Playing Board Games with Americans -

Playing Board Games with Americans

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  1. As a Canadian I can say these rules are ridiculous, who makes people do naked laps? It’s clearly supposed to be naked jumping jacks

  2. I've lived on both coasts in America and I can indeed say that those are legitimate rules that everyone knows and plays by.

  3. tf happened to your hair lachlan and somebody take a buzzer to cherdleys face

  4. it seems like they are just looking for excuses to be gay.

  5. You think this is weird, you should play Chutes And Ladders. It always ends in an orgy.

  6. dude where is other guys these new ones i don't like them they are not funny

  7. I've never played risk so I was completely confused throughout the whole video.

  8. Why would you play with Americans?
    Play by yourself.

  9. lachlan better catch up on those tongue touches if he doesnt want to be on the roof mooning drivers. he’ll lose all of south america at this rate

  10. As an American, I can confirm the tongue thing gets a little weird when playing with family, but it is the rules.

  11. Shit doesn't hit the same without Darcy and Jaxon, where did they go?

  12. I like it better when you don't have the cherdleys on

  13. I just woke up because I'm an American. I clicked on this video because this is a channel I watch normally. I was really confused when I saw Joel Haver, and I was rubbing my eyes not understanding what I'm seeing.

  14. As an American I can confirm we play like this except we're usually a lot more racist.

  15. Funny, you clearly havent played monopoly with barber rules for a long time.

  16. GOT EM WITH THE BANK ROBBERY oldest trick in the book

  17. I’ll be back when the regular crew is back…

  18. I only lived in america for three years when I was wayy younger (I currently reside in sweden) and this is how everyone played. I don't really see any jokes in this video, only straight facts.

  19. Here in the midwest we have a rule that if you hold onto a door knob for more than half a second, you have to listen to the story of our entire family tree without saying "yeah" or "oh okay" or its automatic disqualification

  20. Is nobody goonna mention how things keep changing between takes? The glasses, the board, etc.

  21. I’m assuming Australian rules are whatever China 🇨🇳 decides?

  22. I can’t even tell if the people in the comments confirming this are being serious

  23. I am from America. Risk is my favorite game. I can confirm this is how we play Risk in America.

  24. as an american, i can confirm that this video is 100% accurate

  25. As a Canadian, i can proudly say that i've never played this game.

  26. Ngl Darcy acting as the salt made me feel kinda uncomfortable when they licked him.

  27. I wonder if this was inspired by one of them getting naked lapped in pong

  28. Videos been going down hill lately…i didnt find this funny at all

  29. People say Lachlan is still holding the Risk board to this day… but tomorrow he's gonna put it aside.

  30. I’m American and I can 100% confirm that I grew up playing this way.

  31. Guys, is noone commenting on the swapped glasses? xD

  32. the guy on the left has like no life in his hair. what happened?

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