People's 10 Favorite Games RIGHT NOW - "People's Choice" Board Game Picks! -

People’s 10 Favorite Games RIGHT NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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Legendary: Doctor Strange and the Shadows of Nightmare

Recruit multiple masters of the mystic arts from this talented cauldron of heroes, lead by the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange!


Mountains out of Molehills

Become the Top Tunneler in this brilliant, 3D game of skillful, underground digging!

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  1. How about "There's another bloody tour bus on the lawn looking for Anne!!!"

  2. Voices in My Head does look like Rodney,and he is missing. Question, is he on the lamb? (There is that lamb again). Just a thought….

  3. Mathew are you sure the others aren't still in the studio but just hiding from you? 😉🙂

  4. This video had me laughing from start to finish! Thanks Matthew 😂

  5. "Who wants a Donair??" That would get an answer 😏

  6. Wow. Great humour in the commentary. Well Done. .. and excellent delivery also. 😉 Sorry Chaz. 🙁

    Have I really been out of the hobby for so long that I don't recognise a stunning 8 of these games. I did get Tussie Mussie a long time ago, and recently played Canvas with a group of friends … but to not know a whopping 8 out of these 10 games makes me feel like an alien. 🙁

    I'm just going to have to try harder.

    Can we keep the rest of the crew out of the office for a while so we can get a few more of these Matthew-centric videos happening. 🙂

  7. Love your humour Matthew! Thanks for making my week! Always so happy to see our photos in your videos too!

  8. Sure Matthew, you might not exist… but how do we know the patreon backers you quote actually exist!? How do I know the games you promote actually exist!?! How do I know any of this is real?!?!
    Kids… thats how, they always remind me that I'm in a living nightmare and can't wake up. Im fine… Send help.

  9. I love that Fungi has a card named after a Midsomer Murders episode "Destroying Angel" (I know it's a mushroom)

  10. I can confirm that Monk-ly, not a word. However, given the alternative is “monk-y” and will get folks confused on the theme, Matthew made the right choice.

  11. The bits on this episode are solid GOLD! LOL

  12. Thank you for including both RA and Three Sisters in your roundup. Much appreciated! -chad

  13. Wait you DONT watch us all while we’re playing?? wipes brow I can finally stop worrying you’re judging my My City tile placements

  14. Rodney has been dead for 3 months, they just keep it a secret. The have Paula redub his old videos to make it seem like he is still around.

  15. Rodney is as elusive as a Sasquatch.. or as Bubbles would say 'a Samsquanch!'

  16. I mean, if you were to play Biblios Quill & Parchment, Matthew, I’d like to think it was a tiny bit because I told you to.

  17. I laughed out loud at the katana joke. Well done.

  18. Great work Matthew, you're really holding Watch it Played together (loving the picture in picture innovation too). I did spot Rodney in a hotel lift during Airecon but come to think of it he was acting shifty, claiming he'd forgotten his lanyard – cover story right?

  19. Great video! I always love to see what the viewers picked.

  20. Here's hoping Ra: the Dice Game will also get a reprint!

  21. Please, we need sooo many more Stargate References! Great video!!

  22. The Hunger ❤️
    Clank killer or not, The Hunger is the perfect game for me and I absolutely love it!

  23. Frickin got me good with "honesty, selfishness, and maple syrup dependence." Well played, sir – well played.

  24. Will the depths of which Chaz would sink to get revenge on Matthew be recorded on video?

  25. Matthew, that was so funny ! With a nice dose of information too ! I hope that you can do more People's choice videos on your own (or with Chaz , if he happens to read these comments).

  26. So looking forward to the reprint of Ra! Just got introduced to the original some months ago and loved it! Great job, Matthew!

  27. is there a new version of Ra i'm not familiar with?

  28. Great video, but is there a problem with my speakers or was the mic input too high during recording?

  29. Yes I WOULD like a cup of tea, thank you for offering!

  30. You should call Laura and tell that you …, sorry I mean Paula.

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