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Our top 20 board games currently! | #20-11

The Board Game Garden
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Hey friends! We are finally bringing you the video promised for when we hit 2,000 flowers in the garden! We are going through our top 20 board games currently! Typically these videos are top 20 games “OF ALL TIME” but I am going to honest with you guys, my favourite change pretty often! So be prepared to see more of these as the channel grows! Hope you enjoy!

00:00 intro
03:09 Jenna’s #20
04:56 Francis’s #20
07:05 Jenna’s #19
09:43 Francis’s #19
12:13 Jenna’s #18
14:38 Francis’s #18
17:56 Jenna’s #17
20:06 Francis’s #17
22:12 Jenna’s #16
23:48 Francis’s #16
26:36 Jenna’s #15
28:10 Francis’s #15
29:53 Jenna’s #14
31:44 Francis’s #14
33:42 Jenna’s #13
35:57 Francis’s #13
38:09 Jenna’s #12
41:00 Francis’s #12
43:07 Jenna’s #11
46:04 Francis’s #11
49:33 outro

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  1. 😎 So fun seeing the two of you! Fun video and great list of games!

  2. 😎 great list so far. Not sure if you guys have played dune imperium yet. But if you like deck builders and lost ruins of arnak, you’ll probably like dune.

  3. Also great video as always! Look forward to them 🥰 great break in my day 😁

  4. 😎 a perfect sick day watch!! Loved hanging out w you guys, and this honestly makes me so excited to get Cascadia (I have it pre ordered)!!

  5. Wingspan is one game on my top 10 list. I absolutely love birds. Especially, backyard birds and parrots.

  6. Jenna I have noticed your sweatshirt more than once. I am also a Sagittarius.

  7. 😎😎😎
    Awesome list! So many that I would probably have in my own top 20, but I don’t have the mental capacity to actually sit and make that rn lol. Looking forward to the next half!

  8. Caveat…. great title for a new boardgame….. Probably 😅

  9. Awesome list! And great job getting Francis on screen haha I am still trying to get the Mrs. to do a post with me. Cascadia, Wingspan, Viticulture, are all crossovers for me 😎 made it to the end

  10. Francis, I think you've already found your treasure 😉

  11. I vote for Merchants of the Dark Road for next Tuesdays Twitch stream please (~Lets Dive In) 😎

  12. Great quality of video, i like when you put some pictures from the board so we actualy see how the game looks like.😎 And please add the honorable mentions for the games that you like but played only once/twice

  13. Racing games are our fav… soooo we will open your world to them in November!! haha Great lists! 🙂

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