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Our Top 10 Board Games 2021

Meeple University
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We play lots of games in 2021 😆 and here is our list of top games of 2021 including some honorable mentions. What are yours?

00:00 Start
00:52 What is different in the way we do the list
02:26 The order we are presenting this list
03:40 Stella’s 10th
06:09 Tarrant’s 10th
09:15 Stella’s 9th
12:50 Tarrant’s 9th
16:56 Stella’s 8th
20:33 Tarrant’s 8th
24:57 Stella’s 7th
30:21 Tarrant’s 7th
35:50 Stella’s 6th
41:52 Tarrant’s 6th
47:32 Stella’s 5th
54:08 Tarrant’s 5th
01:00:12 Stella’s 4th
01:06:36 Tarrant’s 4th
01:13:33 Stella & Tarrant’s 3rd
01:19:31 Stella & Tarrant’s 2nd
01:23:53 Stella & Tarrant’s 1st
01:30:27 Share yours!

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By Meeple University – Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja

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  1. This might come off really weird: I really really appreciate the tone of voice in your channel. As much as i love the rahdo-crazy-happy-style, I find it so enjoyable to just sit and listen to you two. I enjoy the way you listen to each other with intent, the way you feed off the thoughts the other expresses but wait and let them talk to point. Refreshing. I also liked the way you tried to broaden the list by acknowledging games that you appreciate even though it not the typical type of game you gravitate towards. Thank you!

  2. YES! I feel like a ton of people are sleeping on Dinosaur Island Rawr and Write. It's my favorite roll and write. Glad to see you all praise it. 😊

  3. Nice! I play, buy and kickstarter far too many games, and I hadn't heard of ANY that you show in this video. They all sound really nice. Cool to get my horizon broadened this massively!

  4. Aaaaand here's our list 🙂 Let us know what yours are 🙂

  5. Excellent – something to watch between fireworks!

  6. Wow, I have so many of the games you chose!! Cubitos, Dino Rawr & Write, Cape May, Art Robbery, Red Rising, The Hunger and Sheepy Time! Nearly picked up The Loop and Brick & Mortor as well.

    Thanks for introducing me to Neko Harbour that looks great.

    My top 10;

    10. Kabuto Sumo
    9. Rolling Realms
    8. Whale Riders
    7. Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game
    6. Cape May
    5. The Hunger
    4. Dice Miner
    3. Roll Camera
    2. The Initiative
    1. Red Rising
    (1.A) Cubitos – I got this in 2020 via digital Essen, otherwise it'd be joint first!

    Hope you both had a great christmas and have a happy new year! Best of luck for 2022 😀

  7. Nice to see Cubitos on the list. My best of 2021 for sure, although I've only played a couple games from this year.

  8. Great job you two. It looks like a hidden gem or two from this video are going into my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Serge -Le jeu, une passion en société says:

    I love Ausonia and The Hunger.
    Happy new years Stella and Tarrant.

  10. Khora <3 + Subastral <3 + Cubitos <3 ………+that accidentally lost Fantasy Realms COUGH

  11. wow, so many interesting games to ponder while i await the arrival of Ausonia, which has been on preorder for what seems like an entire year. Hopefully it will arrive sometime in 2022! In the meantime you have highlighted a number of games I have had my eye on, thanks & Happy New Year to you both!

  12. I had to try and squeeze this in before the new year arrived! Looks like a long one, so I have a snack and some tea. I am ready…

  13. "Khora" looks really cool. I hadn't even hear of that one. "Ausonia" is another game I am not familiar with but you made it sound awesome and I love the graphic design. So many good games and, of course, "Dinosaur Island" on top!. Thanks for sharing and making my New Year's Eve a little more fun!

  14. Great list guys! It was really enjoyable to hear your favourites this year. I'm intrigued by Sheepy Time as I've heard good things from others but it isnt one that I would have gone for. Tarrant seemed very relaxed and expressive here, how nice to see! All the best for 2022!

  15. My top 10 board games of 2021 in no order are, Tiny Epic Pirates, Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Parks, Maracaibo, Amerigo, Agricola, Agra, and Dinosaur Island Rawr and Write!!! I have Everdell, Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, and Praga Caput Regni in the mail but didn't make it in time, due to snow. I think a couple of them would have made the list.
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  16. Great lists. I really liked that Tarrant selected some games that are not his favorite "cup of tea" but that he realizes are great in a particular aspect. I have many games like that, that I wouldn't play with my gaming group, but I love playing with my family and viceversa. Different points of analysis do give more relevance to the opinion.
    Thanks, and happy New Year!

  17. Great video guys! We have only played a couple of those so looking forward to trying the rest! Thanks for your work!

  18. Wow! The LOOP AND Rawr 'n Write in the same list! Woohoo!!

  19. As always, a great end-of-year wrap-up! My favorite heavy game of the year was also Coffee Traders – my group has gotten Aton of play out of that one so far, at all players counts. I would add that my favorite light filler game of the year was Cascadia. Everyone seems to love it, from lighter to heavier players. It has beautiful art, the components are very satisfying, and there is infinite replayability. We found that we like it better than Calico (another tile-laying game by the same company), due to the more free-style tile-laying and the ability to "wipe" and replace some of the offerings each turn. What you do all think of it?

  20. so at the end of the day it is just one top5 🙂

  21. Amazing top 10 guys! Sad that Ausonia isn’t that available, I’m really curious about it.

  22. Thank you for much for these lists. It is always hard to know what to try, and you gave me quite a few which seem to be flying under the radar (Art Robbery, Ausonia), or that I had heard about but hadn't had a chance to come back around to (The Hunger, Dino Island RnR, Sheepy Time). 2021 has certainly been a year of lighter games here.

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