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Our Top 50 Board Games of All Time – (#1-10)

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Join us as we discuss our Top 50 games of all time.

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  1. It is wonderful that despite the deluge of new games every year and everyone chasing the newest hotness, those classic titles have so much staying power. I couldn't tell you more than 1 or 2 new games coming out in 2022, but I can tell you what reprints of older games I am going to be getting!

  2. Lisboa=Kanban>On Mars>>>other Lacerdas — exactly correct opinion, well done.

    1. Keyflower
    2. Tramways
    3. The Colonists
    4. Lisboa
    5. Kanban
    6. Crystal Palace
    7. Cooper Island
    8. Pipeline
    9. On Mars
    10. Small City

  3. Really enjoyed this whole list. Fully agree with Naveen's opinion that Gaia Project's science track is better, but preferring the aesthetic of Terra Mystica. Wish I could blend them (particularly the chunky wooden pieces from TM).

    I also have to disagree on Caverna v. Agricola, but this makes me want to give Caverna another chance. I always feel like it slows to a crawl in my games when people stop to "go shopping" with their adventure dwarves. Seems to ruin the pace of the game.

    Have never played any Lacerda, but I align so much with your other picks that I need to get one to try ASAP.

  4. Wow! My #1 is also Lisboa. Love Lacerda, but Kanban is the only other game of his I’ve played. Surprised Pfister missed the top 10, though. I know that CloudAge was a (small) letdown, but I’m hoping for an expansion “fix” in the future. Also, it’s good to see appreciation for Goa in 2021. My wife & I have enjoyed it as a 2-player game since its initial release. Love your content, especially when you interact with other YouTubers (like my favorite Norwegians).

  5. Love your channel…thanks for sharing!
    TOP 10
    1 Dune Imperium
    2 Great Western Trail
    3 Brass Birmingham
    4 Inis
    5 Gallerist
    6 Scythe
    7 Lisboa
    8 Blood Rage
    9 Twilight Struggle
    10 Mombasa

  6. Great list folks! I really need to try a Lacerda game at some point. The barrier to entry is pretty high though, for me (both money and rules). I'm hoping I can find someone at a con who's willing to teach a newbie like me.

  7. My top 10 games currently are

    10) 7th Continent
    9) Xia Legends of a drift system
    8) Imperium Classics/Legends
    7) On Mars
    6) Rurik Dawn of Kiev
    5) Anno 1800
    4) Nemesis
    3) Brass Birmingham
    2) Anachrony
    1) Kanban EV

  8. 🎉 Happy New Year! Thank you for your insight, enthusiasm and highly anticipated top ten list!👏🏼
    Wow, so many great games. Isn’t our hobby so exciting?! You’ve gotten me interested in new games and excited about old favorites. Thank you for the positivity and play throughs and pure love of games. I appreciate you and look forward to new videos in the upcoming year. Thank you Monique and Naveen and ALL of the Watch It Played team, you make us feel like part of a big extended family! ❤️

  9. My top 20 (because why not!):

    1. Scythe
    2. Terraforming Mars
    3. Inis
    4. Concordia
    5. Azul
    6. Underwater Cities
    7. Hansa Teutonica
    8. Anno 1800
    9. The Crew : Mission Deep Sea
    10. Orleans
    11. Puerto Rico
    12. Agricola
    13. Lorenzo il Magnifico
    14. Lost Ruins of Arnak
    15. Bunny Kingdom
    16. Rajas of the Ganges
    17. Russian Railroad
    18. Gloomhaven JOTL
    19. Whistle Mountain
    20. Glenmore II: Chronicles

  10. We just recently fell in love with Scythe. Monique, are there any games on your list that are a next step up in complexity from Scythe but not a huuuge leap? We are intimidated by some of those but are drawn to them too.

  11. I wish I had more experience in more board games to have a more comprehensive view, but my top 10 from the many games I’ve played would be:
    10: Wingspan
    9: Terraforming Mars
    8: Scythe
    7: Pandemic
    6: Fort
    5: Secret Hitler
    4: Viticulture
    3: Gloomhaven
    2: Nemesis
    1: Root

  12. 1. Project elite
    2. Cubitos
    3. Pandemic season 1 (only other legacy game to date is zombie kidz evolution which was great with the kids but not better than pandemic)
    4. Quacks
    5. Carcassonne
    6. It’s a wonderful world
    7. Calico
    8. Crew
    9. Terraforming mars
    10. Blitzkrieg!

    My 50 list basically changes weekly as I get new games in. Fuse, isle of skye, land vs sea, and santorini would all jump on the list somewhere now. Maybe flatline too.

