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Our Top 10 Board Game Picks We Can’t Wait To Share With You!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

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Tiny Epic Vikings

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Conspiracy – Abyss:
Crescent Moon:
Into The Woods:
Soldiers In Postmen’s Uniforms:

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  1. Thrilled to see the cross-stitch I gave Paula when I met her at DTW. Looks great on your shelf

  2. I got to play Foundations of Rome. Great game and so glad someone in my gaming group bought, so I don’t have too. It is HUGE! Both in size and fun.

  3. Hi, my name is Wil, the designer of For Northwood! Thanks so much for featuring my game!! It's my first game design and I'm so thankful to Side Room Games for picking it up. Can't wait for everyone to play it! 🙂

  4. Soldiers in Postmans Uniforms sounds quite interesting. I've not been into war gaming, previously Castle Itter has tempted me… I could see trying either of the two.

  5. Thank you for featuring my Print & Play Build of For Northwood!

  6. Oh Paula… there couldn’t possibly be a board game adaptation of Into the Woods… could there…

  7. Nightmare Catedra is based on polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński. Please check his art.

  8. For someone that enjoys both so-called "wargames" and "non-wargames", which can about cover anything, I always appreciate content providers that are willing to explore and discuss all of the board game types. I have both "Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms" and "Into the Woods". David Thompson brings out a lot of very interesting historical topics in his games. I have ancestors that fought in the battle of Shiloh so that topic always interest me, along with the Civil War in general. "Into the Woods" is more of a traditional Wargame design using "hex and counter". I'm thinking about backing "Tiny Epic Vikings" and also "Trailblazer: The John Muir Trail", which wasn't covered in this video. I'm also sort of looking at "Through Ice and Snow", however I already have a few "survival" games and I usually don't survive LOL. Anyway thanks for the video.

  9. Will be keeping a close eye on Septima. Considering all their previous titles, ( Just received Perseverance )this one also has an interesting theme and I'm sure great mechanisms.

  10. Great video! I love that Rodney’s interest and experience in war games is running parallel to my own experience. I played Pavlov’s house last month, and now I want all of the Valiant Defense series, including Soldiers in Postman Uniforms.

  11. I like paula, I think she does a fantastic job, everyone else too of course…

  12. Nightmares and Witches? Things have become a little bit dark with Monique and Naveen.

  13. Great video, as usual! And Thank you, so happy to be able to show Marrakesh at UKGE 🙂

  14. Solo trick… shame can’t seem to add to pledge but print and play okay… also foundation does require a forklift, it’s now a foundation stone in the garden since it was delivered

  15. I'm still waiting for my Kickstarter Fork Lift to arrive.

  16. I thought you were going to say that Into The Woods: Battle of Shiloh made you hope for a board game based on Shiloh, the 1997 film about a boy and a beagle.

  17. Hey Watch it Played writers, this isn't quite a fully fleshed out idea, but I'd love to see an episode where the script revolves around differences in regional pronunciation. Like… Matthew probably pronounces the H in "Herbaceous" whilst Chaz probably says "'erbaceous". Or how Monique probably pronounces "about" as "uh-bout" but Rodney pronounces it by just making moose noises? I think it'd be a neat gag to run with for an episode or two.

  18. Paula and I had the same reaction to Into the Woods. "OMG a Sodhiem game!!! — oh, its a gamified verison of a Shelby Foote novel."

  19. La Société des Jeux - The Boardgames Society says:

    Marrakech ! A Classic 😉

  20. 💭 Wait, what? Into the Woods was Paula's pick? Did Matt and Rodney finally get to her?

    😮‍💨 ….ooooh, okay. That tracks.

  21. I backed For Northwood! Had me at solo trick-taking!

  22. David Thompson is on 🔥 LOVE all the Valiant Defense. SIPU is brutal both gameplay and theme but definitely worth exploring! Great game!

  23. Rodney trying to talk fast equal Alex from BoardgameCo talking normal.

  24. As a proud citizen of Poland and particularly Danzig (or Gdansk as it's spelled here) I was so happy to see Soldiers in Postman's Uniform on my friend's shelf. Unfortunately I didnt have a chance to play it yet but my friend speaks very highly of it and as a a huge fan myself of other work by mr Thompson I have little doubt that I will fall in love with SIPU 🙂
    The story of Gdansk's Post Office Defense or the defense of Westerplatte (also sth from my home area) among so many other WW2 stories show the side of Polish people I am most proud of and am forever thankful wehenever it gets international recognition. Thank you mr Thompson and thank you Rodney for the spotlight .. now I have to play it really soon 🙂

  25. I love Into the Woods musical. I am also glad you all are highlighting historical and interesting games. Solo trick taking??? Like I said interesting.

  26. hi Rodney, may I know what game is that above The Shores Of Tripoli?

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