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Our Top 10 Board Game Picks – LIVE from AireCon 2023!

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

*Ant-Man & Wasp Gallery Art Prints*

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*Star Wars Deckbuilding Game*

This new head-to-head game for two players brings the galaxy-spanning war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance to your tabletop!

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  1. I feel Naveen on the grail game. I, too, was looking for Chaos in the Old World. It took me ten years but I finally found it at a seller's market. Hold out hope, Naveen, it IS as good as you remember!

  2. Rodney, I had to get Mythwind as well. I’m not sure how well it will work for us, but it was so beautiful……….

  3. First time I saw Paula, it was as "cursed" in Tales of Arabian Nights playing with Becca Scott and some other guys, so it seems natural she would anticipate this sequel. Full circle!

  4. Is it weird that seeing Monique and Naveen sitting so far apart was kind of jarring? Fun video, and it was great to see everyone together!

  5. Great video! Looked like a really fun event at a really cool convention.

  6. Will you ever review the deep rock galactic board game?

  7. I like how a quick google search of Scarface 1920 show the game as in stock and ready to order here 😂

  8. Oh yeah, I too fell under the spell of Mythwind, because of the asymmetric and open-ended experience. I can't wait for my copy to arrive.

  9. Glad you made a video of this, I caught the Q&A but i missed this session

  10. So great to see the whole crew together!

  11. That brings back fun memories. For the whole team 🎶I like big butts….🎶 Just for Chaz 🎶Stick,Stick,Stick,Stick, Sticky, Sticky, Stick, Stick🎶 😂 Already looking forward to next year.

  12. 😅And the award for weirdest categories for an award show goes to…

  13. I had a lot of laughs watching this 😀

  14. It was great to watch Live. Excellent work as always!

  15. It was fantastic to watch you all live , I loved it . I hope you’ve all got over your jet lag now and hopefully I’ll get to see you again next year 😊

  16. You guys are great but I would have liked this better if it was non scripted and you've just chatted

  17. I liked that it was partially scripted, partially off the cuff.

  18. I have Dogs of War, picked it up for about £27 years ago on sale. Little did I know that it would become so saught after. I hear a re-print may be in the works

  19. You all are too much, this was great. Would love to see this live at, oh I don't know, PAXU? Please and thank you.

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