Quoridor Boardgames | Strategic Game | woosung.boardgames TikTok #shorts #boardgames #fun - cutlassboardgame.com

Quoridor Boardgames | Strategic Game | woosung.boardgames TikTok #shorts #boardgames #fun

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  1. In israel we have school competetive coridor

  2. This is an awesome game it's soo much fun

  3. Yoooo, I really liked this game as a kid, and tho I dont remember the name, I had quite a few other games by the same company. Would really recommend

  4. When I played this as a child it was called blockade!

  5. Just when I started getting a hang of chess and then super chess comes up.

  6. Good to see people playing with their kids using physical stuff and not living through iPads

  7. If one player focuses on blocking and the other focuses on mainly moving towards the objective, won’t the player moving the most often be the one who most likely wins?

  8. I used to play this all the time with my mom and one time made her swirl all the way to the middle and when she finally got there I blocked it and she had to go back out

  9. This game is so addictive and we're playing it witb whole family. And we're fighting each other to see who's best 😆😆

  10. I didn't know anyone even knew this game existed. I haven't played it 8n years, but still have it.

  11. That's dumb that you can't block them in. Why the fuck does a board game need to be fair?

  12. Quoridor is a great game! Yall should also check out the other games from their company, Gigamic. Personal favorites are this, Quarto, and Pylos

  13. I feel like this game can be solved pretty easily.

  14. If you havent yet, you should try a game called baduk its got similar rules but without the moving its avoyt capturing territory, very fun and good for any level player once you understand the basics

  15. Holy shit, my teacher had this game in the second grade. You just unlocked a memory I had no idea I had.

  16. Finally some Chess update patches 🥹😌🤌

  17. It's a bit like a game my dad had shown me.
    You get 6 pawns (can move sideways as well) on a chessboard at one end and the other player gets a king in the middle on the other side and the king tries to get to the other side.
    Each player has to make a move in their turn.

    I hope I got the rules correct. Haven't played it in 20 years and forgot the name as well.

  18. lol just block your horizontal path on each level so you only have straight line to move in

  19. i have this game since ages in my house
    never thought i would see anyone present it on internet

  20. I played a game when I was younger called cul de sac. Apparently that game was made in 1975, and the game in this video is based off of it.

  21. Discovered this game through Gali No Tsukai. Hilarious episode.

  22. This is an incredibly basic game with no real strategy

  23. Love this game play it with my wife all the time

  24. Thanks for keeping your daughter away from mobile phones that dumbify children with an interesting game.

  25. Wth ??
    I can make wayy for myself
    On left most slots or right most
    Rather than blocking
    I can create my way

  26. Looks cool.
    Try Blokus too.
    The two player strategy game for two players.

  27. It reminds me a lot of tic-tac-toe, you get bored with it really fast because once you get the centerpiece it's over, the only time you lose if you have the centerpiece is if you think you're being clever

  28. This is the sort of game that's probably fun for about the first half but then it becomes very obvious at a certain point who's going to win and you still have to play it out.

  29. isnt the first one to go the winner? if you just always move your pawn you would theoreticly always be one move ahead or am I wrong?

  30. I had this before it was popu-…
    Wait, it's still not very popular.

    It's very fun game worth the money btw.

  31. Looks like free form tower defense and trying to funnel the mobs

  32. We can just make our opponent go horizontally all the time then who will win??

  33. Oh cool.
    I thought that the game in the music video for Redo by Konomi Suzuki was just a weird chess thing.
    It would seem it was actually this game instead.

  34. I'm no longer allowed to play this game after sending my other half around the board……

    And then back again.

  35. how many people here spotted Tina Fey's quoridor board on the desk in Mean Girls?

  36. Now I'll have to put this on my wishlist

  37. An important rule is that if you'd land on your opponent, you leapfrog instead

    Does that work through corners too?

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