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Quinns’ Top 136 Board Games (as of April 2019)

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  1. There is a podcast? And a convention? Someone please clue me in!

  2. This was really interesting when watched at 2x the playback speed and coming in at just over 13 minutes.

  3. Its so hard to stop buying new awesome games…sometimes I hate myself for being so obsessed…
    PS: Lovely Voltron Poster there.

  4. 10:00 – Still no Catan.

    Let's continue and leave judgement for when the video is finished.

  5. I would defiantly watch you guys play Monsterhearts

  6. Have you ever played/reviewed Bang? Just wondering 🙂

  7. These guys have the most pleasant manner of bullshitting. I mean that in the nicest way.

  8. Can get a review of Drop zone commander 2ed?

  9. Have seen this video many Times now but this is the first time i realised that i have a similar thing like quinns black Gold in my collection. Spartacus whit its expansions. Its the first game i bought for my group its bad and unbalanced in so many way but i love it and all the memories. I dont Think i Will ever throw it out.
    Side note: One person in my group owns one boardgame and one boardgame Only BLACK GOLD😅

  10. Didn't expect for such a big RPG corner. Any way to have some coverage on any of those any time soon?

  11. Card games that dont suck: check out dead til dawn.

  12. There should be a gaming specific term for the addictive/compulsive drive to own a relatively non-mainstream game with a byzantine rule set that you logically know you will be unlikely to find the time to sit down a learn sufficiently to start, let alone find a group of like-minded people to teach and keep them play sessions going, thereby causing one to rationalize the time and financial commitment involved in such a purchase.

    …but just reading through the books by oneself with a low ball of whiskey can still make for a satisfyingly self-indulgent evening.

    This can be particularly bittersweet when you recognize an immersive RPG rule set that you adore for being meticulously constructed and encyclopedic, and simultaneously recognize as unapproachably niche.

  13. Do you have a short session/quick rounds big monster/robot battler, something where one can customize powers/weapons/defenses as the rounds go on, perhaps even in an old school Japanese Destroy All Monsters cheesy (i.e. fun) fashion, but with more elaborate game mechanics than King of Tokyo?

  14. Is that the Prismavisions Tarot Box in the closet shelf? That deck has such cool art.

  15. So I did a google search for ranacanitcia and got zero results. What was the fourth group again?

  16. Roughly 5500 dollars cardboard and plastic retail…. millions in creative ideas.

  17. Oh God. This is probably going to cost me more money than any other video on Youtube. I do love seeing all those great games together though!

  18. I used to have Knightmare Chess. It's great fun. Do try to play it on a chessboard for 3 or 4 people 😉

  19. You can't have Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space on display and NOT do a video review of it.

  20. This is hilarious AND intelligent. Reminds me of John Cusak's vinyl collection in High Fidelity.

  21. "all the role-playing games I will never play!" yeah, that's actually relatable

  22. 2:51 "Taj mahal isn't that good"

    Mastering the teach video: "I love this game for its mean auctions"

  23. "sometimes I don't hang 'em around my neck". only the highest brow quality jokes here folks.

  24. Diplomacy! I have a 2×4 Kallax which is pretty jam packed. Trying to keep it controlled with under 50 games.

  25. Wait
    Wait. Im a year late to this video…Quinns likes Monsterhearts?

  26. "Sometimes I don't even hang them around my neck"
    Lenny face

  27. Hey there,
    i see Betrayal at house on the hill (4:54) in your favorites collection. Yet there is not a full review done on it (or i am blind/search algorithm fails). Can we get one in the near future? I've seen the mix of 6 games in 12 minutes but i'd say it deserves it's own video.

  28. anyone got a list or more simply, what games does he most recommend? i dont have time to watch the video but want to get a board game

  29. Really interesting. He owns pretty much no games I would want to own. And yet his reviews are my favorites.
    The channel DOES often talk me into buying games that they "don't recommend". LOL

  30. I know this is a year + old, but I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. It's actually nice to get an overview of the games you really like and to get e a little bit of insight for some. Perhaps now might be a good time for an update of sorts. What did you guys add in the last year that you really love. Did any of your classics get demoted? Thanks again for such great content!

  31. Amazing review. Do you think you could get a girl to review her top games? The reason I ask is because lockdown has kept me indoors and at home, however a great outcome of it is that i have started playing board games with my wife. I am interested to find out what games girls like instead of just impressing my games on her. Surely they are similar if not the same, but there may be a few gems out there. After playing Pandemic, great starter game as you know, wife said, "I like that because it was about saving the owrld instead of killing everyone else." Fair point I thought. Any ideas amongst yourselves? or indeed, this chat? If we can save the world a few times, maybe I can convince her to burn it down again in Gloom/Frosthaven.

  32. 18:40 what is that bigger box in between the small decks of cards? The blue one with what looks like en eye in the middle of some galaxy stuff or something? I dunno, it looks pretty and I want to know what it is. Just another deck of cards, and that's why he didn't mention it specifically?

  33. I have that printer! I don’t own any of those games because I’m fairly new to the hobby. I started with risk, ticket to ride, catan: the usuals, a few years back, then got scythe last year. I was very impressed by stonemaier games so have recently purchased wingspan and pre-ordered pendulum (verrry excited about that). So no, I have none of those hardcore “best” games, but I do have the same printer, which makes me very happy! 😂

  34. No Terraforming Mars, Blood Rage or Scythe? What about Sword & Sorcery, 7 Wonders or Street Master?

    But funny video!

  35. Why’s he got a tarot deck he glossed over under “decks of cards”?

  36. I love love love Legend of the Five Rings RPG and own every book and module printed from 1st to 4th edition. My friends and I played so long we transitioned our characters each time to match the new editions of the game.

  37. You have an excellent channel. I am glad a mate sent me to your vids as a fan of board games with my fave as DUNE.

  38. Was really hoping that when they started looking at mage wars their passion for board games would overtake them and end up just playing it forgetting about the video

  39. This video made me sad. I have only played about 5 of these games! This means not only do I not own 99% of these games I haven't even played them!

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