Patrol! Unboxing | SPI Games | Wargame Historical Board Game | Tactical Combat Game WW2 WW1 Vietnam -

Patrol! Unboxing | SPI Games | Wargame Historical Board Game | Tactical Combat Game WW2 WW1 Vietnam

Zilla Blitz
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We unbox, examine, and offer some reflections on Patrol! Man-to-Man Combat in the 20th Century, published by Simulations Publications Incorporated, SPI Games. Historical Game unboxing – Wargaming

Patrol! Man-to-man Combat in the 20th Century

World War 1 World War 2 Vietnam Tactical Combat Game

This unboxing produced by Zilla Blitz.

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Overview
03:10 Rulebook
08:10 Movement Plotting Charts
09:07 Maps
10:20 Player Aids
11:43 Counters
14:57 Wrap Up

Patrol! Unboxing | SPI Games | Wargame Historical Board Game | Tactical Combat Game WW2 WW1 Vietnam


  1. Please don't say "complex for its time". Things were more complex then, we're not smarter now, we're dumber. You can simply say the rules were complex by today's standards.

  2. 2:00 Knowing SPI, I bet these numbers could have been based on player surveys. The company seemed to collect a lot of information from its players/subscribers.

  3. Well done. We played Sniper more, but enjoyed Patrol too

  4. Thanks for another enjoyable review and a trip down memory lane. I did not play either game you mentioned, but I remember Sniper. I still have several SPI flat tray games that I bought when they were released. I did not get rid them or the hundred other games I stored when I did not have time to keep playing. Now that I want to start up again, the question is, do I replay my old games or heed the siren call of the new games with their innovative rules and colorful rule books. Or both. I already have bought two new games after watching your reviews of them.

  5. I had a bezillion SPI titles, including this one. Even the insanely big ones – Campaign for North Africa and it’s brother, Atlantic Wall. Great fun, even though I had to play solo, as there was nobody else at the time.

  6. I owned this for 30 years till I gave it to a wargaming friend who knew somebody who knew somebody else who unfortunately never made it into a PC wargame 🙁

  7. It looks like another SPI game Tank! (I own).

  8. The ratings on the back were total point score divided by the number of respondents (all mail in surveys) SPI didn't "round" the scores

  9. I was 18 when this one came out so it's been in my library for quite a few years and got lots of play. Introduced it to the chess club in my high school and that was the end of chess. 🙂 Bug Hunter Sniper! (83) (Aliens based) and Starsoldier: Tactical Warfare in the 25th Century (77) were two more in the series besides Hetzer Sniper!. Simultaneous movement plotting was a bit fiddly but it's all we had back in the day. Thanks for sharing ZB.

  10. Have game for you to review & try mayb if you like it "Red Dead Redemption 2"

  11. Outstanding :). So much fun to watch. I was always an Avalon Hill guy so I never even heard of this game, but I have been more into SPI in recent years so I really enjoy hearing about their games that I might have missed the first time around.

  12. I had a couple of old games, D-Day (AH) & Afrika Corps from 63 & 67 rule books without pictures and examples, just b&w text. I did have some AH games on computer, ACW & WWII desert campaign games. Would today's gamers enjoy a relic/collectable from the past. Really enjoyable review and memories of your youth for you.

  13. They got the Complexity numbers just as it says: they polled their readers, and totaled to average the results.

  14. I played the heck out of Patrol and Sniper in high school. Great games. Thanks for the video walk down memory lane.

  15. great idea for a video series. I love a few of the old-school games.

  16. Have both games but game system was not suited to solitaire play.

  17. Didn't have that game, but I was getting flashbacks to the 80's when I saw that SPI box. I seem to remember that the half flap on the front cover was sort of wrapped around the box, so that when you picked it up in the shop you could turn it over (carefully…) and read what the game was about and the complexity. The blurb wasn't always accurate – I bought a game called Outreach which promised space exploration but which the 13 yr-old me found to be as dry as dust. I saw a WW2 one in the same format (European Theatre) which I'm pretty sure I set up about 10 times and only once reached 1941 because I had no way of leaving it set up.

  18. Love the Old School Unboxing. So many great (and terrible) games from the ‘70s and ‘80s deserve to be shown off again.
    I remember Patrol and Sniper though I never played either. There was so much stuff being produced by SPI it was impossible to keep up!!

    Looking forward to the next episode.


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