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Our top 20 board games currently! | #20-11

The Board Game Garden
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Hey friends! We are finally bringing you the video promised for when we hit 2,000 flowers in the garden! We are going through our top 20 board games currently! Typically these videos are top 20 games “OF ALL TIME” but I am going to honest with you guys, my favourite change pretty often! So be prepared to see more of these as the channel grows! Hope you enjoy!

00:00 intro
03:09 Jenna’s #20
04:56 Francis’s #20
07:05 Jenna’s #19
09:43 Francis’s #19
12:13 Jenna’s #18
14:38 Francis’s #18
17:56 Jenna’s #17
20:06 Francis’s #17
22:12 Jenna’s #16
23:48 Francis’s #16
26:36 Jenna’s #15
28:10 Francis’s #15
29:53 Jenna’s #14
31:44 Francis’s #14
33:42 Jenna’s #13
35:57 Francis’s #13
38:09 Jenna’s #12
41:00 Francis’s #12
43:07 Jenna’s #11
46:04 Francis’s #11
49:33 outro

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  1. Looking forward to the rest of the games from your top 20 😎😎😎

  2. Love this video! And the idea to play a light music bgm is right on the spot.😊

  3. You should try Fantastic Factories if you like dice workers

  4. The twerking at the beginning caught me off guard lol.

  5. I've been waiting all day for this video…😎 Loved it. Looking forward to top 10

  6. Yay for Merchants of the Dark Road. Love this game. It’s super “thinky” and more complex then I thought when I backed. But totally love it. I’m my Top 10 for sure. Also, a fantastic solo mode!

  7. WOW! Great list you guys! I just played Merchants last Saturday. It did a LOT of cool things but I felt it was too long and at the end…I needed to make money and it was the first time I felt like I could really not do anything with money…only points. I love the dice use of moving it up and doing the action that the dice passed. I thought there were LOTS of options for movement with the horseshoes and such. Just a bit too long. And on Caverna…which is a great one: DON'T PLAY 5,6 or 7! OMG it's too much.

  8. 😎 – knowing the top lists helps me "review the reviewer", this way I know how you bias and I can set my expectations.

  9. Concordia Venus allows up to 6 but you play in teams of 2, so it would be 2 v 2 v 2, it's a lot of fun! would recommend it if you don't mind playing teams.

  10. 😎
    Great video guys, keep up the good work!

  11. Great picks – can't wait for the top 10! 😎

  12. 😎 Great pics, I can’t wait to see the top 10. Though Arnak is too low 😉

  13. 😎 really enjoyed the video…also appreciate when you mention they can be soloed as well.

  14. So many of my favourite games are on your list so far. The one I really want to try is Seize The Bean.

  15. 😎 of my 83 games I think 10 of them do not have the solo ability.

  16. Great video. Go all in with Taverns. It shines just then.

  17. I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing! 😎

  18. Always great to see Francis. A favorite format of mine is a couple expressing their love for games. Fun lists. One of my favorite channels to hang out with you guys. Thank you. Looking forward to your top 10s!

  19. I really appreciate that you show abondantly the details of game components while talking about them. Great job!!

  20. Never feel bad about a Board Game Garden video running long! It's just more of a good thing! I'm looking forward to the #10-1 countdown, and Jenna, I'm going to see how many of your top 10 games I can guess, and how close I can get with their spots on the list. 😎

  21. Enjoyed the video so much. Lots of laughs. Can’t wait for your top 10 games. 😎

  22. I can't wait for you guys to play Tuscany and then see how/if it effects your Viticulture ranking!😎

  23. Just started the lost ruins of Arnak solo campaign and it’s fantastic!!

  24. Curious what the solo play is like with merchants of the dark road

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