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OUR Top 10 game picks of the month – Board Games On Our Radar!

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

*Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig*

Test your architectural skills as you sketch out amazing floor plans fit for a king!


*Street Masters: Champion Edition Kickstarter*

Unique fighters take on vivid enemies in combat inspired by classic video games!

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  1. Everyone loves a surprise, script-flipping Rodney! 😀 …and his murderous, knife-wielding board game…

  2. Like an empananda, man… Like an empanada. 😑

  3. Never go back to the old transition music 😊

  4. I notice they took away the retail prices from the game descriptions. Definitely a negative compared to their past videos.

  5. Why does it feel like Chaz's segue script is a fragile vase that someone broke before today's episode, and someone tried to glue it back together?

  6. I laughed at this far more than I'm sure is healthy

  7. That game attacking Rodney sure is "Montezuma's Revenge" isn't it?? 🤣

    I'll see myself out….

  8. Excellent stuff as always, looking forward to seeing you all at Airecon soon 🙂

  9. I want to see Paula's IMDB profile updated to include "Musical Instrument" as a credit 😀

  10. “Theme song interpreted by Paula Deming”. What a nice touch in the credits 😂

  11. It's back! I was about three minutes into the first upload when it disappeared! 😂

  12. When will the dog be added as a full team member?😁

  13. The new theme music … I'm smelling 2025 Grammy …

  14. Very glad to see Halls of Montezuma on the list. Shores of Tripoli was a pleasant surprise and I did some play testing on Halls. I love seeing less covered bits of history like both those games and Votes for Women given the loving treatment that Fort Circle gives their games.

  15. WOOO Sail!!!! Cheeers, hope y'all love it!!

  16. Great picks. I’d like to play both Sail and Halls of Montezuma.

  17. Scavenger Hunt time! Can you hear my cat Remy meow? Can you find when my stomach growls?

  18. “Moo-tivation” 😂 That one caught me by surprise and cracked me up. Good one, Paula 😄

  19. SO MANY FUNNY JOKES! I loved what Rodney found "surprising" about his new game. I laughed so much!!! My favorite, of course, had to be the guest cameo by celebrity superstar Ollie the Funny-Looking Dog. I really want her pawtograph some day! Great video, team!!

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