People's Choice: Top Board Games | September 2021 -

People’s Choice: Top Board Games | September 2021

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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Legendary: Annihilation

Heroes and villains stand side by side against an incoming galaxy-wide wave of destruction!

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  1. Really funny, guys! I would really like to play that Fresh Prince game. Looks very thematic. And, hey, somebody else who remembers Perfect Strangers!!!

  2. I never thought a minute and a half of silence would be such a great bit. Can we just get a whole episode of it next time

  3. Well actually… Something can be both round and flat. Being round does not necessarily mean that it is also spherical, which may have been what you were thinking of.

  4. 1. SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! (I have no shame).
    2. Death … by … Monsters. Hmmm, that's catchy; it should be the title of something entertaining …

  5. "Have I mentioned THEY ARE CUTE!"
    "Maybe next time."

    In that case I will supplement my submission with "Sandara's cute little dragons are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE can'twaittogetmyhandsonthem CUTE."

  6. hahahha i lost it when chaz said about getting his pain numb. man u r the GOAT

  7. we now know that chaz is an interdimensional creature whose existense is linked to a magical camera of some sort. this also emplies that everytime the camera is turned on again, chaz has the power to reappear out of thin air!
    Best wishes!

  8. Chaz, I appreciate the Perfect Strangers reference. it made me want to do the dance of joy.

  9. Chaz, I strongly approve of your MST3K t-shirt. Okay, now back to browsing spherical "board" games.

  10. Finally, a Jason-centric episode. I knew those “awkward“ photos of Chaz and Matthew would eventually pay off for me.

  11. All the games have moved around. What is going on here? Maybe it's a secret contest?

  12. nobody asked me anything…..where can i be asked?

  13. I confused the guy in the thumb nail with James Rolfe

  14. Being a Jason M. allows me to pretend that I had a lot of influence over this episode.

  15. I loved the original Horrified, and while I will probably get American Monsters, I kind of wish we got an expansion from the Universal Monsters versus a new standalone game.

  16. John D. Sinclair is my favorite designer. (hmm…)

  17. Such a great episode. The well rounded joke got me lol

  18. A lot of good jokes to hear after hard day of work.

  19. Unsettled first planet is an absolutely frustrating mess of nonsense. I recommend you skip straight to the second planet for your learning games.

    Also, could next time you maybe eliminate games that are either on kickstarter or haven't yet delivered their kickstarters to the public from these lists? While there are demos of some of these games on TTS (or similar) – well they're not out yet so imo they shouldn't be making it onto a list like this.

  20. That Terrace box isn't haunted, you just forgot to put in some silica gel packets for Odo, he gets a bit vaporous rather than liquid in the game box rather than his bucket.

  21. Legendary Marvel expansion and Horrified are both on my list to buy

  22. Not gonna lie if there was an Adam West Batman board game I would so be into that

  23. Wasnt there an episode where Chaz had "Matthew teaches a game to a wild bear" on his idea board? To me 5:54 sounds like Matt would be up tu it ("see, this is why people keep picking stray animals….")

    I love all your humor and no matter who is in the video, it makes me smile. Thanks for all the great work

  24. Who fixes all those smashed "like" buttons? How much do they charge? Do you get a cut? Is Urkle involved?

  25. Matthew's "no" to his familiarity with death by monsters was brilliantly delivered – choked on my water. And it was still in the bottle. Sealed. On my desk. Yeah.

  26. Lol. Freaking sweet. I finally made it into a Watch it Played video. And I killed the show. Sorry.

  27. Canvas is such a fun adventure. Really great artwork to lose yourself in too. Whole heartedly recommend

  28. I flipped my wig when I saw Chaz wearing a shirt that matches what's sitting in a frame right behind him! Nerd! Then I remembered I have 4 such shirts. And mine aren't of Tom Servo but of family vacations, so I guess I should just fix my wig and move on. That said, I do have a Crow sweatshirt that will now really help the transition of me subbing for Chaz!

    Also, don't think I didn't notice more Kallax, something you are ALLEGEDLY afraid of! You should stroll around our IKEA… There were like 8 Kallax TOTAL. And, yes, I was in there for Kallax.

  29. I think there's 3 things that would be great if they happen in the future:

    1. Matthew using a Watch It Played mug in the future. It would be exciting to see a meeple finally on a mug that we'll see regularly.

    2. A board game gym. Based on the weight of the Edge Of Darkness box, it would be a perfect choice for an episode of "Board Game Gym," and a good excersive buddy for your daily workouts, if you're a fan of both an active life and board games.

    3. An episode with everyone in the video wearing Watch It Played T-shirts, and the comdey stuff for the episode all about the different types of Watch It Played shirts everyone is wearing in the episode.

    As for what board games were my favorites here, they were Edge Of Darkness due to the big box size (and I'm a fan of big things and deckbuilding games) and Flamecraft due to the cute dragons (and dragons are also another one of my favorite things). I look forward to finding out more about them in the future, and/or when they release.

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