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Rahul and Rebecca’s first game of 40k! Tyranids vs Ultramarines Warhammer beginners battle report!

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Tau Nick and Space Marine Steve host Warhammer 40K First Steps, a series of quick introductions to the world of Warhammer 40k and tabletop gaming. Wayland Games is a great place to start your journey and they have a massive collection of starter hobby kits and supplies

The first steps series is our attempt to guide new people into this hobby in the most accessible way possible. Today, Rebecca and Rahul Choose finally play their first game of 40k!

All the 40k Factions Lore in 15 mins:
This History of 40k in 8 mins:
Painting and Assembling your first mini:
Rebecca and Rahul choose their first Armies:
Setting up the first game:

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  1. don't space marines have armour of contempt, which ignores one minus AP?

  2. So cool! I first learned of Rahul with his shenanigans at the Funhaus channel. Then he did an amazing job as the sheriff in Midnight Mass along with other shows as well. And now I find out he's a VA for Warhammer and played it??? Truly the coolest guy ever

  3. He was soooo goood in Midnight Mass.

  4. Please tell Rahul that we watched Next Exit last night and thought it was excellent 🙂

  5. Wow, thank you very much for this nice tutorial! Best i have found so far!

  6. Horrible advice, wasting everything on the UM first turn on that small squad was terrible. should have poured everything onto the Character tyranid and watch the rest melt.

  7. Anyone seen that Aunty Donna of Mark explaining a board game 😂 I was so lost watching this 🤣

  8. Im half way through but I have to question WHY Rahul will not use any command points to reroll.

  9. is that hollywood's bad boy? I'm surprised Jacob let him out

  10. Is there a video for the tyranid paint scheme? Would love to give it a shot for my combat patrol!

  11. Geez, Rahul is sooooo not interested in game) Looks like he is here just for promotion

  12. "GG, as the kids say." Rahul, we love you, but nobody ever said "Good game" at the start of the game. At the start you say GL, or GLHF, as Rebecca did. At the end you say "GG", out of respect. It's so adorable that he messed up immediately at the handshake.

  13. Damnit Rahul you followed me from funhaus to here

  14. Id love to get into 40k but the painting and building side doesnt interest me at all. Is it common for people to buy prepainted armies or pay someone to build and paint them?

  15. rahluls reaction to overwatch hahah. "pfffffft. Im NEVER gonna get that" lmao

  16. This looks like a really expensive hobby

  17. holy crap i understand how people play Warhammer 40k you guys did it, you crazy bastards actually did it.

  18. Inspired. Encouraged. Starting my first models soon. Have a box of Fireteam here, but never dared to actually do the models. Thanks guys. 🙂

  19. Is this me or Rahul looks like John Krasinski?

  20. Malum Caedo has moved up to commander! Cool!

  21. Rahul's dice rolling is a mood. They are both such nice people and a joy to watch..

  22. I was not expecting Rahul from Midnight Mass to be playing 40k 😀

  23. would love to see more stuff like this. As i and a few friends who mainly do TTRPG's this is helpful getting use to all the WH40k jank.

  24. Thank you so much for the video!
    Hope Rahul and Rebeca enjoyed their game as much as i enjoyed watching it, is the first game i see, i don't know anything about this game, but the explanations were so clear, thay i got so inmersed in the game and it was so fun to watch and maybe i can try to look for someone to try this game one day, it's amazing!
    Amazing ending! loved it!

  25. Wow I remember seeing Rahul in izombie good to see he's the same gun loving guy as before😄😄

  26. I really enjoyed this and the explanations and expert advice given.

  27. Rahul should be casting in Tarik Torgaddon! 🙂

  28. so did these creeps kidnap this poor guy at gunpoint?

  29. In a way it’s not complicated to „get“ Warhammer 40K, but you have to know a lot about every move, unit etc. It’s like playing StarCraft or Total War but you have to also do everything manually ( which makes sense, because RTS etc are based on Tabletop) It sure looks fun, but also very slow.

  30. It hurt to watch her pick her gants up and drop them in a pile to move them 😅

  31. I do find it very amusing that they got the new players out of there after the end of the sample game… and then promptly continued the game personally.

  32. This is epic I’m just getting into the game and am hooked !!!

  33. Im glad you guys wrapped the game up as rahul seemed pretty salty about his dice look in the last battle round. I feel for him haha, bad dice rolls can ruin anything.

  34. I love the lore for this universe, the chaos of the 40th millennium, the design, but this is about the most painful thing I have tried to watch. Love that the hardcore fanbase thinks this is the most fun thing in the world, but I'm gonna stick to reading the books and playing the shooter games.

  35. Amazing game and welcome to Warhammer I hope they enjoy their first game.

  36. Hey, dunno if anyone will answer that, but what is the book that is used 3:37 called?

  37. So nice seeing newer players like myself play and ask the same questions i did over the last few weeks. This was easy to keep up with 😀

  38. hey rahul im just watching this with my cousin and we were wondering where that sweater was from very cool!

  39. The entire game system is so simple it is no better than a game of Yahtzee……no real tactics in this game. Most wargamers….real wargamers, consider this game not a real wargame at all……just a simpleton's set of rules allowing you to play with overpriced plastic toys. GW as a company is pretty pathetic as well.

  40. Lol…..adding complexity means just rolling more dice. Seriously…..the entire game is just rolling shit tons of dice. Anyone who considers this game one of intellectual contest is a moron. Such an incredibly boring game. No maneuver, no tactics, no unit facing …….gawd!

  41. "GG, as the kids say", – was just too funny for me. Im under my tableXD

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