Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#10-1) | Board Game Perspective - cutlassboardgame.com

Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#10-1) | Board Game Perspective

Board Game Perspective
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Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#10-1) | Board Game Perspective

This is it! Our top 10 games of all time (as of the year 2022)!!!



  1. I'm with camp Jodi. Love most of those games!

  2. Came here to get new opinions. Left wondering what their relationship is like. Just watch her reaction to almost everyone of his picks and listen to how she responds when he claps back lightly to trashtalk that SHE initiates. Can't know anything from just a video, buuuuuut…..

  3. Space, abstract, abstract, space, space abstract! If there is such a game, it would be perfect. I love that both of you have such different taste in games. Diversity and variety is great. For me personally, my favorite is Age of Steam. So many maps, it’s same but different at the same time.

  4. Cool I never heard of Dual Powers. I’ll definitely look for it!

  5. Wow. Justin’s list is something unexpected from a board game channel, but it’s nice to see people stick to their guns. I probably would want to try games on Jodi’s list but I’ll keep Justin’s list in my collection. 🙂

  6. Whoa, a game I've never heard of that's also your number one game? Gotta look this one up!

  7. Terraforming mars is my #1. Ares Expedition is great but it just doesn’t give me the same satisfied feeling as the OG Terraforming Mars.

  8. Justin did not disappoint with his number 1 all the way through from 60 I had been wondering when chess would show up

  9. My #7 is Clank as well. My wife also loves the Castle in Viscounts.
    I haven't played Dune imperium because to me the board just looks boring, the rest of the art is fine.

  10. Justin needs to know that Underwater Cities is about the same in difficulty as Bitoku (if not a little simpler).

  11. I've not played many of these, there are so many good games! I'd love to try Everdell as it looks so pretty. I thought 7 Wonders Duel was a great design, but my wife didn't like it, alas. 7 Wonders feels classic to me and my wife likes it! I like chess quite a bit, but don't play it that often, it hurts my brain a bit. Justin must be a deep thinker!!! Nice to see Chess top a list! It might make my list if I did a top ten best board game designs, whereas my top ten list is just the games I enjoy the most.

    Here's my top 10, which I guess is a bit thematic? I love some dry games as well, but they are probably more frequent lower down my top 100:

    10. Star Wars: Rebellion (make your own Star Wars movie, couldn't have asked for more from a Star Wars game)

    9. Warriors of God (really chaotic, unusual wargame on the Hundred Years war. Thought the chaos might bug me, but turns out it's my favourite bit as you have to manage it)

    8. War of the Ring (I like the Star Wars IP better but wow, this game is so thematic!)

    7. Doomtown: Reloaded (the best combat resolution ever – resolved by poker hands. You can even cheat. And get caught cheating! A beast to learn, though!)

    6. Clash of Cultures (Civilization is my favourite video game and this scratches the itch!)

    5. Frostgrave (miniatures wargame casting magic – funny things happen, not one you take that seriously, tells good stories)

    4. Star Realms (I can't rule out it topping my #3 game one day, I play the app several times almost every day)

    3. Dominion (has a classic feel to me that most deckbuilders lack)

    2. Infinity (a bit like Warhammer 40K for those who don't know it – though with a lower unit count – it is sci-fi special ops)

    1. Aristeia! (for me, the thinking person's Warhammer Underworlds, teehee)

  12. Jodie gamer! I have to look into Dune Imperium and Underwater Cities!

  13. 7 Wonders at the three player count is amazing IMO.

  14. I'm more of a Jodi gamer. I think the most interesting contrast was how Jodi was waxing over how pretty the world of Everdell is and then right after Justin was exclaiming how beautiful he found Yinsh, quite the difference in taste!

  15. Hello, I agree with Yinsh an Chess at the top, I like abstracts, also I would recommend you Fendo as an great abstract from Clemens Gerhards. Would it possible to know if Jordi likes Clank only at two players? thank you

  16. Chess… 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Hahaha very fitting. Great lists!

  17. She really loves this game. It is so good which is why she loves this game! 🙂

  18. Have you played clash of cultures? I see it right behind you, but I don't think I saw it in any of the top 60 videos.

    Also have you played on Mars? It's in my top 5.

    #1 for me is dune imperium.

  19. Yes! Alien Frontiers. Love it. A bit underrated in my opinion.

  20. I also love Dune Imperium. Every game that I played of it had a tight exciting ending. I feel like I really need to play Unsettled now.

  21. Chess…super buzz kill but it is a classic. Great video! Heroes of Land Air and Sea is AMAZING!

  22. It would be better to hype people to play these games, rather than competing to have the final world on who mentions the best games. I just feel there is a lacking of chemistry. Great variety of games, keep making these reviews :)!

  23. I love Everdell and Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition. I just got Underwater Cities but haven't played it yet. Glad to hear what you've said about it. And now I am interested in Yinsh and Unsettled.

  24. I haven't played many of the games in this video either but love Dune Imperium 🔥 I really want to try Underwater Cities, Unsettled & Onitama👍 Great series of videos!

  25. Are you guys Canadian? You mentioned curling.

  26. Justin loves abstract 2 player only games.
    I'm glad Jodi is opening him to deeper, more gamer games though.

  27. Justin, have you played The Duke?
    Based on your top 10, I'm thinking you might like it.

  28. Do you two play games together or two separate solo games while looking at each other across the room? Lmao

  29. Dune Imperium is amazing, mainly with the expansion. Who cares if the board isn't the prettiest.

  30. Dune Imperium is awesome so I'm on team Jodie with these lists.

  31. Jodi is the ecletic gamer i can relate: tfmars, clank in space, everdell, dune imperium, underwater cities, HLAS, all amazing games. Justin choices sounds kind of boring and dated: onitama, chess, 7 wonders, crocky, yinsh, azul, karuba are ok games but not top10 modern boardgame material. Sory man i recomend you try some euro goodness, a bit more of game variety and knowledge would be nice…

  32. Where did u get your croky board? Which board exactly? Happy with their service?
    Everdell in Space- You got me thinking this would be a smash hit

  33. Ugh, I backed Unsettled in the reprint+expansions campaign and I CANT wait. Everyone I've heard talk about this game loves it. The people that are making it seem amazing so I am happy to wait for them to take their time with it, but not getting it until sometime next year is going to be brutal!

  34. quite the pleasant surprise to see yinsh on someone's top 10 list as it's not popular and I'm also a huge fan. Also a big fan dune imperium although I've only played with the epansion, which I think is fantastic. Have you played ark nova yet? it oftentimes is compared with underwater cities and terraforming mars

  35. So many games shifted and I'm especially surprised that Everdell dropped quite a few places! Did not expect that 🙂

    As for chess, I had a really special moment during my vacation where I played chess with someone I met there. It was so fascinating to listen to him and his chess experience and it definitely deserves that spot.

    My personal favourite would be Viscounts on Jodi's list. Finally gonna try the expansions tomorrow!

    Edit: I can recommend Ni-Ju as a two player abstract game. This one got me really hooked 🙂

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