Our Top 10 Monthly Board Game Picks | November 2021 - cutlassboardgame.com

Our Top 10 Monthly Board Game Picks | November 2021

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

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  1. Go to game in the comments will be Pax Pamir. Hands down the best backstabbing game of all time.

  2. Paula: "And then the Twitch audience loses the game for you…"
    Me: *looks around nonchalantly*

  3. Yay, Spirit Island! That's my current favorite! Somebody did a nice job blinging out their copy for those glamour pics. I need to do something like that for my copy eventually.

    Important pancreatic safety tip too!

  4. Nobody understand poor Chaz, mate I'm with you there… Still amazed this videos have a script 🙂

  5. Glad to see my 2 fav Designers (Cathala and Bauza) highlighted here.

  6. OH MY GUUUUUUUUUU… GI Joe deck builder?!?!? How is this the first time in hearing about this?!? Thanks, Chaz!! I always knew you were my favourite male, glasses wearing, non-UK based member of the Watch It Played team.
    Also, woohoo on the shoutout for Steam Up again. Pity we have so long to wait to get it to my table! Curse you, linear time and the fundamental laws of cause and effect, coupled to the basic way Kickstarter campaigns function.
    On rediscovering games in my own collection: I had the joy of dusting off (literally. Wahhhh!!) Kingsburg, which I a) haven't played in over 8 years, and b) never played my own copy of, and Quantum, my favourite space strategy game, with beautiful chunky dice and great mechanics. Both were so much fun!

  7. I always love these episodes! Also makes our day when our pictures make it in too! Thanks for all the hard work on these and for making them SOOOO DARN ENTERTAINING!

  8. When the thumbnail starts to look like avengers endgame

  9. Considering one of the first videos Paula appeared in on this channel opened with her literally putting spoonfuls of game pieces into her mouth, I'm glad to see her become the voice of reason and responsibility. Proud of you!

  10. My go to game is Everdell 😊 No matter what new game I play 😄 Everdell will always be in my heart.

  11. I too am very excited about Oltree (are the accents only on one or two of the e's?) and will not make the same mistake as Rodney. My pancreas thanks you for your sacrifice.

  12. I forget how much I love Twilight Imperium until I get to play it

  13. Great video! There are so many games I want to play on that list. 🤞Im hoping all of the gifts under our 🎄 this December are board game shape and are not 🧦 s.

  14. Can confirm that Whirling Witchcraft is very fun.

  15. So excited to see That Time You Killed Me on your list! We are pretty hype about the #6 game too 😏🤫

  16. I am exited for the GI Joe deckbuilding game, but I think Venom Assault by spyglass games is a fantastic GI Joe esque full co-op deckbuilding game that already exists

  17. Is Oltree anything like Ovaltine? I used to drink ovaltine… as a matter of fact I was an oval teen. I should probably drank less malt flavored milk.

  18. My go to game: Twilight Struggle. It`s unbelievable how deep and thematic this game is.

  19. Spirit Island? This game is old. How is this game in this video? I thought this series was supposed to be for new or up-and-coming games.

  20. Thanks for choosing Paint the Roses as your #1 pick of the month. We are honored and super excited that you guys liked it. 🙂

  21. Hey! Just because Tom Vasel has ruined untold pancreases (pancreaees? pancreassss?) by tempting people to emulate the opening of Boardgame Breakfast, the rest of us in the southeastern part of Florida shouldn't have to suffer at the hands of Cobra!

  22. I have to say Paint the Roses looks great. Good pick Paula and Matthew. Go to game is still Agricola.

  23. This native Floridian and current Orlandonite has NO idea what you're talking about.

    None at all.




    Okay, FINE, yes, I know what you're talking about. Happy? 🙂

  24. How does one… acquire Oltree 🤔 great and entertaining video. Everything about Oltree begs me to snag it!

  25. I'm sure people get tired of me saying this — but Suburbia was a game that first got me into board gaming, and it's one that I love to "rediscover" all the time.

  26. I played a lot of Star Wars:Epic Duels and I forget how entertaining it can be, even if it's pretty random and silly sometimes.

  27. Oltree is the kind of game that has an appendix in the rule book…really feel you missed a good pun opportunity in there.

  28. "Time travel assassination plots . . . kind of reminds me of our honeymoon!" I'm still laughing.

  29. Would you please do "How To Play" on Jamaica Board Game ??

  30. Scrap Racer looks pretty cool. My go to game is Champions of Midgard.

  31. My wife and I love Thanos Rising. I think Land and Sea looks really cool.

  32. Hopefully one day, the #1 pick for an "On The Radar" episode will be one that everyone on the staff (all 6 of you) like. At least when than happens, you'll all realize you all have a common interest with that game.

    Anyway, excellent video. It also nice to see games that were released a while ago, like Spirit Island, come back on the staff's from either finding in randomly in your house from being buried in dust after 2+ years, or seeing it on a store once and realized how it can still be fun despite its age.

  33. Great picks! Looking forward to hearing more about Oltree (but not eating pieces of it). Two games in particular have me coming back again and again, Quacks of Quedlinburg and Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

  34. “Like me the time I got trapped in an unlit whine cellar”

    Oh, I’m sure it got lit soon enough…

  35. I love how the board gaming community supports each other 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  36. Recently bought and played Meadow, highly recommend it!

  37. I'll never be a Legendary Gamer, but fingers crossed that the next contest is for Legendary Internet Troll…..

  38. Crippled Fox Gaming / John and Ellie says:

    The more I see That Time You Killed Me the more I like it.

  39. Are the minis in Paint the Roses truly painted or did someone paint them just to tease the rest of us?

  40. The wine cellar comment made me think of "The Cask of Amontillado"

  41. I was going to skim through to see the list, but then you bewitched me with your banter – as usual – within seconds.
    Also whooooo! Timmy Spangler!
    Wooo Chaz inner monologue!

  42. City of Kings is the game I am always keen to revisit

  43. Excellent job as always gang, very entertaining. Paula does a great job of hosting.

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