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PARADOX Board Games Crusader Kings

Paradox Interactive
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Free League Publishing and Paradox Interactive Bring the Medieval Backstabbing to the Tabletop

Brace yourself, the backstabbing and intrigue of medieval Europe is being brought to life in the real world. Sort of. This morning at PDXCON, Free League Publishing and Paradox Interactive announced a kickstarter to bring the best-selling and award-winning game Crusader Kings to life as a tabletop board game.

Will you create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe to triumph – or downfall? Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?


  1. Let me get this straight, you want me too back a kickstarter, when you refuse too change your atrocious dlc policy of release 15+ dlc's and breaking the game in order too make it playable, but only with the dlc. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF no.

  2. Only 7 days in and its over 550% funded. I'm impressed and very excited to play this. The stretch goal for single and two player is also something to look forward to

  3. How many overprized DLC's which will change the game only a little bit will it have?

  4. Haha look at all you loosers with "FRIENDS" to play with spending money to buy a stupid board game!


  5. Deus Vult intensifies

    PS Not even king can defeat death… immortal trait is such a wonderful thing 😛 B)

  6. Kickstarter? But surely all that money I gave you for CK2 and HoI DLC is more than enough

  7. When is it coming or it already came out so I can buy it


  9. when we will have a mobile version??? CK2!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is a truly board game… but I hope will not be a very expensive game

  11. I LOVE the Crusader Kings PC Series so much I might get it just for the artwork and the cards. Music is awesome as well. The BEST HISTORICAL game out there. I have learnt alot about real history from it. So good, I reckon every student and expert in history should have a copy….keep it coming, thankyou.

  12. Ck2 would one of the most realistic games if croatian kingdom was removed and croatian banate was added and remove christian names for pagans

  13. Since when does PARADOX need Kickstarter with those DLC prices?

  14. Does anyone know what is the title of this song? thanks in advance.

  15. I love this music! Can we please have it available so we can put it on while playing the board game!

  16. The paradox is why you will not deliver to Russia and Belarus. This was written on kickstarter.

  17. but will i be able to seduce my father's new wife?

  18. Hi there Paradox, its me again. I wont stop till you tell me the name of the song or where can I buy it.

  19. Can anybody tell me how long it takes to play this game as a board game? in hours, days, weeks?

  20. PLEASE , who know what music is it in this trailers?
    i can't find it

  21. Least it’s not pay to win😂😂oh wait…… thinks about it for a moment ohhhh………..

  22. Looks so cool! Just in English? A french version maybe?

  23. Which program is what u use for make this trailer? I really want to create one like this! Maybe can u link a tutorial for the program? Cinema 4d, After effect????????

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