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Our TOP 10 GMT Games / Board Game TOP 10 LIST

Legendary Tactics
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This is our list of the top 10 board games from GMT Games.

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro
0:39 Cax’s # 5
2:05 Nato’s # 5
4:28 Cax’s # 4
5:22 Nato’s # 4
6:39 Cax’s # 3
8:04 Nato’s # 3
9:43 Cax’s # 2
11:21 Nato’s # 2
12:20 Cax’s # 1
14:42 Nato’s # 1
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  1. The big problem with a Top 10 for GMT Games is that a few months later they've brought out new ones which must go on the list. The quantity of new games is prolific, and the quality is outstanding. Great company! You could really do a Top 50, and #50 would be a great game.

  2. No Commands and Colors? Levy & Campaign? GBoH? 🤨

  3. I'm surprised Imperial Struggle wasn't on the list

  4. I recently played Sekigahara from GMT I thought It really was one of the best I’ve played from there

  5. My favorite GMT game that you didn't mention is Dominant Species Marine.

  6. All good games, but no Combat Commander? Commands and Colors?
    Washington's War, Wilderness War, For The People, Paths of Glory?
    Man, GMT are amazing 😅

  7. Great list, because is based primary in playability and fun.Also varied themes. Top picks were great. I'll would have includes the u-boat games(hunters and hunted) and tank duel because of fun factor. Thanks for your excellent channel.

  8. IMNSHO… The swingyness and timing dependency of COIN is baked into the basic COIN mechanisms which individual designs need to work to overcome.

  9. Space Empires is based on the computer game Space Empires IV by Malfador Machinations. The ship counter graphics come directly from the game and the tech tree is a striped down version of the games tech tree.

  10. You missed a lot… But given the amount of f great GMT games, who can blame you?
    I don't think I have any cross overs.
    In no particular order:
    Empire of the sun.
    Here I stand.
    Ardennes '44/Holland '44

  11. I love the energy. Your passion comes through. It makes me want to play all of these games! 👏👏

  12. I've literally had to shower after particularly stressful games of Twilight Struggle because of the stress-sweat. Still, it's my absolute favorite game of all time

  13. Great video NATO’s #3 pick is my #1 Space Empires is like Catan meets World War 2 in the Pacific while watching Star Wars! The game is currently on the P-500 reprint along with all three expansions. I am going for my second copy of the base game to play double boards.

  14. When it comes to GMT board games, there is literally an embarrassment of riches to choose from!

  15. 1. The Panzer series with an excellent France 40 (4th expansion) and solo mode. It is my 2nd highest rated game ever series behind the Enemy Action series. I play it on a board, on Vassal or with miniatures…

    2. Hitler’s Reich. Because of the excellent solo mode for a strategical WW2 Europe game. I was baffled that english speaking players did not understand its easy first edition rules… Most underrated game ever.

    3. Tank Duel. I play it solo with 3 tanks vs the excellent AI by Jason Carr and with miniatures by the side. As a multi player game it was less fun since some gamers just can’t imagine the settings.
    Since every KO tank is immediately replaced by another, it is an awesome platoon level solo game.

    4. Wing Leader. Mostly the early war, up to and including the Savoia Marchetti bombers. I have trouble with the designer but the game is so diverse and fun. Easy to play solo too.

    5. Unconditional Surrender. I hope its expansion Western Campaigns will be printed and launched SOON ! Successor to my favorite 3Reich game of 40 years ago…

    Most frustrating and willing to learn: Empire of the Sun and Peloponesian War because both are Mark Herman games that are always difficult to grasp.😂

  16. Do you recommend to buy expansion Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero or it's just a waste of money?

  17. Guy on the right interrupts horrendously often

  18. The only way to play TS solo is playing it on Steam, which is quite fun. The AI does not hold back!

  19. I looooove SpaceCorp with the Ventures expansion mostly for solo. What a game it is!

  20. I was expecting to see Imperial Struggle – I don't get it to the table much but I really love it! I'm also curious to hear whether you think Mr. President is a good buy

  21. It is Interesting that this list has few pure wargames. The new edition of Barbarossa Army Group Center, The US Civil War game, the French and Indian War game 'Bayonets and Tomahawks', and Nevsky would be games that should be considered as among the best games published by GMT.

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