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Our Top 10 Board Games of 2021

Roll For Crit
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It’s been a long, strange year, but we’re still here to bring you our favorite board games that we played over the course of 2021. How similar are our lists, what surprised us, and were we excited or disappointed by this year’s overall game offerings? Let’s wrap up 2021 and dive into it!

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1:07:08 Final Thoughts
1:12:45 Wrap-up

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  1. Have you done a newbie’s list. You mentioned games that overlap or similar it would be interesting to know which game to try. The more difficult involved games would be great to get ideas of which game to start with so we aren’t overwhelmed with a new concept.

  2. I like Bristol 1350, but feel one area it lets itself down is the size of the board, eg I wish there were more spaces so the games last longer, I am designing my own board to allow this to happen

  3. Thank you for your list. We buy our games based on the consensus of annual top ten lists.

  4. dude can you guys just write a postit note of 10 games? stop fumbling with your phones…. you didn't used to do that, it is annoying.

  5. wait wait wait… did the lead of this video say they wouldn't put Unfathomed or Cartographer: heroes on it because it felt like "retreads", but then he makes great western trail at number 6. lol. that is hilarious.

  6. why are you saying you haven't played every boardgame, this is 0 information, say how many you played 🙂

  7. A tutaj moja Topka gier wydanych po polsku w 2021'

  8. Great video & great lists! My top game of 2021 was After the Empire 🔥 I'm actually filming my list video today!

  9. I love this list and that it differs some from other 2021 reviews. Well done!

  10. Great list, my gaming preferences seem to align with both of yours which is very helpful. Happy New Year!

  11. Sleeping Gods is incredible, I have been playing for three days straight and almost through my second campaign. Once the combat is figured out the game is super smooth and immersive.

  12. This is why I love every channel doing their own top 10s of the year…people always have different games not mentioned elsewhere! Thanks for the vid!

  13. I would add “The Crew: Mission Deep Sea” to the best of 2021. For such a small, inexpensive (I paid like 10 bucks for it) game, there is SO MUCH content! It’s also insanely challenging. It’s been a hit in my gaming group, and even though I bring it out as a fast-playing “warmup” game before we move on to a bigger game, my group wants to keep playing it.

  14. Oh boy do I disagree with your list, but that is fine :p . Something about the title says this is not the channel for heavy euros…

  15. There were so many new games this year and so many people buying so many new games this year and very often game day ended up more show and tell and going over rules than deep diving into a game. So for me at least it was hard to decide which games were really good because too many games were played once and never seen again. Very often game day becomes people bringing bags full of games, myself included, and its a race to get those new games to the table. Hard to really deep dive and get to know a game when its played once or twice. So I hope in the future to personally play less games but really dive deep into the games I do play. So for this year games like Hadrian's Wall and Shaolia, The Phantom, and Public Market got deeper dives for me and stood out, but just too many games and not enough time to really dig deep.

  16. 1) Summoner Wars
    2) Ashes: Rise of Phoenixborn (expansions)
    3) Dinosaur World
    4) Rurik (expansion)
    5) Steamwatchers
    6) Batman Animated Adventures
    7) The Great Wall

  17. Glad to hear high praise for Cantaloop! 🙂 I bought it because I also adore the point-and-click genre; I have yet to dig into it. I need to get on that!

  18. Great list guys, love the content and Happy New Year guys!

  19. Happy New Year chaps. And to all of my fellow Patreons. ❤

  20. are you hinting that next year there will be a viewtiful joe game coming soon?

  21. I was so happy to see The Initiative in your list! Such a great game that needs attention. I want to play Final Girl and Cantaloop. Great video! It was a lot of fun to watch.

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