  13. 1 Oath
    2 Root
    3 Architects of the West Kingdom
    4 Dwellings of Eldervale
    5 Wingspan
    6 Pax Pamir: Second Edition
    7 Arkham Horror (Third Edition)
    8 Res Arcana
    9 Dead of Winter
    10 Century: Golem Edition

  14. Nice picks. I need to pick up and try Lisboa! It looks very good. Thanks for all the awesome content. I've really enjoyed all the videos. Again, we have some crossovers! Here's my list!
    1 Five Tribes

    2 Race for the Galaxy

    3 Yokohama

    4 The Castles of Burgundy

    5 Marco Polo II/Marco Polo I

    6 Viticulture Essential Edition

    7 A Feast for Odin

    8 Terraforming Mars

    9 Teotihuacan: City of Gods

    10 Caverna: The Cave Farmers

  15. You talking about pandemic season one makes me think…we are in real life pandemic season 5 right now 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Finally someone from Dice Tower who’s top 10 lists have some decent Euros

    Here’s my top 20.

    20: Rising Sun. 19. Libertalia. 18. Caverna (or Agricola). 17. The Castles of Burgundy. 16. Cosmic Encounter. 15. Castles of Mad King Ludwig (or Suburbia). 14. Bruges. 13. Keyflower. 12. Amerigo. 11. Great Western Trail. 10. Concordia. 9. Gloomhaven. 8. Eldritch Horror. 7. Gaia Project (or Terra Mystica). 6. Terraforming Mars. 5. A Feast for Odin. 4. Brass Birmingham (or Lancashire). 3. Dominant Species. 2. Kingdom Death: Monsters. 1. Twilight Imperium 4E (with Prophecy of Kings expansion)

  17. Top 10 as of today:

    10- Maracaibo
    9- El Grande
    8- Arboretum
    7- Tzolk'in
    6- Wingspan
    5- Obsession
    4- Clans of Caledonia
    3- Five Tribes
    2- Concordia
    1- Brass Birmingham

    It's also worth mentioning Star Wars Destiny and Marvel Champions, that I left outside the list because of their Card Game nature, that brings together a collection side as well. Last but not least, Barrage and Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition would have a shot on the list if I had played them more.

  18. I listened the other videos of this serie in my bed sick of COVID19, I had a browser tab opened on my favorite boardgame store website adding every single game I found interresting to my basket. That was my therapy! This disease cost me a lot of money lol. Now that I'm healed and broke you finally release your top 10, I hope there aren't too many interresting game in this one!

  19. The reason why I enjoy watching your channel is because your passion for boardgames includes a wide variety (type) of games and especially heavy Euros.
    Here's my Top 10
    1. Brass Birmingham
    2. Pax Pamir
    3. Kanban EV
    4. On Mars
    5. Lisboa
    6. Paladins of the West Kingdom
    7. The Gallersit
    8. Terra Mystica
    9. Dune Imperium
    10. Castles of Burgundy

  20. Scythe is my favorite game of all time, I'm glad you put it so high!

  21. This (and many of your other videos) has me convinced that I need to try Lisboa! Here's my top 10 for the moment:
    10 Cartographers
    9 Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road
    8 A Feast for Odin
    7 PARKS
    6 Dominant Species
    5 Root
    4 The Castles of Burgundy
    3 Formosa Tea
    2 Yokohama
    1 Terra Mystica

  22. Man I was really surprised by Castles of Burgandy and Scythe being on your guy's top 10! Was not expecting those two.

  23. No surprise on your #1, Monique. Thank you for sharing your top 50 this year, both of your tastes in Euros line up well with mine, it's fun to get good recommendations from like-minded gamers.

    My top 10 as of this year:
    10. Flamme Rouge
    9. Roll for the Galaxy
    8. Race for the Galaxy
    7. BattleCon
    6. Star Realms
    5. Brass Birmingham
    4. Codex
    3. Underwater Cities
    2. Lisboa
    1. Yomi

  24. Solid list you two! As a huge Spirit Island fan, glad to see it cracked the top 10.

  25. Fun to see you enjoy Gaia Project that much! Remember when you played it for the first time and I made you check for my name on the box side haha! 😉 Great list guys 😉

  26. OH and this list was very similar to the top 5 euro games vido we made together 😉

  27. Kanban is my hands down number 1 game too. As an engineer and someone who did their masters in Operations management it all just flows so beautifully. I am also very used to playing the Drivers edition so had the same difficulty as you guys to adjust to the new redesign. But still, what a satisfying game!

