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Our Top 50 Board Games of All Time – (#11-20)

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Join us as we discuss our Top 50 games of all time.

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  1. Get excited when I see the next countdown video. Can’t wait to hear your top 10!👏🏼😊

  2. Naveen we are gaming twins… I once went several hours playing The Crew. The host was so nice and obliged. Finally my sister said…she'll go all day if you let her.

  3. It's funny, both of your #15's are my wife and my #1 and 2. It doesn't get much better than Trickerion and Brass.

  4. Really like Cole Wehrle’s designs. Pax Pamir is my favorite. Root needs more plays. Eager to try Oath!

    I would really like to try Modern Art too!

  5. I love your videos, thanks a lot! The Gallerist is lying around here and will be played next – as are two yet unplayed expansions for Trickerion (Academy and Technology). I'd personally put Trickerion and Brass high up in 1-10, like On Mars – but then: we don't own that many games as you do (while still a lot). And personal tastes do differ even when we both seem to be in the club of Lacerda-Lovers 🙂Keep the good work up and happy New Year's Eve from Germany!

  6. Great lists! So many fun games here. The Crew, Wingspan, Trickerion, and The Gallerist are some of my favorites too.

    Also, Naveen, that shirt is amazing, where can I find it?

  7. I haven't played Concordia, Search for Planet X and Dune Imperium but they're both on our wishlist. And my number one game has appeared on one of your lists now! Looking forward to the top 10. My list:
    20. The Gallerist
    19. Coffee Traders
    18. 7 Wonders Duel
    17. Lords of Waterdeep
    16. Forum Trajanum
    15. Strasbourg
    14. Stone Age
    13. Lancaster
    12. Scythe
    11. London (Second Edition)

  8. Alright here is the next 10 or 20 through 11.

    20. Champions of Midgard
    19. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
    18. The Quest for El Dorado
    17. Mechs vs. Minions
    16. Paladins of the West Kingdom
    15. Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
    14Raiders of the North Sea
    13. Star Wars: X-Wing (Second Edition)
    12. Istanbul
    11. Blood Rage

  9. I postponed my shopping for Lisboa hoping I would win the giveaway from last video, but didn't. Now I will just buy the top 5 in the next video.

  10. Never played Goa, but when Monique finishes mentioning the copy she is showing is the new version 33:24, her tone shifts a bit and she simply says, “This is an excellent game”. She crosses her arms and I wish she grabbed the box and moved it off screen haha It’s great, and move on haha nuff said.

  11. 36:38 A race to 10 points, tension, competition for cards and locations… So you know of this game called Catan right haha 😉

  12. Don't even own Brass, but bought the Iron Clays for poker chips because they're so beautiful. Looks like they just raised the prices after too…

  13. Root is such a cool game, but it really does depend on the group you play with. It almost feels like you need to play it with the same group several times before it shines. As someone who currently has only one consistent gaming partner, how do you suggest really learning the game? Thanks!

  14. I haven’t entered into the contests but I think it’s a neat idea you’ve done giving away a copy that appears on your list.

  15. What kind of writing pad is Mona (sorry if spelled wrong) using?

  16. Thanks for the videos – I really need to spend more time to commit to Root – I prefer Blue (despite making a careless mistake each game) but haven't played in months
    20. Downforce (with expansion boards)
    19. Jaws of the Lion (only 4 in)
    18. Lords of Waterdeep
    17. Cartographers
    16. Photosynthesis
    15. Friday
    14. Azul (probably summer pavilion)
    13. Patchwork
    12. Everdell
    11. Five Tribes

  17. Modern Art is great. The others are not that interesting 😉

  18. Wingspan surprised me. It’s such a popular game, but I find it so boring. The engines are never interesting and there just aren’t really any surprises to ever be had. I’ve never gone ‘wow – great play’.

    It looks great – but that’s about it.

  19. Hi Monique and Naveen, season greetings, I love your channel and love the current countdown. I have a request for a play through next year hopefully. Since I saw Monique put her number 13 as Castles of Burgundy, I would have thought you two would have done a playthrough of it by now. So before I decided to post, I made a quick search and to my surprise you havent done one. All the best for the new year.

