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Our Top 25 Games! (That We Own!) Hard 2 Master | Love 2 Hate #boardgames Review

Love 2 Hate
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Lance and Jeremy of Hard 2 Master share their top 25 board games of all time! Well, at least the ones they own anyway. Check out what ones made their list and share below what your top 25 that you own!

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Hard 2 Master focuses on more expert board games, or games that are “hard to master.” Hard 2 Master is a part of Love 2 Hate, a board game review channel focusing on helping gamers find great games to play with their non-gamer friends.

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  1. We have some of these games, ANKH, Terraforming Mars and dinosaur island….desperate to play dino Island again but family aren't keen to play cos it takes so long😅

  2. I’ve heard that some game conventions have “Feudum” fans planned plays of the game. Thanks guys for your lists. 👍

  3. Jeremy's list is far more my taste, but both lists are great.

  4. Great list! I have been painting undead or alive and death may die painted on the table is a beautiful masterpiece. Plus I love the classics everdell, scythe and TM. I’m excited to try some new ones, earth and ierusalem. They look great!

  5. Great list. I actually had Scythe early on and didn’t like the game so I sold it. A couple of years ago I saw someone selling it for a decent price so thought I’d try it again. It’s now my favourite game, have everything for it too. Play the app constantly. It’s my most played game by far. It’s so weird that I disliked it at first. I actually apologized to Jamie Stegmaier about that as I felt so bad! Of course he was very gracious about it. Hands down my no. 1 game too, eventually!

    Thanks for the video guys.


  6. Great games. Great lists! I’d like to suggest If I may, that you give credit to the designers, the creators of the games. I see often that the publisher only gets mentioned. In my view, a publisher can be anyone it the creator is the one who brought the game to existence, so should be given the credit they deserve. If that makes sense

  7. Great list!! So many games I want to try and add to my collection.

  8. I passed on Scythe because I prefer more Ameritrash mechanics in a miniatures heavy boardgame. The only exception to that has been Bloodborne the boardgame.

    I was intetested in Marvel United but only for the chibi marvel character models. The gameplay looked way too simple in not a fun way.

    I absolutely love TM such that I bought the big box and upgraded the player boards (3D printed boards).

  9. Guys ever played Dwellings of Eldervale? I think you both would enjoy it.

  10. Great list, and definitely some crossover with my own! Love seeing some newer great games get some love like Earth, Endless Winter, and Foundations of Rome! My own top 25:

    1 CO₂: Second Chance

    2 Praga Caput Regni

    3 Tiletum

    4 Crown of Emara

    5 Calimala

    6 Agricola

    7 Xia: Legends of a Drift System

    8 Gizmos

    9 Dice Forge

    10 Mythotopia

    11 Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

    12 Golem

    13 The Bloody Inn

    14 Messina 1347

    15 Black Fleet

    16 Wingspan

    17 Castle Merchants

    18 Carpe Diem

    19 Foundations of Rome

    20 Caylus

    21 Zapotec

    22 Fleet Commander: Genesis

    23 Mage Knight

    24 Ethnos

    25 Earth

  11. I have more cross overs with Jeremy's list! Oath, Root, Power Grid and Feudum all make my list. Scythe and Chaos Order would make a top 50. Great games!

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