People's 10 Favorite Games RIGHT NOW - "People's Choice" Board Game Picks! -

People’s 10 Favorite Games RIGHT NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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Mountains out of Molehills

Become the Top Tunneler in this brilliant, 3D game of skillful, underground digging!

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  1. Is the Parks expansion coming to Kickstarter?

  2. 5 Tribes is my favorite game of all time. I recently tracked down all 3 of the expansions and played it with friends. Our minds are blown!!!

  3. Mountain out of Molehills looks great. I ordered it after Rodney's tutorial.

  4. I, too, love a good game of Condiment Fieri, Chaz. Loved the video overall; good stuff!

  5. IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, ON GAMEFOUND: DISTANT SKIES!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!!!!! It looks every bit as beautiful and mesmerizing as the original Sleeping gods!

  6. I still haven’t tabled my copy of sleeping gods, but know I’m going to love it. I’m going to back the new one so I have something to look forward to when I finish the first!

  7. Chaz, there is almost NOBODY who can pack in more enthusiasm than me, but you win!!!!

  8. I didn't know Parks is doing another expansion! Thank you for the heads up!!!! 🙂 🙂

  9. i think chaz should be considered a national treasure

  10. I would like to try the Betrayal and the Ascension. .. looks great.

  11. Always enjoy finding out what other WIP fans are enjoying. I am going to guess Rachel C is a Lauket fan rather than a Stan though.

  12. When I saw the news of the new Viticulture expansion last week, I knew Matthew is going to mention it no matter what.

  13. This makes me think we really need an Anchorman game 🤔

  14. Nice to see a new video with Giuseppe and Giuseppe 🙂

  15. Unnecessarily humorous… this has been reported and will stay on your permanent record. LOL

  16. Is the found ten dollar bill an American ten dollar? Or a Canadian ten dollar?

  17. Surely it's pronounced 'eye-la', lads? Of course, maybe it's not… Great fun, as always.

  18. Makes me happy whenever I see quotes picked out, like a "yay, I contributed!" kind of feeling 😄

  19. Very excited to see what the new Ares expansions do for the game.

  20. there was a game you all covered months ago (I know vague sorry) it was an element type game with high mountains, what was the name? also love the content Robot Quest Arena is soo close and I'm super excited!!!

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