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Our Top 10 Board Games By Any Name! – Our Top Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

Gathering of the Wicked: A Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Game

It’s time to find out which Disney Villains will reign supreme over all!


Mountains Out Of Molehills

Dig deep to win this harrowing 3D earth-moving contest!

1759 – Siege Of Quebec:
Freshwater Fly:
Ghosts Of Christmas:
Welcome To The Moon:

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  1. Pure comedy gold. I laugh so hard. Good I didn't watch it during classes it will be hard to explain me students why I laughing 😃

  2. So many picks that are on my radar too! As a board game lover and home decor lover Decorum is one I NEED! 🥰👏🏻 Also Welcome To The Moon and My Island! Great video guys!

  3. This has "trying to put my kids to bed" energy all over it.

  4. Watching you folks always cheers me up 🙂 although your even better live 🙂

  5. Ghosts, fly-fishing witches, and lava bears, oh my. The writing for these videos is so good.

  6. Lava Bears, Portals, witches and a main player named Giuseppe all sound like a great start to a board game!

  7. How do I Like this video more than once? It deserves all the LIkes!

  8. Thank you Guiseppes, excellent episode and yes its hard to get through these episodes without ordering a game!

  9. This was one of the funniest episodes yet. I love what this group has done! Great content creators all in one channel.

  10. Y'all pronounce proper nouns more ways than I could have imagined.

  11. Fun fact: "Giuseppe Karamolotti" is an anagram for "I Talk Our Top Games Pie"

  12. So, basically we need a Decorum scenario where both characters are named "Guiseppe"… on it!

  13. All Giuseppe’s talk about the supernatural is making me think of the campaign my wife and I just started called Vagrantsong! I never heard the term haint until I saw the acrylic standees of cool ghosts with glowy blue eyes in this game last fall at origins, and it is a playfully spooky game that I enjoy even though I, like Giuseppe, am not usually too wild about witches, ghouls, and lava bears.

  14. HILARIOUS! You're so fun to watch. I want a lava bear for Christmas.

  15. Giuseppe has been such a welcome addition to this channel!

  16. My City is great. We're working out way through that one right now. It's a fun game to pull out when you have 20-40 minutes and it's a thinky game in a great way. I'm looking forward to My Island. Decorum sounds very interesting, too.

  17. love you guys…this is one of the best YouTube-Channel about boardgames ever…🤗🤗🤗🇨🇦🇩🇪❤…greetings to Giuseppe…

  18. That was so funny. It really changed my Monday for the better. Great video and game picks!

  19. Not everything is a joke, Paula. Hahahaha

  20. Only getting better and better ! (still a little strange for an episode of Death by Monsters)

  21. Armadillo necromancy sounds like and amazing premise. How can I get into Guiseppe and make this happen?

  22. What do lava bears eat? Wouldn't they burn honey before it got to their mouth?

  23. I can't find it, but Paula's deep sigh defines my grimacing satisfaction of this episode. Well done, Giuseppe. (gesturely points roughly at…somewhere in front of me…)

  24. I really love Giuseppe's segment in this video. It was a lot better than Giuseppe's segment. But of course Giuseppe was the real highlight of this video. 😜

  25. Funny how Rodney is the only Giuseppe with the soft G.

  26. Why does Paula have that face in the thumbnail? Clicks on video and figures out really quickly. A witch cursed her because she mentioned the moon and lava bears. Simple. This video was hilarious. In a few years given how everyone has given up on broadcast tv, you all could get a sitcom on CBS.

  27. These episodes get better and better. Watch It Played, kudos to you for being so awesome and creative and funny. You guys made my day so much better. Thank you all so much.

  28. I really appreciate that everyone is really into the gag.

  29. I kept trying to figure out if there was a reason the circular-inset-Paula –er, Guiseppe… showed up in some games but not others. And THEN I tried to determine if the inset kept getting slightly bigger and bigger as the video went along. And THENNNN…. I noticed dwarves were attacking Quebec and my brain exploded.

  30. All Hail the Lava Bears! Conquerors of Witches! Lords of the Islands! 😸

  31. This is by far my favorite video put by you all.

  32. Really enjoyed Coldwater Crown, so I'm looking forward to playing Freshwater Fly.

  33. Comedic timing well executed! Superbly produced. Was it difficult to pull off remotely?
    You all seem to have excellent chemistry.

  34. Wait wait wait, the lava bears are aliens BUT their natural habitat is islands BUT they spent enough time in Quebec to chase out all the orcs and gobilns?! … Something doesn't add up. I'm starting to think these so called lava bears are a part of a bigger Canadian conspiracy 🤔

  35. I'm curious…has Giuseppe met little Jimmy who writes ✍️ the show…or is he Giuseppe, too? This episode was by far one of the best ever! Who writes this!? Whoever it is, you deserve 👏!!

  36. I'm Giuseppe too!!!! By the way, when is gonna be available the t-shirt with all the crew of watch it played in cartoon fashion, I love the art of it.

  37. These lava bears really don't get credit for the work they've done to keep Canada safe.

  38. This video was fun to watch. Such interesting picks. And I love how you introduced us to these here always with humor.

  39. Love Ghosts of Christmas!!! Glad it's getting highlighted!

  40. Can't wait for the Halloween special 😂

  41. Giuseppe really knocked it out of the park on this one. But I'm a little less inclined to visit PEi now, what with all the LAVA BEARS.
    (Which will be the first expansion to My Island. You heard it here first. )

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