RenCon: REVEALS - Power Rangers Tabletop Games -

RenCon: REVEALS – Power Rangers Tabletop Games

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Calling all Rangers! Learn more about all the Power Rangers goodness coming in 2022!

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  1. Has there been an update on the release date for the Across the Stars sourcebook? Seems like it has a lot of things that would flesh out characters and a campaign and my group would rather wait for it to release before starting a game with only the core book.

  2. I'm excited about the upcoming products for the PR RPG!

  3. Is it just me or does merrick's sculpt look incredibly similar to Zhane's

  4. I’d love to get into the game but it looks like you guys don’t ship to Canada. What would be the best way to get a hold of the books here?

  5. I thought I'd just hear about new stuff coming out, but this video has simultaneously addressed an issue I have with the core rule book and convinced me to invest more in the power rangers rpg stuff coming out, when I'd normally only look at the books and maps…

  6. I knew you were going to mispronounce Vrak lol despite how it’s spelt it’s not pronounced like it rhymes with back but that’s the best way for me to tell you how not to say it

    That being said I am enjoying this review but I do have a question

    Who made the decision to go with his final mode that we only saw in Super Megaforce? Since he had his regular mode, he had an armored mode then he became more robotic then he got a more celestial appearance

  7. Wasn't the original idea to use the Heroes of the Grid minis in the roleplaying game? I purchased some of the board game extras to have the figures for the rpg…

    I have yet to pick up the rpg book, how reliant is it on a grid/map for combat?

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