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Our Top 50 Board Games of All Time – (#31-40)

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Join us as we discuss our Top 50 games of all time.

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  1. How did you know that I only like red and live in a green house (just kidding). Great list! Your lists are always great! My 40 – 31
    40. Hanabi
    39. Carcassonne
    38. Dragon Castle
    37. Downforce
    36. Patchwork
    35. Shipwreck Arcana
    34. Sentinels of the Multiverse Definitive Edition
    33. Root
    32. Rising Sun
    31. Wavelength

  2. I want one of those sweaters!!! They are superb! Fantastic video- so much gaming goodness 🙂 I’ve never made a top 50 (I don’t think I’ve played many of my games enough to include them on a top list haha), but we’re currently working on updating our top 10’s of all time as well as our top 10 new to us for 2021!

  3. Dude it is getting so cold here in so cal. I’ve had to bring out the space heater

  4. You guys definetely got to get on the campaign of Maracaibo. Little narrative add-ons and board changes make this game my top 10 games of all time.
    Glad to see you do a great list today. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. 40 Troyes
    39 Tapestry
    38 Boon Lake
    37 Cascadia
    36 Viticulture
    35 7 Wonders Duel
    34 Dominant Species: Marine
    33 Beyond the Sun
    32 Imperial Steam
    31 1830

  6. LOVE Paladins! That's a top 10 game of mine for sure. Dune Imperium is fantastic, as well. Also glad to see Fort get some love! Great game. I'm happy to see some older games still get some love; there are still some gems that hold up nicely even today. I'm really interested in trying out Troyes; that's a game I haven't heard of.

  7. Great video, I have quite a few and I must go through my list also. Cafe, Wingspan, 5 Crowns etc.

  8. Hey guys, I'm a recent subscriber but I've watched many videos before. Just out of curiosity, where are you originally from? You are a great couple! Love from Rome!

  9. My 40-31!

    40 The King is Dead
    39 The Quest for El Dorado
    38 Coffee Traders
    37 Kingdomino
    36 Viticulture
    35 Telestrations
    34 PARKS
    33 Onitama
    32 Blue Lagoon
    31 Coloretto

  10. Oh boy, these lists are terrible. They leave me aching to play all these games. So many games so little time!

  11. My 31-40 of my collection (forgot about online plays till after as i get more these will definitely change as Im not in love with all the mid to bottom.
    31 Cartoghraphers
    32 Flux (Holiday but want the Star one)
    33 Patchwork doodle
    34 Fireball Island
    35 Azul
    36 Calico
    37 7 Wonders
    38 One Deck Dungeon
    39 Ringmaster
    40 Sushi go

  12. Pipeline: hated it 🙁 Which surprised me, as a lover of economic games. There was something quite joyless about it. Even getting crushed in a Splotter game, by comparison, I still found joyful.

  13. 40 – Camel Up

    39 – Alchemists

    38 – Terra Mystica

    37 – 1846: The Race for the Midwest

    36 – Maracaibo

    35 – Carcassonne

    34 – Barrage

    33 – Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

    32 – Root

    31 – Vinhos Deluxe Edition

  14. I skipped through their play through of Paladins of the West Kingdom and it’s hard not to believe that what’s her face there didn’t either intentionally or unintentionally cheat. Her score was well North of 100.

  15. Back this week with my #31-40:
    31 Power Grid
    32 Scythe
    33 Teotihuacan: City of Gods
    34 Quantum
    35 Roll for the Galaxy
    36 Architects of the West Kingdom
    37 The Quacks of Quedlinburg
    38 Clank!: Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated
    39 Tapestry
    40 Calico

    Derived from the Pub Meeple Ranking Engine

  16. “Cold” in so-cal…I’m in Ventura county…we’re such babies…

  17. Great list. I like the outro. Did one of you play it?

  18. Great video, I love that all these games fall into either the "oh yeah, I know that one, it's so good" category or the "oooh I gotta look this up right now!" category 🙂

  19. I don't have that many games, but Maracaibo is definitely in my top 10.

  20. If you played The Gallerist before CO2, Vinhos and Kanban then I get the addition. If you did I doubt it makes your top 50…

  21. I agree, more Troyes art style!! I found the iki reprint recently but the original was just so much more appealing. Similar to Troyes.

  22. I’ll have to play Paladins again. Architects I’ve played several times and it made 36 on my list.
    Just played Concordia last night. That’s a really good game. Also Dune Imperium is great. Worker Placement + Deck Building… uh yes please!

