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Ranking your Best Board Games ( Shelfies )

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In every video you get to see Board Game Hangovers shelf, so we thought it only fair that you would show us yours. We asked for your shelfies and boy did you deliver. Don’t worry if we don’t look at yours in this video, we will do it sometime in the future.

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In this video:

It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Boardgame Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. guys, suggestion: put up the photo of the shelfie for longer, rather than your selfs. perhaps the image os shelfie and you can stay in the corner of the screen. Regards

  2. Good stuff! I'm worried about your "Confessions" haha

  3. Please do continue making these shelfie videos! These are fun 😁

  4. It's just like bookshelves roasting…..
    It was so interesting just to see other people's collections.
    I'm more of a newbie in the hobby but my collection has already outgrown the shelf I initially allocated for it 😂

  5. I love this series. Now i know what too many games means….

  6. I just wonder, what is the reason behing you owning so few localized games. Is it a choice or localization problem?
    Because at some point when I got interested in board games I discovered that in my country we've got HUGE localization issues. Localization rights are often owned by russian publishers instead of Ukrainian ones (I'm from Ukraine) and thus the Ukrainian localizations are either of really poor quality or just non-existent.
    The situation is of course changing. For the last year we've been experiencing something called localization-boom, but still

  7. What? Why should I be interested in other non_solo centric gamers shelfy?

  8. Hi, owner of first shelfie here.

    I am sorry but I am not from Poland but Czechia. Ark Nova is currently in printing of czech version and on preorder. Destinies just arrived in Czechia, also localized. We are fortunate and get most of the games trabslated 😁.

  9. Love your videos! Everytime I see a new video in my feed I literally say out loud: „YES!!!!“ 😅

    Thank you very much for bringing a bit of joy everytime 😀

  10. Have you guys ever played Battlelore 2nd Edition? (or Memoir 44, Comands & Colors, etc)

  11. Mysterious Park is less atmospheric, but more fun because it is streamlined.

  12. Great video, guys! Please do continue to make them if able. Fun to see other peoples’ collections and get your take. And will move Magic Maze up my wish list. Have had my eye on that one for a while. Thanks! 👍

  13. Darling.. What is my Eldritch Box doing on the internet…? 🤣❤️

  14. We don't have Time stories. Have been thinking about it, but need to see bit more of it to commit 🤔
    If only someone who has YouTube channel and does board game reviews/recommendations would do full review… That would be nice 😉😁😁

  15. wow….what i have missed 😀 where, how to subscribe?

    I'm sure we'll see a lot of Kallax shelfs 😀

  16. Actually I watched your review about Ankh and I was really looking forward to play the game, btw I have the alternatives you mentioned in the review (Kemet and Sons of Anarchy and I like them) sadly I haven't gotten Ankh yet, like you said, it's expensive and there are too many area control games out there but man I'm always thinking about I'm missing 1 game in that trilogy, maybe some day… thank you!

  17. damn some of you have SO many games… 😀 I have like… ten…

  18. Just found your channel. Excellent content, and I don't even play boardgames.

  19. This channel is just the best of the best !! Everything is just perfect !!

  20. What is the name of the game you guys are talking about at 8:24?

  21. Hey, Andrei here! Totally missed when you posted this video, but now that I've seen it, I want to say thank you for featuring my shelfie, I really to enjoy my collection with mostly quick simple games and also two player games. Hope I'll find more at the Essen Spiel this year. Are you guys gonna be around there? 😄

  22. Mysterium Park is definitely better than Mysterium. Same concept but streamlined, quicker, smaller box and (arguably) better art.

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