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RANDOM Parkour Board Game For LOOT (Fortnite)

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We do the hardest board game run for our LOOT!

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Map: 3755-1879-7409

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  1. Ssundee:if u hit the like button it’ll turn BLUE
    Me/dark mode users: dear ssundee say it’ll change color bcz our like button turns WHITE

  2. That's enough hot air because it wasn't aiming for it

  3. It's one's like this where he says if you hit the like button and it turned blue you're truly unique YouTube decides to change it to where it turns gray all the kids are sad now

  4. You sounded like Scooby doo when u said “I’m a bad youtuber”

  5. If you are reading this you haven’t watch half way through the video

  6. He waved his hands when he rolls a 10 in the end but keeps on runing

  7. He likes to say and call people foot so much its funny

  8. You are not a bad YouTubeer you are just weird

  9. Is it weird that he finds a new combo every season

  10. Apparently I am not unique because I hit the like button and it didn’t turn bluuuueee

  11. Am i the only one that doesn’t feel special or stuff like cuz my like button turns white?

  12. Only legends will know what this map was previously used for.. such great memories.

  13. my mom calls me special……………..ed

  14. Even though the like button turn black

  15. My mom never calls me unique neither way when I like it turn black.

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