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OUR Top 10 Board Game Picks of the Month! – On The Radar

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

*Vs. System® 2PCG®: Mortal Kombat 11*

Bring the fight from the screen to the table, gain the upper hand against your opponent, then FINISH HIM!

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  1. "…prove that evolution is optional…" HAHAHAHAH!!!!

  2. Thanks, I really needed something funny to start out the day. I grew up listening to/watching Bob and Ray, Stan Frieberg, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Firesign Theater and Monty Python. You did this really good, kudos to all for a perfect performances!

  3. Soooo, Chaz hijacked Matthew's hot air balloon in a race to Taiwan, but then something about the Peloponnesuans?

  4. Rodney, you must be well chuffed with upcoming the Plantaganet, Cousins War for England, 1459-1485. As living in what would be the historical area of Lancashire (it’s now Greater Manchester), I’m excited.

  5. Genius joke calling out the well documented confusion between Modern Art and Modern Art the Card Game. I almost made the mistake myself .

  6. I appreciate the light and well written script, you always make me laugh 😂

  7. The plot thickens! As More Than Likely Chaz Marler attempts to escape his captor, The Host Formerly Known as Rodney, he is foiled and lured back via hypnotic suggestion implanted deep in his cerebral cortex that is triggered anytime historic war games with names longer than five syllables are uttered. As Paula valiantly tries to snap her paralyzed compatriot, Rodney tightens his grim grip on Marler's mind. Will Chaz succumb to these devious devices? Will Matthew's return in time to aid his allies? Will Monique and Naveen continue to not get involved in the drama because they are patiently waiting for the dust to settle in this power struggle so they can strike when their opponents are at their weakest? Will I stop asking questions? Tune in next week to find out?
    Actually, you never get any resolution in Unsolved Mysteries so you'll never find out. You shall forever be unsatisfied with this ending. Muhahaha!

  8. In the footsteps of Darwin ! Excellent choice !

  9. Dogs of War is, no kidding, my FAVORITE game! I even lucked out and got all of the diff "expansions" for it and the fancy bits. Glad to see it is getting a reprint.

  10. Great video, these get better and better. I'm a big fan of In the Footsteps of Darwin, simple to play but with some good choices and great production. Chaz – did you manage to return home with the copy of Mundus Novus from Airecon?

  11. Welcome to this episode of Off the Radar with Matthew Jude.

  12. Lol also accidentally purchased the modern art card game, that segment hit a little too close to home. Hilarious!

  13. "Allright, I'll buy my copy right now" 😀 Yes we all love this hobby. Who doesn't have their shopping cart permanently filled with board games?! 😀

  14. Regarding In the footsteps of Darwin, the Appendix, the amount of fun facts and the quality of production makes it an awesome family game!

  15. Just a thought… why does the games radar wipe make sonar sounds?

  16. Did Paula actually say “VeloMiNo"? Can totally relate to that! LOL

  17. Very cool to have Velonimo on ghe list. Thanks all! – chad

  18. " … sometimes, evolution is optional …" 🤣

  19. I have also been playing Inferno. Nice choice :).

  20. Excellent stuff, always makes me smile, keep up the good work WiP crew 🙂

  21. Oh Dog of Wars is a fantastic game. Another game from Paolo Morí, Ethnos is already getting a remake re-published version by a different publisher. Great games!

  22. I love that Rodney has turned into a total historical wargame nerd.

  23. OMG, is V-Bug actually 16 years old?! When did that happen?

  24. Great episode! Love how it started!!! You are all into a lot of heavy games, wow!!! 🙂 I am glad for Velonimo this month! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. It must be helpful to have such descriptive names on these war games so you don’t accidentally start playing the wrong one. Probably makes it worth all the effort of holding your breath long enough to say the name… probably….

  26. I actually did the same thing with Modern Art the card game but it is a wonderful gem of a game. It is so good. Not surprising since it's based on an already great game.

  27. This video has the approval of the International Brainhood of Zombie Unions.

  28. Yes, I was totally expecting to see Rodney howling like the Witch in Left4Dead 2 before clicking this video.

  29. Sherwood looks like a takeoff from Cry Havoc from the 1980s

  30. At last, a chance to tell my great ballooning disaster anecdote! My wife gave me a present of a balloon flight in central Spain for one of those significant birthdays. To cut a long story short, the balloon caught fire before we took off, then it spread to the field, and we had to spend the better part of an hour stamping out the flames. When all was done and we were black from head to foot, looking like a group of Dick Van Dyke impersonators about to break into a rendition of “Chim, chimney”, the fire brigade came, saw and cleared off. The balloonists offered us a return date or a full refund. Wisely, we opted for the latter.

  31. This was easily the funniest show of yours I’ve seen. The absurdly long titles, the deep dives into upgrades—all poking fun at the hobby’s silliness that we all fall victim to from time to time. Thanks for the laughs!

  32. Can someone please confirm that the Peloponnese game from the shopping bit doesn't exist. I keep searching for it and nothing comes up.

  33. Matthew out galavanting around the planet, now Rodney has to do actual work…

  34. Why do you have a sonar sound for a radar?

  35. Very funny Inferno bit! Loved the video and I appreciate the mention. However, it’s not that hard to get Rodney to buy a war game about Robin Hood. That game was basically designed for him.

  36. Man, I’d LOVE to see a play through of a Levy and Campaign game by this gang. Not only would be be a great duel to watch, it would also do a lot to bring the series into the mainstream where it deserves to be, a la COIN games. 🤞🏽

  37. Honored to have Paperback Adventures on the list and to be one of the games Monique is exploring for solo gaming 😊

  38. The only mystery that WIP has to solve is how what was easily going to be the shortest Twitch streams ever managed to go 4.5 hours. Also, has Rodney recovered from it yet? His and Rob's characters didn't get any traumas from that adventure, but I think both of them did. That was a very good bit of writing to hold off on the alliteration until Chaz showed up. At least Paula got a few minutes of an episode without it. The episode was great as always. But come on, no game has that many extras to buy unless it's on Kickstarter. Then it has 500 minis, 30 stretch goals that all should be essential to the game, and a $349 price tag.

  39. OK, out with it. What's the story behind the Peloponnese game? Can't find any info on it anywhere.

  40. Loved this video! But of course the main thing I had to do afterwards was looking Chaz's beardless Youtube premiere!

  41. Paula’s delivery of ‘Tweedle Dee and friend’ was perfect 😂

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