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Our Top 10 Sickest Board Game Picks! – Games On The Radar

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Counting down our Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find some great new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

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00:00 Intro
00:16 A Game We’re DREAMING About
02:31 Out: Heroes. In: Monsters.
03:43 A REAL Brain Burner
04:57 That’s Quality Writing
05:38 This Game Brings the Heat
06:53 He’s got The Chops!
07:38 Coming Right Up: Our Next Pick
08:43 COIN Op
09:11 A Game Filled With Strife
11:17 A Cornerstone of our Countdown
12:32 A Game That’s on the Up and Up
13:45 Definitely on the Ballot for Game Night
15:30 THE CHOPS!!
15:57 Tower of Power


  1. Thank you for shoutout on keep the heroes out! =D We should get a new expansion in Q3 this year! =)

  2. What the diploma on Paula's stand is for? It's hard to read 🤔

  3. RIP Chaz, he was the heart and soul of this channel and now he’s in a better place… I’d like to think he’s probably playing a board game with people that sound suspiciously just like him. Assuming he doesn’t make some miraculous recovery, I wonder who would pick up the torch of always allegedly assaulting an askance audience with adeptly appraised aggregations of alliterations.

  4. Keep The Heroes Out! is FANTASTIC!! It is my Game of The Year 2022 beating out Decorum, The Guild of Merchant Explorers, Massive Darkness 2, and Resurgence !!!

  5. Uh, Rodney…..no, you don't have the "chops"….love ya, family, but just stop, please…lord help. 😮 (Mik)

  6. Great video! Votes for Women is a must-play for me. I liked Tripoli a lot.

  7. AT is great! And I'm very interested in KTHO

  8. Not a lot of people will pick up on that Milhouse reference.

  9. It is pronounced Skytear? I always thought it was Skytear.

  10. When is Rodney's album coming out?? He could feat Drake lol

  11. Must say, wasn't terribly excited when I saw Votes for Women's game components (I'm never going back to wooden cubes, *never*!), but the replicas of the movement certainly piqued my interest.

  12. Great video as usual. I have played Keep the Heroes Out which is fun, cute and more challenging than you might think. The components are lovely and there is a sliding level of difficulty so it can be family friendly or brutally hard. Votes for Women is another of Fort Circle Games' wonderful historical games, quick and easy to teach but still quite fun and rewarding. Both games are excellent solo.

  13. I 1000% support Rodney's music career! Someone get this man a recording contract!

  14. I like how well prepared and involved these videos are. What could just be another "top 10 list", has a humorous spin. Well done. Keep it up!

  15. i've yet to get a copy of keystone north america but i hope that ii will one day be able to as it seems very fun, i also hope that it expands to cover other regions of the world e.g. europe, africa

  16. Brava Chaz (and co.)! Probably one of your best yet. very funny and well scripted. Loved the way it flowed together. In fact, if this is the quality of your work while debilitated, you should stay sick all the time! I actually offer a subscription box of mostly curable diseases and would love to send you a review copy to see what you think! You can choose between bacterial or viral infections to suit your needs. We guarantee if you don't sniffle, you don't pay.
    If you are actually ill, I hope you recover soon.
    Your self proclaimed Nemesis

  17. I remember having heard about and SEEN the game "Keep the Heroes Out" . The dragon meeple STILL looks like a mix between a dragon and a duck.

  18. Excellent stuff, always cheers me up and makes me laugh but oh no poor Chaz, hope he's better for Airecon and doesn't become a Zombie 😮

  19. Chaz, in case you're wondering, I thought that sneaky Simpsons saying you secretly snuck into the sponsored segment was super swell.

  20. If you ever get a chance, the US Constitution Center in Philadelphia has an amazing exhibit on the 19th Amendment (Votes for Women). It will definitely give you a good perspective for the game.

  21. I have played Keystone and completed the solo campaign, which is excellent. Also, I have "Keep the Heroes Out" which is also very well done and soloable with virtually no changes to the rules.

  22. Were there more games after the part with Rodney rapping? I've tried watching 3 times, but my computer keeps shutting itself down when that part comes on. Or maybe I black out. Either way, next thing I know, it's 20 minutes later, and I find myself craving pork (specifically, chops).

  23. Sorry to break the bad news to you, Chaz. But this video was just you screaming your fever dream about what's "On the Radar" to the camera rather than the actual video itself. You still need to edit and post the actual video. 😜 Seriously, though, if you were sick, then I hope you're feeling better.

  24. Its MLK day, you should all be talking about the Dietz Foundation's Free at Last board game.

  25. As always, very entertaining. No matter what, watching your videos always boost my mood 🙂

  26. Thank you for bringing up COIN games! I have so much hard time convincing my friends to play (but then I love to see that they liked it) that any help is appreciated!

  27. Well, this explains how Monique ended up sick. It was Chaz's fault. And Rodney, we all love you but please no more raps. Get well soon, Chaz. Looks like Monique is getting better based on their channel post.

  28. Feel better, Chaz! Paula, the "sneeze" made me laugh out loud for real.

    Holy hell, Rodney, you're really getting into the heavier-themed games! Nineveh doesn't attract me with the theme, it's too dark for me! At the same time, I got A Distant Plain to the table for the first time this weekend, and yeah, I loved it. I think us COIN fans tend to go off the deep-end in our love of the system; I know I have!

  29. Rodney Jay is no sucka MC! Have Rodney or Paula ever played The Vote, which is also a historical game about women's suffrage in USA?
    If you'll excuse me, I have to go paint SAVE CHAZ on the local water tower.

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