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Our New Favorite Imposter Game? | Board AF: Werewords

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  1. not angela outing Arasha multiple times of being the seer

  2. How did chanse have mjolnir but chose leona lewis instead😂. That's like an instant point for the werewolf.

  3. idk if she was being serious bc im autistic, but when angela said "sorry im being so annoying" it resonated so hard with me. me and angela have similar personalities and i feel like im being overwhelming to others all the time, its like a subconscious thing at the back of my mind all the time and i always find myself being insecure about the way im acting, but i cant help it bc im very expressive. its so random but i just felt so seen. ur an angel, angela. ur not annoying<3

  4. They were so good, we didn’t even get a round where they didn’t guess the word and had to vote for the werewolf.

  5. Jackie specifically citing Susan Egan from Gotta Kick It Up! is the final confirmation that we have very similar tastes in media 😂

  6. i like to see ian, shayne, damien, Tommy, chanse, spencer

  7. What a great vid! Nothing like a little laughter after a hard day lol

  8. Loved this! I would love to see the team play again with Spencer going over some of the strategy beforehand? I don't think the players knew that if the timer goes off and the word hasn't been guessed, the word is revealed — and then the players then vote together on who they think the werewolf is. If they guess correctly, they win.

    So the werewolf has to be careful — if they are too obvious, the players will run out the clock and avoid guessing the word on purpose so they can get them. Conversely, if the players make it too obvious that they're just running out the clock, the werewolf can just say the word, point to the seer, and win. In fact, if the werewolf EVER figures out who the seer is, it's game over — they say the word and identify the seer. Could technically be a three second game.

    So if you are the seer, your primary objective is to be as unsuspicious as possible. Forget about guessing the word — that's not the objective. The objective is to win, and you do that by either guessing the werewolf, OR by guessing the word and still getting the seer to successfully elude him. This isn't a guessing game (poor Chanse lol), it's a Werewolf game where you PRETEND to play a guessing game to sus out your neighbors.

  9. You can do custom words by writing a word down on a piece of paper, don't need to select a word in the app. That is actually the only way my family plays this game. We tend to select words that would be extreme/ridiculous difficulty but things the family has interest in so we actually all know the word.

  10. “The Donner Dinner Party” is one that really needs to make an appearance on here and Ian NEEDS to be there.

  11. Angela being so competitive she’s outing Arasha as the Seer when she’s a villager 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. this is basically just the Oink game Insider, but with an app. but since Insider is fantastic of course this is too

  13. angela and amanda are always fun together, you can tell they are friends on and off screen.

  14. On the hard ones the seer should not wait until the end, get it with like 30 seconds, even if youre taking a wild guess its less sus than last ten seconds

  15. This is probably one of my favorite games they played so far

  16. Honestly? I’d like to see Smosh play Blood on the Clocktower. I can imagine Angela’s head exploding (regardless if a Cerenovus is in play or not) when she’s got accurate info, but no one believes her, because Arasha and Chanse are gaslighting so hard.

  17. The way arasha closed her eyes at 26:36 made me burst out laughing

  18. i would love to see them play One night ultimate werewolf if they havent already

  19. Imma be honest I thought Leona Lewis was white. In my defense, I only saw her once. She was on ridiculousness like 10 years ago.

  20. I love this selection of cast. Great chemistry

  21. Namaste was painful to watch as an Indian.

  22. Spencer, grinning and all smug: I think since I won the last round I won the whole thing

    Me: Okay Chosen 😂😂😂


    Jk we love you Spencer you make this channel SO MUCH FUN ❤❤❤

  23. the gay delusion to choose Leona Lewis as your word is incredible.


  25. Chanse 😖 thanks for sticking through this one 🩵

  26. lol Angela was really 2nd-werewolfing in the last one

  27. You should definitely play blood on the clock tower

  28. love that they collaborated with the cat in the hat today!

  29. Have you guys played the card game Skull King? If not, you should. It would be so funny to see y'all stab each other in the back.

  30. I loved this game, I already want to buy it to cause intrigue between friends hahaha

  31. spencer genuinely asking questions to find out who leona lewis is was great 😂😂

  32. 17:53 this is why Jackie will always be my favorite! her enthusiasm and energy never fail to make me smile

  33. I hate that Amanda never guessed within the time limit as the werewolf.

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