  23. Fort is one of my top games rn. I really love the theme and gameplay and components. Its all so entwined for a really robust fun experience

  24. Great series of video for the top 50!!! Nice work!!! Can’t wait to see which position for Brass Lancashire 😎

  25. Great videos, you two!
    Here are my #40 – #31 s. 🙂

    31 Vindication

    32 Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

    33 Coimbra

    34 Yokohama

    35 Oracle of Delphi, The

    36 Glass Road

    37 Russian Railroads/Ultimate Railroads

    38 In the Hall of the Mountain King

    39 Endeavor: Age of Sail

    40 Railroad Revolution

  26. Now I'm clearly skewing more towards Naveen's games. I really like all 7 of the games he had on his 31-40 list. I've only played 3 of the games in Monique's 31-40 list and only really liked 1 of them – the Maracaibo crossover. Here's my 40-31:
    40. Paladins of the West Kingdom
    39. Glory: A Game of Knights
    38. Dominations
    37. The Manhattan Project: Minutes to Midnight
    36. Viscounts of the West Kingdom
    35. Tawantinsuyu
    34. Glen More II: Chronicles
    33. Suburbia
    32. Glass Road
    31. Gentes

  27. i'm loving looking through everyone's lists they are posting here. It's great to see how wildly varied they are. Based on the 31-40 that I've seen here, Naveen is closer to my tastes than any of the lists I've seen here! Other lists I really like a lot of games on are from Ryan Clementz, Boardgamedave and Oaklestat.

  28. You guys should really make it a point to play the Maracaibo campaign!! It's a really smooth implementation of a campaign that is interesting and keeps plays feeling fresh. Its also the least cumbersome campaign I've experienced (in both rules and story), which goes a long way in a heavy euro like this. Hope other designers are taking notes!

    Loving the countdown, great job!

  29. Can you guys or anyone reading this comment recommend a legacy game for 5 players? Having trouble finding any other than Risk Legacy.

  30. OOH! Exciting that The King is Dead made your top 50! I love this game and find that it's not as popular with my friends unfortunately. Last year it was my #46. Have you tried Brian Boru? It looks like it has a similar feel, but still completely different.

  31. Here are mine!

    31 Crown of Emara

    32 Star Wars: Rebellion

    33 Trajan

    34 Hanamikoji

    35 Brass: Birmingham

    36 Gaia Project

    37 Rajas of the Ganges

    38 Targi

    39 Vinhos Deluxe Edition

    40 Carcassonne

  32. I have played and love all these games. 😀

  33. I love Splendor! I lose just about every time I play with friends, but picking up those big beefy coins is so nice I don't even care.

  34. Awesome video! Thanks for all the work and research you do on these. Maracaibo is a great game, I like it too (And we're really liking Dune Imperium)🙂 I want to look for Isle of Skye and The King is Dead – thanks again!

  35. 40 Mice and Mystics (2012)
    39 Catan: Junior (2011)
    38 Ticket to Ride: Europe (2005)
    37 Small World (2009)
    36 Carcassonne (2000)
    35 Risk (1959)
    34 One Night Ultimate Werewolf (2014)
    33 Cartographers (2019)
    32 Project L (2020)
    31 Under Falling Skies (2020)

  36. Im sorry but I entered the giveaway before I saw it was USA only.

  37. Just discovered this channel, and it was an easy subscribe! You do a great job explaining game overviews as well as what you like about them, and I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two of you.

    I also really enjoy Magic Maze. I've introduced it to many people, and it's only fallen flat in one group. I'm not usually a fan of real time games, and I'm very picky about cooperative games because I feel like so many of them are solitaire games that are disguised as multiplayer games and are prone to quarterbacking. This game very cleverly gives each player special roles, and the silent rule completely makes the game. I also love the chaos when everyone rotates their role each time the sandtimer is flipped. I am sad Dune Imperium is this low for you, as it is in my top 10, but I am interested to see a long list of games you personally enjoy more.

  38. I am fairly new to board gaming. I haven't played most of the games on your list but I love Magic Maze. How can a cooperating/non-speaking game be so mean? Hahah 😅

  39. Great list! Some new games in both your list that I need to look into now. Here are mine:

    31 PUSH
    32 Wreck Raiders
    33 CuBirds
    34 Noctiluca
    35   Code 777
    36 Ticket to Ride
    37 TransAmerica
    38 Encore!
    39 Patchwork
    40 Seikatsu

  40. On Isle of Skye, I see some strong connection to Keyharvest on how tiles are auctioned. Have you tried that one?

  41. Maybe Dink and Dunk could be your new nicknames…. maybe not…

  42. Your description of “ The King is Dead” and that of other reviewers has me ready for many plays with friends. Such positive reviews, a relatively easy rule set, 45 minute play time and decision depth ( plus a nice sale price) made for an easy choice to add to my collection. Perhaps it will end up in my top thirty too. Thanks for your excellent videos!

  43. Recruiting the codename kids next door to your squad! Always loving the videos you both create! Looking forward to the next 10 🙂

  44. Bruxelles 1897 is a great card game if you haven't played it! Beautiful art work with worker placement and area control.

  45. Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers, is such an incredible reimplementation of the system. It retains the feeling while being shorter yet cinematic. Love the variance it adds.

  46. I was expecting to see Rush M.D. on this list as one of your favorite real time games after watching your playthrough and review. Maybe on Naveen’s list, maybe at a higher rank? ☺️

  47. You're making me want to go and rank my TOP 50 games! Will update once I get mine done. XD Love this vid series… waiting for the next one!

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