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Our top 20 board games currently! | #10-1

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Hey friends! It’s time to finish our top 20 games currently! I am so excited to chat about our current top 10 games each. Picking my favourite games proved to be a very difficult task and I really discovered just how much I just love board games. So many amazing games out there. Hope you enjoy!

00:00 intro
02:58 #10 (Jenna)
04:31 #10 (Francis)
06:43 #9 (Jenna)
09:00 #9 (Francis)
11:10 #8 (Jenna)
13:14 #8 (Francis)
16:24 #7 (Jenna)
19:05 #7 (Francis)
22:18 #6 (Jenna)
24:47 #6 (Francis)
27:15 #5 (Jenna)
30:18 #5 (Francis)
33:28 #4 (Jenna)
36:30 #4 (Francis)
39:37 #3 (Jenna)
42:42 #3 (Francis)
45:54 #2 (Jenna)
48:43 #2 (Francis)
50:48 #1 (Jenna)
54:00 #1 (Francis)
57:47 outro

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  1. I did a pretty good job at guessing yours Jenna. This was my guess not in any particular order

    Hadrian’s wall
    Seize the bean
    Near and far
    Brass Birmingham
    Tiny towns
    Coffee roaster

  2. You two are adorable together. Thanks for the video! I really enjoy your channel.

  3. I would definitely visit the Boardgame Garden Cafe! Thanks for making these videos and the great coverage on interesting fantastic games.

  4. You two are so amazing and natural together on camera!! Love the list, so many wonderful games that overlap our current top 10!! We’re going to have to try Hadrian’s Wall and Caverna, two we haven’t gotten to yet. Also, totally guessed Seize the Bean correctly! ☕️ ☺️

  5. My top 5 games are:
    1. Viticulture
    2. Spirit Island
    3. Wingspan
    4. The Bloody Inn
    5. Radlands

    A game that will VERY likely be top 3 when I play it more is Wonderland's War.

  6. Actually did a pub meeple ranking recently:
    1 Root
    2 Lost Ruins of Arnak
    3 Burgle Bros
    4 Beyond the Sun
    5 Carnegie
    6 Star Wars: Outer Rim
    7 Comic Hunters
    8 Cascadia
    9 New York Zoo
    10 Parks
    11 Teotihuacan: City of Gods
    12 Res Arcana
    13 A Feast for Odin
    14 Gold West
    15 Resurgence
    16 The Guild of Merchant Explorers
    17 Mind MGMT
    18 The Quest for El Dorado
    19 Pax Pamir 2nd Ed
    20 Skulls of Sedlec

  7. eeee Francis! I had that animal pamphlet subscription too! I was crazy about it – what a fun reminder lol 💕 love your top tens and the fabulous b-roll 🤩

  8. 1)Fort
    4)Marvel/Xmen United
    5)Lost ruins of Arnak
    7)Massive Darkness 2
    10)Berried Treasure
    I could see Merchants of the dark road, Painted Roses, 5211, are close contenders but need more play. Dice Throne Adventures if I could table it more. Hope I can get Batman Gotham City Chronicles back to the when season 3 arrives in a year or so.

  9. I ended up selling my copy of near and far after we finished the narrative stories. The gameplay just wasn't enough to keep us interested after we knew most of the scenarios. We ended up replacing it and islebound with xia legends of a drift system. Very different setting, and I miss the laukat art, but xia has the similar stocking up at the town and going out on a mission feel that near and far gives, and the pickup delivery feel of islebound put together in 1 game

  10. Oh my gosh, I love the two of you guys together! Definitely had me laughing a couple of times 😆Of all of the BG YTers, we definitely share the closest taste in games– love me my mid-weights! Really relating to the sadness of not getting your faves to the table: the more new games I get, the less time I have to table my favorites 😢has really been helping with my shelf control!

    My faves in no particular order:
    Everdell 💗💗 (okay this one is definitely #1)
    Honey Buzz
    Wonderland's War
    Castles of Burgundy

  11. 9:52 I am completely with you there, Francis! I just can’t mentally get myself to setup a game just to play it with a friend called myself. Maybe if it is a small game – that would be one I could try it with.

  12. 10:55 If I WERE to get a game in the Terraforming Mars series, it would be Ares Expedition. I like the phase selection, but for me it is a double-edged sword, because I am a slow reader – and I always forget what all the phases ARE – so I have to continuously read the cards (phase and also all the other cards which are in the game) during the game.

