall, Castles of Burgundy, Vindication and Wonderland wars…

  23. The only must have games for me are the ones I love playing. For me, none of the games on your list are must have games.

  24. Thank you for single-handedly making Dune Imperium the board game goliath that it is today. 😉

  25. Last one makes me sad. :-(. Ares Expedition might be one of my all time favorite games

  26. Have you guys tried the new Dune imperium : uprising, WITH the rise of ix + immortality expansions? I have Dune Imperium + the expansions, but i'm still unsure if the expansions play good with uprising

  27. these are "must have" board games? Wha…?!

  28. I found Dune Imperium on my own. However, maybe you guys have influenced how I found it. Thank you.

  29. You are the forever nemesis guys – keep it up!!

  30. HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! What about Long Shot the Dice Game???????? (Also ranked as must have by both of you)

  31. This was fun, because i agreed in some cases with things like Wingspan, its great, especially initially, but after playing it several times it loses its charm. Still fun, just not as amazing as i first thought!

    Not played Wyrmspan yet, i do wonder if it would manage to recapture the feeling, however i wish they'd stuck with the nature theme. Was part of the appeal.

  32. OK.. I see how it is.. You say you will play Dune ANY TIME, but then I ask you to join this Sunday and you prefer to do something with your family. So WHICH ONE IS IT? You better all be playing Dune there!

  33. Great video 😊 It would be nice and improve interaction if you put the game reviews you mention up right as cards.

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