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OUR Top 10 Board Game Picks of the Month – On The Radar!!

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

*Everything Ever*

A perfect game for people who like movies, music, sports, shows, food, people, the world, knowing things, liking things… anything!


*Shadows of Brimstone Adventures: Valley of the Serpent Kings*

Explore dark halls of a Spanish Fort that has fallen into Darkness, overrun by demons and creatures!

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  1. Oh no… Who thought it was a good idea to give Matthew energy drinks?! You know that movie Hoodwinked when they give coffee to the squirrel?.. It'll be worse. Much worse. Breaking the space time continuum worse… 😬

  2. Can this really be classed as a mystery when the culprit is so obviously Tommy Spengler 🤔(Or was it Timmy Spengler? 😮 Oh no, are they twins?!)

  3. My bet is on Rodney. He DID shove Chaz through that time warp thingy once, after all. He has the disarming smile to boot. It's always the one who seems the nicest.

  4. I played Dogfight at O Comic Con, and really enjoyed that one! Aerion looks pretty neat too!

    …I also supposed we aren't gonna mention any of the weird occurrences? Uhhhhhhhhhh… poor Chaz?… – G

  5. As much as I regret what I'm about to say, my money is on Naveen being the culprit, he was far too suspicious in this video… 🤔

  6. My suspicion is that Chaz's assailant is secretly… Chaz! It's a scheme to sue Party Lemmings and retake control of the channel. Putting himself in harm's way to redeem himself and save his friends? Classic Chaz!

  7. You should do Casting Shadows board game and show how its played:)

  8. Omg, I’ve been obsessed with games in the Oniverse. I love Aerion!!

  9. Definitely laugh more at this channel than any other board game content out there. Thank you Chaz!

  10. I finally got to play Terra Mystica, so curious to see how Age of Innovation plays!

  11. You guys are always so upbeat and encouraging. Your skits are the best!

  12. Imperial miners by Portal looks great, you should check that one out

  13. I suspect that Rodney's suspicion of Paula's suspicions is suspicious.

  14. I fear for Chaz's life! 😆 Rodney does sound very suspicious……

  15. “Than who’s the British one?” 😂😂

  16. Just another Workplace Chazualty. Get Better.

  17. "Chaz in Charge of our games and our cards…" Sounds like a money maker of a hit TV comedy in the 80s

  18. Never would have expected lemmings to send self destructive equipment…. By the way you wouldn’t happen to be planning on filming any material at the edge of a cliff, right? Might want to make sure you keep your studio safely at sea level, just in case.

  19. My theory is that the sabotage was done by none other than the parent company itself: Party Lemmings Media Holdings Incorporated! They wish to own not only the channel, but be able to control it. With the leader of the company that's under their umbrella out of the way, nothing would be able to stop them. It seems the suspect list has just expanded.

  20. This immediately began to take turns I wasn't expecting after clicking, but I am so happy about it.

  21. Great video! Very funny skit! I love the Party Lemmings logo. Also, I want to play Halls of Hegra.

  22. My money is on Guiseppe as the saboteur. Get well soon, Chaz even if this is all your fault for selling WIP out from under Rodney. In other news, was there no stream Thursday? I looked Thursday night, and there wasn't one on there even though it had been posted to the community feed on here that there would be one.

  23. Naveen has become a secret weapon of comedy in these videos. I love his willingness to play clueless so straight. Genuinely funny.

  24. Beware the lemmings! they have got Chas, who's next??????

  25. Rodney just reminded me of that old sitcom starring Scott Baio. What was it called? Oh yeah… Joanie Loves Chazi.

  26. These always cheer me up,what a shocking episode 😃 Oh no! Trio was a chocolate biscuit in the UK and now I can't get the jingle out of my head 🎶 Trio, Trio, I want a Trio and I want one now🎶

  27. Chaz, there’s been a terrible mistake! There’s no link for Aurora Borealis Bullseye, the Renquist energy drink! We can’t have the sponsors wrath come back on you…. Not again…

    I’m hoping to pick up Trio (or Nana) when I head to Japan next year. Could someone remind me next September?

  28. I bet if the police interviewed you guys, youd still be segwaying to board games. It's like you don't even care.

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