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Quinns’ Top 136 Board Games (as of April 2019)

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  1. I was a bit confused why WotR did not make this list since the review that I saw from SU&SD was very positive (which got me to buy it, great game by the way), but then on the SU&SD website WotR is at Matt's house. So, the board game universe is back in order again.

  2. Did you forgot love letter? I feel like you forgot love letter 😉

  3. Thanks for the infinity mention! It's such a great game, and I never get tired of seeing it on lists.

  4. Out of all those cockroach poker variants, which out of those 5 would you say is the best?

  5. "I'm only human." That's what I keep saying–but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Thank God there are others who feel the sane (same) way.

  6. How did y'all like Tramways? I've been having a ball with that one.

  7. Parade! This is my favorite game. Love it.

  8. This video made me appreciate my board game collection. Even if some of games only rarely get tablespace

  9. As a fellow fan of colours, colour temperature, and of quilting colour value….that box of scrabble, with its over saturation, bleeding out at me in the dead centre of the kallax…phwoar, it is offensive.

  10. Wow, Mage Wars! Nice goal buddy

  11. Is that a Transformers picture on the wall? It's rather cool!

  12. Narrator: The Batman game was not much, much, much better.

  13. I wonder if Startups made it to Quinns'….Quinns's?….shelf or closet shrine. I remember he really liking the game during the Oink games review (can't remember if they even did the Oink games reviews before or after this video lol)

  14. 'Sometimes I don't even hang them around my neck.' There's a 'stroke' of genius…

  15. Using Mormon heavy biome when i describe places now.

  16. Where is the compulsory Battlestar Galactica? It a surprising omission from an otherwise perfect collection. Nice work as always guys.

  17. Drink each other’s milkshakes…DRAINAGE!!!!

  18. Your shelf is like a Venn diagram of board games.

  19. Was Quinns also kidding when he said Taj Mahal wasn't very good? Is that one of the Marie Kondo things for him.

  20. Seems like you've soured on Taj Mahal since the impressions on the podcast. I recall you and Paul gushing over it quite a bit. Were there negative aspects of the game that became apparent after more plays? Or is it just similar to Vinhos where it's not quite as good as the rest?

  21. Oh boy… my board game wish list is about to get a LOT longer…

  22. Is Arkham Horror LCG not counted as boardgame? (since the boxes of playing cards made a debut) I thought that was Quinns' favorite game of 2016 and maybe 2017?

  23. Still waiting for that Mage Wars stream… 😉

  24. "Sometimes I don't even hang them around my neck." rofl

  25. 2 years on now, are you guys going to re-visit this for an update?!

  26. What!? Quinns kept ROOT… after the scathing review from September 2018!!

  27. Taj Mahal is good! Quinns over here just badmouthing totally decent games. What the heck, man.

  28. I need shelves like those for my games to go on.

  29. Will you guys be doing more of these? Perhaps one from Tom? 👍

  30. Space Cadets actually makes me cringe. I bought it years ago, tried to play it three times. Every time we failed really quickly – like one turn in. The whole game is extremely painful to play as it involves swapping roles every few minutes and each role has a new minigame that involves explaining the game all over again. Basically every time you swap roles you're explaining the whole game again to everyone. And if someone doesn't know their minigame/role perfectly, you will all fail and have to start the explanation process all over again. It's just painful! Avoid at all costs!

    If you want a really cool space game, try Xia Legends of a Drift System. Only ever had a great experience with that game.

  31. It's so weird that your collection contains neither War of the Ring nor SW Rebellion nor even Catan. My guess is these are just some random games xD.

  32. I want to see the collection again. 2021 update, please!

  33. I'd love to see that diplomacy content, but I'm sure it will be awhile until 'the happenings' have stopped.

  34. The Animal Kingdom deck and Navigators deck are excellent choices. Good stock and finish. In my collection, too! Although I’m now at around 100 decks, they’re still some of my best

  35. I absolutely LOVED the unscripted (mostly) unrehearsed shoot! Brilliant!

    At the risk of sounding indignant (which I am not, in this particular case), where the hell is Scythe?

  36. Fun fact: Quinn is so large that that's a normal .32 to him

  37. Nice video. Great content. I was wondering where’s el grande?

  38. how does one keep a full time job and play all these games?

  39. Quinns saying Blood on the Clocktower "isn't a great game" was a joke, everybody…

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