ProZD Recommends Some of the BEST Board Games -

ProZD Recommends Some of the BEST Board Games

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  1. If you want a meatier engine-building game with a short playing time and plenty of replay value, Race for the Galaxy is a great one. Not a gateway board game by any means, but the game design is ingenious

  2. It’s a shame that one guys noise he makes to show joy sounds just terrible

  3. Sheriff of Nottingham has to be one of my favorites cuz it's easy to teach, fast to set up, not too complex, and pretty fast.

  4. as a lover of board games this was really cool to hear and I loved the suggestions

  5. One really easy game to get into for your first board game is Twilight Imperium, really fun family game that is a great gateway game to the hobby

  6. I love Marvel Legendary, Deck Building Games are my favorite board games

  7. So my recommendations to start are ticket to ride, Lords of waterdeep, small world, harry potter hogwarts battle, and pandemic.
    other than those mentioned
    Lords of water deep is top tier for work replacement games
    Small world is risk without the total randomness of the dice, but power-ups for you armies and a time frame to not have the game go on forever
    Hogwarts battle is a co op deck building game that nicely levels up with the difficulty level/complexity a small group (up to 4 or 5 with an expansion) can deal with at the time.

    Most under an hour to play with the longest is maybe 90-120 min for a single game.

  8. Aww he remembered Inscryption, loved that game

  9. That's the retail entry level Wyrmwood table too. They have higher ends called the Soujorn and Prophecy which are amazing with a higher ticket price to match lol.

  10. 1313 dead-end drive was my favorite boardgame as a kid. Nothing better than trying to kill everybody else and run away with the 💰 lol

  11. Personally I hate that Monopoly has drastically skewed American perceptions of boardgames. Monopoly is a shit game and actively turns people away from boardgaming and totally stunts you to the possibilities you can have with better games. And it's so fucking prolific too.

    I'm one of the more hardcore gamers so anything on the 4-5 axis can really appeal to me.

  12. Board games is a great hobby, one which I treasured for years, it's just a fun social experience to do with some friends.

  13. For me, my gateway game would be Splendor. Just like they said it has thr element of luck while having to strategize. It lead me thru playing Rising Sun.

  14. Ticket to ride is a really good game. I also like „The Pillars of The Earth“, and „Machi Koro“ (well that’s not really a Bord game, instead a card game, but it’s a really good family game)

  15. settler of catan – dominion – stone age – power grind – Kingsburg and spice roads

  16. My favourites for new players are coup(very quick 5 min rounds but i can play for hours), sushi go, zombiecide, galaxy truckers, 7 wonders, blood rage, hanabi.

  17. Secret hitler, one night wherewolves, codenames are some A tier streaming boardgames

  18. "Betrayal at house on the hill" IS TOP TIER.
    its a coop (ish) game where you guys are trapped in a haunted house that expands as you explore it by placing a single tile on an unexplored place.
    It has an amazing theme and some great cards with small descriptors that really set the tone.
    you all work together in order to build up your characters by finding items, and exploring the house. you can also have your stats go down and you can even die if they are low enough.
    The thing that makes the game really good is the haunt aspect. At some point somebody will trigger the haunt by rolling the dice too low and then theres a book that will tell everyone what is happening. There are many different haunts, many that turn one of the players EVIL. you end up cooperating to beat a werewolf or to stop a growing slime from dissolving everything, or to get back to earth becasue the house is now on an alien planet, or maybe on of the players is now possed by a witch.

    Its INCREDIBLE, I can't it enough.

  19. The thing about board game for me that keep me from starting is i have no one to play with.

  20. "Two can play at that game"
    "Three can play at that game"
    "Four can play at that game"
    "Five can play at that game"

  21. off topic, but what's with the dumbass arrow in all of these thumbnails? JSKSJ

  22. sung won giving the MGT free promo. if that was bobby’s call it was smart

  23. I actually don't recommend that anyone new to board gaming start out with a cooperative game. I became obsessed with board games 4 years ago and I've had to learn the hard way which games you'll actually get played and which you likely won't. Here are my recommendations:

    7 Wonders
    Tiny Towns
    Tammany Hall
    Space Base/Machi Koro/Bad Company/Valeria Card Kingdoms

  24. Dixit is really fun, my friends and I always include it when we are having a board game night. Especially great for a huge group of people (>8).

  25. I've introduced a lot of people to the hobby with Sushi Go Party. Somehow that was the one that resonated with the most people.

  26. Im not a huge fan but i had a friend who was. My fav was 5m dungeon. Fast ,easy to learn ,great whit friend and hard . But one advice if you wanna try it. No one can choos paladin. The paladin is op af and you can chees whit him easily

  27. The attack on Titan of board games might be the attack on Titan board game.

  28. Tokaido is my go-to. Everyone I've ever had try Tokaido has either absolutely loved it, or at the very least liked it/found it intriguing. Having fairly quick setup and explanation also really helps

  29. I'd love to see the boys playing Words against humanity 😉

  30. Catan and 7-Wonders are pretty good starters. You can also increase the complexity of them with expansions once you get into them.

  31. If you're into card ghames like Yu-gi-oh, Magic, Pokemon, or even just D&D, etc. Def try
    "Here to Slay" it's very fast paced, easy to learn, and you can play up to 6 people! Plus your characters are cute animals

  32. 7Wonders is the most awarded board game in the world for a reason.

  33. My favorite board game is checkers

  34. Board games are temporary, metal songs are permanent

  35. One game I like because it's the one board game I can actually get my family to join in on is Dominion. It's really more of a card game but it's short and fun and easy enough that it doesn't take that long for people to pick up on the rules

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