  13. 20:29 I ❤ worker placement, especially exploring all the various variants – games which do something special with the worker placement. But I am only a fan of deck-building games with a board… I don’t know. Deck-building as a mechanic isn’t one of my favorites. So I only like games which have some other mechanic on a board, in addition to the deck-building [e.g., like worker placement (recently)]. I have only gotten into tableau building more recently, so I can’t say as much about it, except that I like the idea of it. It is usually related to engine-building – but engine-building with cards or some other element.

    BTW… I wonder how Francis will enjoy Endless Winter – because it has deck-building and worker placement (a lot stronger deck-building element, not only compared to the worker placement element of the game, but also a lot stronger deck-building element in comparison to the deck-building of both Dune: Imperium AND Lost Ruins of Arnak)!

  14. 24:05 It sounds like your Scythe is my Dwellings of Eldervale! I really don’t mind the combat in Dwellings, even though it is dice-based, and I actually get excited before battles because: 1) There are plenty of ways to increase the number of dice you roll in battle; 2) The game includes 2 special abilities for each faction, and quite a few of them give you a benefit (more resources; getting your unit back from the Underworld faster, etc.)for losing a battle. This incentivizes your faction to go into battle, as you will either win the battle and go up the Glory Track – and get something, depending on where you are on it; or lose the battle, but you will be able to use your special ability.
    I love the drama of all rolling the dice at the same time, to see who rolls the highest value – and therefore wins it, and if there is a tie, it comes down to the 2nd highest die, then 3rd highest, etc.

  15. Great 2 videos. You asked for it – but my no.20 needs to have 21 games:
    20 The Crew (both)

    19 Underwater Cities

    18 Lost Ruins of Arnak

    17 Root

    16 Chronicles of Crime

    15 Dixit

    14 Underwater Cities

    13 Spirit Island

    12 Scythe

    11 Star Realms

    10 Robinson Crusoe

    09 Blood Rage

    08 Terraforming Mars (+ Ares Ex.)

    07 The 7th Continent

    06 Wingspan

    05 Everdell

    04 Star Wars Armada

    03 Carcassonne (With all expansions)

    02 Gloomhaven

    01 Sleeping Gods

    Then a huge gap before the best board game ever by a mile

    00 Go

  16. This was fantastic to watch! I love seeing the family all together and I was dying laughing at the beginning 😂 Let's goooo boy! I love seeing the similarities and differences within our top 10 list. I think there is one game in particular that you would really enjoy playing solo once you get the chance 😉. It’s just crazy cause of you this game is also on my top 10, you know the one 😂.

    More Francis please 😬 I love seeing him on the channel and it's was great to see that we have a lot in common when it comes to gaming. I, unfortunately, could not guess the top two games 😅 for both of you, but I did get one correct.

    Taking away from your video I also learned that I could incorporate some more B rolls in my own YouTube videos so seeing this helps me and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making your videos and working on your channel.

    One of my favorite games as of now is Come Together 😄 this game is absolutely fantastic, and I know you would like it, but it's super hard to find right now, just like another game on your list. I am looking forward to seeing your top 20 solo games.

  17. Oh yes! Dune Imperium is BRILLIANT
    It’s similar in a way to Scythe as in that the combat is an optional element; however it is more essential to take part in because even coming second or third means that you are likely to bring rewards.
    I love many of the games in your Top 10s; Concordia, Everdell, TMars, Spirit Island, Cascadia, Scythe and Brass Birmingham ( I live near Nuneaton which is on the map!) Viticulture and Lost Ruins of Arnak. I’m excited to try Hadrians’ Wall as I have recently ordered it! Have either of you tried A FEAST FOR ODIN?
    I think, based on so many games you like that you may really enjoy it. So many choices, fun theme, amazingly smooth solo mode; it’s my no.1
    Great video as usual!

  18. I have my current top 20 from 52 games. Its looks like this:
    20. Terrors of London
    19. 51'State Master Set
    18. Ostium
    17. Urbanista (i forgot how its call in ang.)
    16. Robinson Crusoe
    15. Arkham Horror Lcg
    14. Warhammer Quest
    13. Tiny Epic Zombies
    12. Exceed Fighting System
    11. BattleCon
    10. Legend of the Five Rings
    9. Aeon's End
    8. Millennium Blades
    7. UFS Universal Fighting System Ccg
    6. Transformers Deck-building Game
    5. Ascension Deck-building game
    4. Shards of Infinity
    3. Hero Realms
    2. G.I.Joe Deck-building Game
    1. Marvel Champions

  19. Yes!!! Glad to see Seize the Bean on the list! Great game and I love it so much ❤❤❤

  20. Loved the list! I still haven't played a lot of these so I'll have to give them a try. Thanks! 🙂

  21. I'm with Francis, but I'm crying also because my bf refuses to play it with me now, because he hates Spirit Island ;(

  22. I love your videos! Have you guys ever tried the roll and write railroad ink challenge (either yellow or green)? If not I definitely recommend it, my boyfriend and I also started with Welcome To your perfect home and Cartographers and then we fell in love with railroad ink challenge. Didn't think we would like it since it's all dry-erase boards but super fun and lots of expansions to explore.