  28. Only own 10 games I think. So mine would be a very boring list haha

  29. My Top 10 Games PLAYED in 2021 (mostly with a 7 and 9 year old, which makes a difference!! LOL)… and YAY! One crossover! XD

    10 Machi Koro 2
    9 Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World
    8 Here to Slay
    7 Cubitos
    6 Let's Make a Bus Route: The Dice Game
    5 New York Zoo
    4 CABO (Second Edition)
    3 Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
    2 Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
    1 Lords of Waterdeep

  30. Again a very nice list 🙂
    … I m googeling Goa, The one I have not Player from your lists 😉

  31. Wah?!? Scythe is so high on Monique's list! Why am I surprised? I love this game as I loved this entire series. Learned so much about so many good games from you guys and had a fun time watching. Thanks!

  32. A list of very good and impressive Games! I totally agree with the games I know (Lacerda, Trickerion, …)
    But don't you play any "ameritrash" or lighter games? I think about "War of the ring", "Star Wars-Rebellion" or other old Famtasy Flight Games.

  33. Thanks for making such a fun and thoughtful top 50 series! It was so enjoyable watching each episode 🙂 Can't wait for more of the big Uwe series next!

  34. I reevaluate my top games every year. So far, I've essentially "retired" four games from qualifying for my top 10 list to keep them from dominating the top every single year. I call it tier zero; which is comprised of: Chess, Go, Kingdom: Death Monster, and Magic: the Gathering.

    But as for my top 10 proper:

    10.) Viticulture: Essential Edition (with Tuscany)
    9.) Seasons
    8.) Gaia Project
    7.) Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
    6.) Blood Rage
    5.) Dominion
    4.) Spirit Island
    3.) Terraforming Mars
    2.) Brass: Birmingham
    1.) Scythe

  35. That was the best Top 50 we've ever seen with my wife. Most of the games you covered are in our collection or Wishlist. We just realized that you probably must inspired us in some way because we couldn't believe that we had some many crossovers :). All the best for you

  36. Thank you so much for your top50. If I had to make a top of board game reviewers, then you would be my number 1 channel! A lot of reviewers often pass up on the Lacerda games because they have to cover a lot of games, so they play it once or twice, but to really grasp a Lacerda game you have to play it a couple of times so you can really see all the connections. So I appreciate it a lot that you are one of the few channels that love a good crunchy heavy euro for which Vital is known for. I did not see a lot of Tascini games (Trismegistus, Tekhenu) or Tawantinsuyu for example. They are also heavy games that I recommend a lot. Maybe a Tascini special some day? 😉

  37. My favorite Legacy game is The King’s Dilemma….give it a shot!

  38. Pandemic Legacy S1 was a very big let down for me. I had high expectations of the story specifically, which was praised in reviews I read. But I thought it was too generic and predictable for me. Opening the envelops and things like that was fun, but we were getting burned out on the game in the later months. Because S2 seems to be very different than s1 I am thinking about getting this, but since I don't buy a lot of games I prioritise other ones at the moment.

    My top 10 games so far. The order has 0 value though since I continually change the game I play/like the most:
    1. Gloomhaven
    2. Twilight Imperium 4th
    3. Scythe
    4. Spirit Island
    5. War of the Ring (though I haven't played this a lot since it's hard to find someone, this is the only game my gf doesn't want to play at all)
    6. Everdell
    7. Eldritch Horror
    8. Tournament at Avalon
    9. Cosmic Encounter
    10. Sleeping Gods

  39. My favorite Uwe is the highly underrated Mercator and I always recommend this game to Uwe fans

  40. 10) Castles of Burgundy
    9) Coimbra
    8) Tapestry (with fixes)
    7) Yin Yang (TMG brought this over from China)
    6) Godspeed
    5) Space Base
    4) Key Flow
    3) Bruges
    2) Blood on the Clocktower
    1) Trajan

  41. Thank you for this series, so many great board games. Love the way you introduce the games and describe the game play for us. I tend to not rank my games as I enjoy them all depending on the moment.

  42. Thank you so much for making these videos! My list:
    10. Everdell
    9. Architects of the West Kingdom
    8. Paladins of the West Kingdom
    7. Terraforming Mars
    6. Corinth
    5. Tapestry
    4. Scythe
    3. The Red Cathedral
    2. Solenia
    1. Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

  43. Spirit Island is just prepared for my first try playing it solo with one spirit….after spending the last days with rule studies and getting to know the game material.

    So I'm looking forward to playing it later even more after hearing you both have it in your Top10. 🙂

  44. Naveen, you are my man! your number 1 is spot on 🙂

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