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Ra, Modern Meeple, Puzzles & Inserts – Board Game Deluxifications

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Board game upgrades and deluxifications, another month, another video. This time with more inserts, deluxe editions, upgraded bits and more.

Too Many Bones Deluxe Wooden Puzzle –
Ra: Deluxe Edition –
Viticulture Folded Space Insert –
Bestiary of Sigillum –
Modern Meeple Gamey Susan –

Top Shelf Gamer –
It’s active through 7/8

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:05 – Top Shelf Gamer
0:01:02 – Too Many Bones Deluxe Wooden Puzzle
0:04:06 – Ra: Deluxe Edition
0:08:33 – Viticulture Folded Space Insert
0:11:26 – Bestiary of Sigillum
0:16:53 – Modern Meeple Gamey Susan
0:19:51 – Wrapping Up

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  1. One day I will get to play Viticulture!😊

  2. 4:09 20th Century Games… What's that big 25 for on the cover? 😛

  3. Just for your information, I used the link some time ago and did not get any discount. Top Game Shelf Gamer may want to look into a possible glitch.

  4. Whuahaha… Just felt like Old Spice.
    On topic: Can't wait for mine RA deluxe to come in soon.

  5. I'm actually not a fan of the metal Coins with Ra The Deluxe Edition. I've playd with them a couple times and I find the coin values indistinguishable from one another. I wish they would have inluded the cardboard versions so I can use them instead. Otherwise I would give this version of the game an A+. Sadly, because of the coins I have to give it a B.

  6. 11:05 I'll asume it was a miss prenounciation but that was most definitly not 2 cm (= 0,787 inch). it was more in the realm of 2 mm, but I can see the mishap happening

  7. Those Cubitos/not-cubitos trays are delightfully over the top!

  8. For Ra, if you haven't counted your tiles, make sure you do before you play! 🙂 They forgot a bag of tiles in my copy and included a duplicate bag of other tiles. I know other people had the same issues.

  9. Great! Now I have to buy the deluxe version of RA. Thanks a lot! 😂

  10. 4:55 this is really amazing! The quality is really astonishing. When we we're speaking with our production partner we discussed wooden plates for the role cards and the prices were … lets say impressive. Therefore I really appreciate this quality in this game 🙂

  11. I've built both of the CTG puzzles. They're so cool.

  12. Is Bestiary of Sigillum coming back? Because the GF campaign cancelled.

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