  23. I love how when you joked about cheating on him with Hadrian, Francis just got this twinkle in his eye and started waving his big, heavy game around "HAHA your TINY, WIMPY game cannot compare to my MANLY MONSTROSITY OF DUNGEON CRAWLING MADNESS!"

  24. Jenna, I have that SAME glitter pumpkin. but mine is white haha 😂okay back to watching the video

  25. Great list, from both of you! I enjoy exploring new games and your top 10 gives me a lot of inspiration to look into some of them. You have a great collection, please keep building it and tellung us about it.

  26. Yes! The Board Game Garden Cafe! Do it and we'll be there!

  27. Today's Top 10 in alphabetical order:

    Flamme Rouge
    New York 1901
    Pan Am
    Power Grid
    The Quest for El Dorado
    Ticket to Ride

    **Azul: The Queen's Garden is an honorable mention. Since I've only played it once I'm not comfortable putting it in my Top 10, but I could see it getting there. It is a much heavier puzzle compared to regular Azul (which I really like and on another day might be in my top 10). Actually, regular Azul might not have made my top 10 today because of the potential of The Queen's Garden. Human psychology is weird. 😂

    **Splendor is also an honorable mention.

  28. 20)Western Legends
    19)Doppelt So Clever
    18) Red Cathedral
    17) Viticulture
    16) Arnak
    15) Rokoko
    14) Terraforming Mars
    13) Orleans
    12) Castles of Burgundy
    11) Wingspan
    10) Terramara
    9) Maracaibo
    8) Ark Nova
    7) La Granja
    6) Clank
    5) Praga Caput Regni
    4) Underwater Cities
    3) Lorenzo
    2) Grand Austria Hotel
    1) Trismegistus

    Games that would probably be in but have only played online.

    Carnegie, First Class, Marco Polo 2, Caverna

  29. Scythe is fantastic…and if you don't have the expansions yet: you don't need them! The base game is perfect. The other factions are not that great, the airships are meh. And the campaign stuff in Fenris is…I'm not sure as I didn't play it, but the stuff in the campaign that you can add to the game just make a perfect system feel more random. The game doesn't do well with random. The five factions in the base games are the best and most fun to play (Invaders From Afar…if you use one of those two factions; you are gonna lose. They are underpowered).

  30. Just did my top 10, based on the games I own and have played, on Pubmeeple;

    1) Gloomhaven JotL
    2) Dune: Imperium
    3) Ark Nova
    4) Root
    5) 7 Wonders w/Armada
    6) Wingspan w/pollen xpac
    7) Spirit Island
    8) Bus
    9) The Castles of Burgundy
    10) The Crew: Mission Deep Sea


  31. Everdell, Concordia, and Viticulture are definately in my top 10!

  32. I like the channel and the vid but wish Jenna would let Francis talk and stop cutting him off

  33. FINE. I’ll actually PLAY the copy of Hadrian’s wall you convinced me to buy that I’ve been too scared to learn. <grumbles bitterly>

  34. Did you play sleeping gods?i saw Near and far and above and below on your list.i own sleeping gods and i love it but didnt play the other 2 in your list

  35. Great list! We want more of both of you! I think you guys will enjoy Dune Imperium when you guys get to it. You don't need to have seen the movie because it's just a solid game but I love it more so because of the movie.

  36. Nova Luna is one that will be in my top 10 for quite a while. Fantastic game. Have you guys tried it?

  37. Everyone calls it ‘Welcome To’ because that is the name 😂. You can check the rule book 😊

  38. Quick note at 5:34
    Even though you have a visual aid, I think it's still helpful to repeat this information for:
    1. Visually impaired folk
    2. People who put the video on in the background while doing other tasks

  39. Do you guys know the YouTuber Ludwig? That intro Francis did sounds exactly like his!

  40. Hope you guys go through Jaws of the Lion ASAP so you can go through Gloomhaven. It'll have you appreciate the experience a lot more. Then you'll be hyped to jump into Frosthaven after the dust settles.

  41. Once you’ve played Viticulture with Tuscany… there is no going back!

  42. Top 2 guess: twilight imperium 4, and Empire of the sun the Pacific war 1941-1945

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