Paula's Top 10 Board Games of 2023! -

Paula’s Top 10 Board Games of 2023!

Paula Deming
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What are YOUR favorite games from 2023? Let me know!

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  1. You are really really good at this. Engaging, enthusiastic, informative and fun. Subscribed.

  2. I’m definitely trying to get into some new things around board games. Signed up for your free trial and excited to see what it offers! Thanks for this, and for all your amazing content. Hope to join this world soon!😮

    Also, I watched your play through of Expeditions, which was great and informative, and have only played it solo a few times. It cracked my top 10…of all time! I agree that it’s a table hog, had to play on my kitchen table sitting at the head of it, and had to stand up to reach the north tiles 🤣 finally, I’m not sure I play it with more than one or 2…seems it would get too crowded.

    Love Forest Shuffle, can’t wait to get Knarr in the mail!

  3. Paula I know it won’t show up here but how avid are you on the Magic the Gathering cards, either then or now?

  4. Excellent stuff Paula, nice to see some different 2023 games and not just the same ones in other top tens.

  5. Very few games from last year got me too excited. Thunder Road Vendetta and Star Wars: The Deck Building Game were the only purchases I made, which is good because I'm trying to run a tight household budget here lol

  6. Wow! We're honored to see Express Route on this list!

  7. Cute, funny and super into board games…. Somebody is a lucky, lucky dude.

  8. Holy crap, is THAT what Matthew Jude looks like?
    That's a handsome man right there.

  9. Ticket to ride legacy is the best legacy game I've ever played.

  10. Paula, it was a pleasure both meeting you and playing Draft and Write Records with Christina (Pink Peg) and our friend, Derek at PAX Unplugged

  11. Man, I had heard some good things about Mother of Frankenstein and I just stumbled across it at Barnes and Noble and I picked it up…REALLY loved it, and immediately went out and purchased vol 2 and 3…Not generally a fan of the other escape room, puzzle like games, but this one is a smash. I agree the hints were PERFECT.

  12. How strange as soon as you got to the end of the list I forgot everything… I have no idea how that happened… but I’m sure if I could remember I’d say it was a great list with some awesome games…. But they are old… and now I’ve forgotten them …. 😝

  13. Love it! But… bzzt! Repetition! lol. I love you and the Murphs on the podcast.

  14. Funny – during my first play of My Island I also raised my fist and shouted, “Knizia!” But I think it was actually, “Knizia! You evil genius!”

  15. I picked up Mother of Frankenstein at Origins and it’s still sitting on my shelf! Sounds like it’s time to open it up!

  16. Paula WELL KNOWS the mysterious truth behind Frankenstein's monster is a time-traveling Cyberman. 💙💙

    But I was not prepared for "KNIZIAAAAAAAA!!!!!! …it's delicious." 😄

  17. That's not a Hat sounds a lot like Cockroach Poker and we all know that one is a banger. Will take a look at it!

  18. Paula I know the game I am going to suggest is older but you need to try battlestar Galactica board game since you are watching the tv series

  19. Earth is the only game from your list that I've had a chance to try, but there are several more that I want to play. Forest Shuffle, Scram, and That's Not a Hat are all pretty sure things for me and my group at some point this year I think.

  20. Earth is my #1 from 2023, but I haven’t started my copy of My Island yet, and my copy of Zoo Vadis hasn’t arrived yet. My City is my #5 game of all time, so I’m sure my island will rank well once I play it! Gonna have to check out Knarr, Viking themes hit me well

  21. Loved Expeditions, probably my top 2023 game. Even though I already love Scythe so much, Expeditions really hits a good spot for me with that sense of exploration.

    Not surprised to see My Island at the top of the list. My wife and I played it because we enjoyed My City so much and though we did struggle with the rules quite a bit (made some errors and couldn’t find clarification on border cases, some of which may not have come up if we’d played correctly) I love the way it ramps up throughout the legacy. Some real “ooooh I can’t wait to use that” moments!!

  22. I thought you were going to say "I played 258 games this year, and 79 of them were Final Girl" lol

  23. What a fun video and a solid list of games. The only games I had the luxury of playing from your list is Earth and Sagrada Artisans. IWith Earth, tried it twice and both times I felt it was fine. I don’t know why but something about it just didn’t click with me. Perhaps I just need to play it more. As for Sagrada Artisans, I actually got to playtest it and it was an incredible experience. It’s no surprise that you’ve been enjoying it!

    On a different note though, I will say, for me, Darwin’s Journey was my #1 game of 2023. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, you absolutely should. I’d happily teach you if I could.

  24. Thanks Paula, for mentioning Draft & Write Records ( twice 😀 ) ! You rock 🙌

  25. I appreciate your points about Expeditions! I bought it, but haven't played it yet. I like Scythe a lot, but I am TERRIBLE at it. Like…. not even being competitive levels of bad. The only real upside to Covid was that it forced my group to drop our Scythe campaign, which I was really relieved for because my patience for getting annihilated every week for 2 months was starting to wear thin, haha.

    If Expeditions kinda gives you that Scythe experience while being more playable for people who struggle with Scythe, I'm very excited to give it a try.

  26. Great video. Definitely put a couple of new games on my radar. Can't wait to see you at Level Up. Hopefully we get to play something together!

  27. Your facial expressions always make me smile. Especially your wink and smile. Thank you very much for just being you. 🙂

  28. My favorite game of 2023 is "Tales from the red dragon inn". I know its pretty much a child friendly version of Gloomhaven but it is so much fun and the characters has so much personality.

  29. Enjoyed the personality and panache with which you presented your list! You actually made me want to look into Express Route and Scram which were not on my radar at all. But the one I really want to try is Mother of Frankenstein if I can find Volume 1 available somewhere (at a reasonable price)! Thanks for the video!

  30. Serious question: Is “That’s Not A Hat” a reimplementation of Cockroach Poker?

  31. Is That's not a hat a retheme of cockroach poker?

  32. You’re so entertaining! You’re up there with Rodney Smith on his how to play videos.

  33. Even the queen of all the Rebels married… a scoundral. Leia + Han baby.

  34. Love the sponsor spot!!! And your set design is perfect too!

  35. Your giddiness and the ability to laugh at your own jokes/silliness was fun to see.

  36. Knarr is so easy to pick up and play! I've played it almost 50 times on BGA and still enjoy it.

  37. i forgot what games you said… guess i have to watch the video again… giving you more views… dang it paula youre a mastermind

  38. That's not a hat sounds an AWLFULl lot like Cockroach poker

  39. Wow, we do not like the same games at all! Not only does none of my top ten match your top ten, but the ones you do have that I've played are on my least favourite games of 2023 list. Funny. But I'm sure there are some games from the past we both like.

  40. Interesting list – from me owning 1100+ boardgames i have only played Earth and know nothing of every other game you mentioned.

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