Playing Board Games with Americans -

Playing Board Games with Americans

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  1. Oh here in Canada, an American wouldn’t make it to the first round.

  2. These videos with guests are never funny. This was just one weak gimmick and a bunch of random.

  3. Not going to lie, my 16yo american nephew makes his own rules during the game and will argue to the death til they are accepted lol his mum and I just look at each other like "wtf this is OUR game! We know the bloody rules!"

  4. Darcy’s acting as that dead body in the background is amazing

  5. What about "each person I know that owns at least one gun provides me one soldier at the beginning of the game." Our "Friends with Benefits" Risk rule. Maybe "Friendly Militia."

  6. You don't know how happy i am to see you all work together.

  7. I can't believe they don't do that in Australia

  8. I will mess up the entire Fairbairn family in ome Risk. Wouldn't even be close.

  9. We do whoever shit last gets to go first lol

  10. This shit aint the same without Jaxon and Darcy

  11. I'm guessing blue hat lives in Florida and the other guy lived in Baker's field

  12. Can confirm I've run many naked laps during board games

  13. I feel like this is a really watered down version on how the UK colonized half the world.

  14. I won’t ask again. WHERE THE HELL IS JAXON?!!!!

  15. This is southern board game strategy, Joel is a liar, the coast strategies are different. Western strategy is way cooler. We use near-death dry erase markers to trace the particles around the dice and attempt in every way to cause a CP Violation to hopefully cause an influx in central entropy. This may cause the dice to crack, but depending on the temperature in the area being 3 degrees Fahrenheit higher than average on a Friday, this won't be a problem.

  16. Reminds me of American drinking games,
    a lot of rules not much drinking

  17. Here in Minnesota if you talk about the weather during your turn you get to roll again.

  18. I wanna play American board games with Lachlan exclusively 😶

  19. The forgot the rule where they have to print out three pages worth of random letters if you gain 2 territories on your third turn your. If their are three words over five letters they have to take off their shirts for five rounds. I can’t believe they forgot that it ruins the fucking game without it

  20. It's just called bullying the foreigner, every country has this version of any game

  21. This video had 30% more tongue touching than I expected. 10/10.

  22. I'm Australian and even I know thats how you play! 😂😂😂

  23. As someone who lives in America, I can confirm that this is factually accurate

  24. I'm Canadian and these aren't the rules at all….you actually role the dice and then move on the board battling with the dice applied circumstance that is the result of the role. I believe these guys are just working you….The tongue thing is wrong…..

  25. Idk what happened to Jaxon but without him your shit

  26. I always thought Jaxon was the crazy one but I guess I was wrong because clearly he was the one holding this channel together

  27. Am American, this is all true. Wait till you play Uno

  28. This is how I feel whenever anyone tries to explain me the rules of a modern boardgame.

  29. I loved how the rules constantly changed. However, I still miss Jaxson and Darcy.

  30. see 1:22 yeah after that little incident you should have moved on to another activity.

  31. Nooooooooo this is the best collab ever . I could never even dream of that. The two of my fav youtubers

  32. What the… I didn't expect this particular legend to appear

  33. They're playing the clean version, of course. I don't even want to tell you where the salt goes in the dirty version.


  35. As a Kiwi who lives 24/7 with Americans this is 100% true!

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