Playing Board Games with Americans -

Playing Board Games with Americans

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  1. As a Peruvian myself, twice a week we do 5 laps around the nearest table at 5:16 pm. It’s a way of representing our culture, that rule isn’t made up.

  2. You forgot about the rule that says if you roll a 3 on your 4th roll and you blinked while doing it you have to change into a red shirt and play a harmonica until your penultimate roll

  3. Love that Joel haver did a cross over collab here

  4. This is how my dad taught me to play, with one minor exception. When you draw Peru and roll 10 on the second roll (your first roll), you have to do the laps on your hands.

  5. I’m a Canadian and our favourite board game is Sorry

  6. You're just lucky you weren't playing metro Detroit rules. You'd have been shot holding the box wrong like that.

  7. Actually this is pretty accurate: make up rules as you go and mess with people.

  8. Unfortunately, illiteracy is still a huge problem in the US affecting 21% of the population

  9. Longbeachgriffy inspired this video

  10. Yooooo Joel Haver in the chat!! i love this collab

  11. As an American, when you said you were playing Risk I thought you were going to go with “We get all the oil producing countries”

  12. Can confirm this is how we play in 'murica.

  13. As an American I just want to say… Joel did a really good job explaining all of it

  14. Okay this is really gay so I think I'm going to unsubscribe is everybody in Australia gay

  15. Our American parents made up additional rules to keep us busy longer.

  16. what happened to jaxson and darcy haven't see them in any videos

  17. We don't call them "American rules" we call them "house rules"

  18. Now we know why Covid spread so quickly in America.

  19. As an American, I can confirm, they committed to this role…

  20. Haven't finished the video but already feeling like this is a slam on Americans I hate living here to but really? No need to slam all of us most of us are stupid but not all of us

  21. Am American, can confirm. Also, in the midwest we use snow instead of salt in the wintertime.

  22. Wait holy fuck I thought they were in the same room

  23. Man I have seriously never heard of someone not knowing these rules. I don’t believe he’s ever played Risk before. The tongue lick is the only way to begin the game.

  24. As an American I can tell you that you didn't follow the proper steps to be able to shit talk americans.

  25. When he held out a pair of glasses and then he got a different pair I laughed, good stuff

  26. Get Trevor Wallace in there and the holy quatuor shall be complete

  27. As an American I can confirm that this is 100% accurate. It’s especially forbidden to use any of the pieces on the board, just like on the video. They must stay in the boxes. We just memorize how many units we have on each space. Plus here’s a little secret that you can’t tell any Australians:

    Taking Australia first is obviously the best strategy, but since we can’t let Aussies have it get to their heads, we have alternative “Playing with Aussie” rules where it’s a barren wasteland and your invisible units automatically die when placed in Australia. Everyone knows that.

  28. The last person i expected to see on cut was Joel

  29. Can confirm as an Aussie in America that this is legitimately how they play.
    The amount of tongeus I've licked is grotesque.

  30. As an American, I can tell you…with a surety, this is how the game is played.

  31. American here – can confirm this is exactly how we play

  32. As an American, this is all 100% accurate EXCEPT for one thing.

    We put the salt and pepper on our buttholes, not our tongues. 😉

  33. It's so weird to hear Cherdley's talking in a normal way.

  34. We usually say "bank robbery" with a 1930s hollywood gangsta voice but yeah.

  35. Get them back with Aussie rules playing a game of pool (snooker).

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