Our! Top! 10! Board! Game! Picks! of! the! Month! - On The Radar!! - cutlassboardgame.com

Our! Top! 10! Board! Game! Picks! of! the! Month! – On The Radar!!

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

*Call of Duty The Board Game*

Outmaneuver your opponent in this tabletop version of the hit video game!


*Crossbows and Catapults*

Ready, aim, fire… and knock down your enemy’s elaborately designed castle!

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  1. This was so ridiculous… ridiculously funny. But Yuck Atan?

  2. who writes these so much info layed in between jokes the vegetable stock bit had me shaking my screen with matthewalso rodney i know your quest to play skirmish games has been a career long goal, i hope we see Demon Ship on the channel.

  3. Will the new quest for el dorado work with the expansions? Was worried that the new art may have changed the back of the cards so you can’t mix the expansions in.

  4. Hahahaha I love watching all my board game favourite people all together another great video, and im excited to see whats next!!!!!!! (With an exclamation mark or 7) lol

  5. Excellent stuff as always. Vegetable stock is a great game.

  6. I thought Chaz was going to say he sold a kidney, but this too is an interesting turn of events.

  7. Always love the energy and effort you guys put into these videos 😃

  8. More drama, humour and pathos than the latest trends in "premium television". Watch it Played, always ahead of the curve.

    Love you guys.

  9. A great way to start the week is watching one of your videos. Thank you…and congratulations on your lemming thingy?

  10. Another! Great! Video! We! Appreciate! You! All!

  11. Brilliant. But never leave your treasure hunting shovel at home!

  12. Fun video, thanks for the effort to present each of these games in an entertaining manner.

  13. …because it's not a party until you follow the lemmings off a cliff….😆

  14. Will the deluxe version of Witchcraft! come with a holographic device that shows Frank Sinatra singing Witchcraft?

  15. I look forward to the Party Lemmings in the PEI event next year.

  16. Cannot wait for Witchcraft!! Resist! has been my favorite solo game for the past couple years now. Here’s to hoping it ships by Halloween!!!

  17. Wait wait, how did Matthew NOT present El Dorado? It's a Knizia game!!! 😁

  18. Great video! Love the picks, especially Witchcraft!

  19. Ain't no party like a lemming party, cuz a lemming party literally don't stop.

  20. Big love for the video and for featuring Demon Ship!! 🤩

  21. Wonder how Rodney got on reading "Secrets of the Semi:"

  22. Nice to see Vegetable Stock get a mention. Been excited to try that one

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