Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#40-31) | Board Game Perspective - cutlassboardgame.com

Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#40-31) | Board Game Perspective

Board Game Perspective
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Our TOP 60 Board Games OF ALL TIME!!! (#40-31) | Board Game Perspective



  1. My favorite from this list is Moonrakers 🔥 I can't wait for the Titan Edition!

  2. Very fun. My favorite from this section Search for Planet X and Clank!

  3. "Dice placement is my favorite mechanism" Now I see why I like your videos. 😀 Have you played The Artemis Project? Looking forward to the expansion and also hoping to get 'Circadians: First Light' out of shrink.

  4. Only played two of these, I'd love to try some of the others!

    I think I would like Clank. And Everdell would be good to try, as it looks so nice!

    Anyways, I like Wingspan quite a bit. Power Grid I found solid, but am not nuts about it. My son really likes it, though! This hobby is amazing. There must be a good few thousand games that are worth being in someone's top ten. Just a matter of taste and discovering them!

  5. Love the lists you guys have made, I've got a lot of favorites on both of your lists (I own 8 of them: Search for Planet X, Isle of Cats, Splendor, Wingspan, Codenames, Everdell, It's a Wonderful World, and Khora: Rise of an Empire). Now you're making me want to look into Boonlake and Moonrakers more….

  6. I love Boonlake and the action selection mechanism.
    I want to play Bitoku but the board just bothers me so much. I feel breaking this out to other players would be a chore once they see the board. I remember feeling this way with Reavers of Midgard. A muted background would be a big help I think. imho
    I haven't played Moonrakers yet, but the buzz around this has me very interested.
    Looking forward to Septima and Bot Factory this week on Kickstarter.

  7. Some great games. I def need to play some of the GIPF series of games. Concept is one my non-Gamer husband/daughter actually enjoy. Im looking forward to playing Isle of Cats when I get it later this month for my birthday. After seeing your beautiful garden shots of Everdell….im finding it hard to resist getting this.

  8. I said it a while back and it looks like I was right. Justin is slowly converting into a Mid/heavy Euro gamer. The fact that he likes and didn't find Bitoku complicated tells you that his mind is already used to handle a bunch of new iconography and he is starting to feel games are "lighter" than they are because he gets them a lot faster now. Same thing happen to all of us but I really noticed it with my wife.

  9. Seems like you need a couple weeks vacation for just gaming with all the games Jodie wants to play again.

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