  20. Thank you for the list! These videos are filled with so many hidden gems to discover!

  21. I will have to try Root on the app! Great lists today!

  22. Some great selections here! I also really love Obsession, Dune Imperium and Root. The new version of Kemet seems really good an improvement and slight reworking of the original which i also greatly enjoyed. It is pretty easy to pick up if you have played the original. I need to play Trickerion again, but its been so long that the rules have leaked out of my brain! Wingspan is always fun but I play more on the App now than with the actual game.

  23. I'm gonna guess these are the 10 titles in Monique's top 10: Lisboa, On Mars, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Everdell, A Feast for Odin, Great Western Trail, Spirit Island, Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, Pandemic Legacy.

  24. Naveen's shirt is friggin sweet!…and savory. Do I recall someone saying that Naveen is a fan of breakfast? …hence the shirt?

  25. Man, that art in Alchemists… So vibrant and charming- makes me want to try it on looks alone.

  26. Can't wait to see more Root content on your channel.

  27. I loved this video! I especially loved how excited Naveen looked and talked about the games he presented from his list. Great picks from both of you! Some games I haven't played yet that have caught my interested (Yokai Septet, Concordia, Brass Birmingham, Obsession, Beyond the Sun), should check them out next year. 🙂

    I've played Kemet: Blood & Sand, though not the original. It plays nice and fast, and I especially love the use of the monsters and all the movement options you have.

  28. With the expansions, there are over 144 different solo games for Obsession.

  29. Naveen, where did you find your breakfast tshirt? We love it!

  30. I love The Gallerist. This and Kanban are the most enjoyable Lacerda’s and even higher in my list.
    I agree with Wingspan being easy to teach and to please. However, the biggest defect is that, very often in last 2-3 turns, it’s better to just lay eggs, especially if you go heavy on the middle habitat, rather than trying to build your tableau or improve on your objectives, which turns me off.

  31. Beyond the Sun is so good… I like it better than Viscounts of the West Kingdom. The only down side is that Beyond is Sun has long term-waiting time.

  32. And, well, after this list, I bet Kanban and Lisboa will be in Monique’s top 10.

  33. It's fun seeing everyone's lists. Here's ours:
    11-Just One
    12-Button Men
    14-Champions of Midgard
    17-Schotten Totten
    18-The Quacks of Quedlinburg
    19-Escape the Dark Castle
    20-The Bloody Inn

  34. Love to see The Crew! Confession: Not a fan of Modern Art. I had a rough experience with it first game we had and never liked it after that. I've been dying to play Obsession but havent got around to ordering it yet with so many games that we have to play! Can't wait for the final ten!

  35. In case the Emil for giveaway winner goes to spam, do you know what the subject line or sender's email will be?

  36. Yee! This is really fun. Can't wait for the top 10! Here's my #11-20 played in 2021…
    20 Citadels
    19 Ticket to Ride
    18 Skip-Bo
    17 Carcassonne
    16 Azul
    15 King of Tokyo
    14 Ohanami
    13 Cartographers
    12 Century: Golem Edition
    11 Aqua Garden

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  38. Excited to see Elysium on your list. I’m yet to play it, I just acquired it in a trade for Fog of Love and very keen to learn the rules and get it to the table.

  39. omg Kemet! I didnt expect you guys to like this game since it does not play well at 2 😛 it's definitely my top 3 games of all time. It's such a tight euro-ey tech tree game disguised as "ameritrash war game". The game is best played with the 4 different colors (so if you have the original, get Ta Seti for just the black tile). Also not sure if you guys are playing with rule 1.0 or rule 1.5 (both official from the designers themselves). In Blood and Sand, the black tiles are included in the base game. For anyone who does not have the old version, getting B&S is a better choice.

  40. Been in this hobby a couple of years now and spent way too much time watching playthroughs, top 10s etc. I think I'm ready to declare your channel the very best of them all. I admire your passion, knowledge, clarity when you speak, and none of the fluff; plus Monique's hair is mesmerising! Great job you two and I am really looking forward to more content. Subbed.

  41. Amazing list…BUT Feld’s best game is Trajan

  42. Grats on 35k! looking forward to more playthroughs and videos in the new year!

  43. So glad to see Obsession on this list. Incredible game and one I can get my wife on board with. Definitely in my top 5!

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