Pac-Man The Board Game From Buffalo Games — A Nice Gift Idea -

Pac-Man The Board Game From Buffalo Games — A Nice Gift Idea

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Pac-Man has already made an appearance on Twelve Days of Christmas Playlist. Why is Pac-Man appearing again? Well, the Arcade1Up Pac-Man HDMI Game Console was an affordable alternative to a much more expensive arcade machine. With such savings, $15.18 for a Pac-Man Board Game was a fun splurge.

While I vaguely remember the marble based game from the 1980s, the more recent version from Buffalo Games is an excellent modernization of the classic board game. It’s also really cute. Pac-Man is the centerpiece of this board game and Buffalo Games did a nice job with it. The little yellow figurine makes that classic munching sound. Adorable!

There are some minor issues, which is covered in the review. But overall, this is a fun board game.

00:00 The Box!
00:13 Inside The Box!
00:34 Setting Up The Game
01:00 Cleaning The Board
01:14 Stickers
01:31 Pellets
02:02 Get Ready!
02:21 Pac-Man Figurine
02:34 Starting The Game
03:03 The Ghosts
03:36 Energizer
04:11 Ghost Eyes
04:42 Inky Attacks
04:52 Conclusion

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  1. My family played it and said it was boring

  2. This game look fun i remember going to the store and i saw this game on sale i was thinking of buying it but than i saw uno and got it because uno is the best game

  3. Ghost house is called regeneration chamber from Pac-Man ghostly adventures

  4. the ghost house is actually called the "regeneration chamber" also i dont think pacman or the ghosts can go through walls

  5. It doesn’t seem fair they the ghosts can just get Parkman out right after the energizer is eaten, Parkman doesn’t even get until his next turn

  6. It's charming. I'd give it a try or two

  7. Used to play a pac man board game at my grandma's house.
    Wish i had another for my current house.

  8. We tried to play but it was a bit hard to play because of time to try to learn

  9. I think it would make a nice display.

  10. Reminds me of the monopoly arcade pacman board, comes with a little arcade cabinet where when you pass go you play pacman for a few seconds and use the points to purchase levels, you also have coins to insert into it to keep track of players

  11. I thought of a 5-player variant of this game.
    One player is Pac-Man, while the rest are ghosts.
    The turn order is Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde. (They are red, pink, blue, and orange respectively for you people who don't know which name goes to which color.)
    Pac-man rolls 3 dice, while the ghosts roll one die.
    As a ghost, you are unable to turn around 180 degrees at any time unless Pac-man has grabbed a power pellet on his last turn.
    You can pass other ghosts' spaces, but you cannot land on the same space as another ghost. Determine your path ahead of time to avoid this!
    When you catch Pac-man, he loses one of his 3 lives and you are the MVP of the round.
    If Pac-man eats all the dots on the board, he wins. If Pac-man runs out of lives before all the dots are eaten, the ghosts win.

  12. I have this game and I think it’s really fun

  13. mat said that the pellets are the ghosts eggs

  14. Man this game looks so cool, I think I remember that I have it

  15. I had a PacMan game as a kid but the dots were marbles.

  16. I vaguely remember seeing this game in the stores years ago, but I've never had a chance to play it.

  17. "Energizer" ummmmmm that's actually called a power pellet🤓🤓🤓🤓

  18. His little bewewewew sound effect was so cute!

  19. It has a very nice quality, but it's super boring, I have it.

  20. Ya, Id rather just have a tiny pacman machine for $20

  21. Say, what are the rules for the fruit pieces and the blue ghost pieces?

  22. This wasn't even the first Pac-Man board game.

  23. ❤❤❤❤ Wow! While watching this video, I was playing the pac man theme music when the game starts!

  24. 日本未発売なのが残念

  25. Can u try the Sonic the hedgehog board game?

  26. I got that on my 10th birthday!

  27. I remember having the old one with the yellow balls, took ages to set up lol

  28. This would be a nice gift for the board and figures alone

  29. Looks more like a decoration accessory than an actual bored game tbh

  30. My mom said we will go to next Sunday morning 🥳🤫👆🧏

  31. To get it 🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩🤫🤩🥳🤩

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