Revisiting & Reranking: Top 10 Board Games Of 2022 (& WHY IT MATTERS) -

Revisiting & Reranking: Top 10 Board Games Of 2022 (& WHY IT MATTERS)

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Looking back a year, where were things. Have things held up? Or were they just a flash in the pan? How would I rerank the top 10 games of mine from 2022. The biggest surprise might be to you that all of them are still in my collection. That matters. Accessibility matters. That’s why about a year out now, we need to take a look and see: putting my money where my mouth is and my feels now as opposed to in the moment.

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Time Stamp:
Revisiting & Reranking Top 10 Of 2022
00:00 – Preamble: Why This Is Worth Doing & Accessibility Matters
02:45 – Honorable Mention #2 (Might Not Be On The List In the Future)
04:20 – Honorable Mention #1 – Cherry Blossoms By Another Fighting Name
06:10 – #10 – The More Accessible Lord of the Rings War
07:37 – #9 – Guarding Atlantis Still Twice Over
09:20 – #8 – Tile Laying Cooperative Ghosts Catching In France
11:06 – #7 – Don’t Look Down on This Splendor (Duel)
13:14 – #6 – Still the Best Boss Battler IMO (Aeon Trespass Odyssey)
16:04 – Biggest Barrier to Campaign Games
16:58 – #5 – Heat’s Pedal Still Going Strong
18:56 – #4 – Deck Building Craziness and Chaos In The Puzzle Striking Form
21:14 – #3 – Keeping ‘dem Heroes Out Still
22:40 – #2 – This Wasn’t Even On The Main List Last Year
24:32 – #1 – I mean…Wander Those Towers Some More

SPOILERS LIST: (You’ve Been Warned!!)
The Wandering Towers
Keep the Heroes Out
Heat Pedal To The Metal
Puzzle Strike 2
Aeon Trespass Odyssey
Splendor Duel
Mists Over Carcassonne
Guards of Atlantis II
War of the Ring the Card Game
Sakura Arms
Wonderland’s War


  1. To be fair, I remember your discussion of Etherfields and it felt like you basically decided right away that you weren't going to like it. To each their own, but the game was my game of the year last year. Love it.

  2. Need more videos like this, rereankings are always amusing and fun!

  3. Great video as always. Really need to do a top 10 of all time.

  4. Can't wait for the second printing of Wandering Towers!

  5. You bring up a great point with heat! There is something wonderful to a one shot that is being forgotten in a lot of games this past year. It’s why Freelancer won the 2023 Golden Meeple award for best of the year. It’s wonderful to have a game you can just one shot, have a great time and move on with your day!

  6. I totally agree with your opinion on other peoples top 10’s. I have bought new hotness that were in top 10s and were like…. Huh that game sucked 😂

  7. Good choice for No1 we love Wondering Towers!

  8. Board Game Hangover had the great idea to put the Nemesis prototype as their #2 best played game of 2023. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    The AR deep cavity crawling is strong with that channel.

  9. Best channel for board games. This guy gets it. Try unmatched battle of legends 1 and 2 for dueling game. Rly fun especially in 2v2. Tales to amaze is fine but the unmatched system truly shines in 1v1 and 2v2 but my group only uses the classics (bol1,bol2,little red and beowulf,robin and bigfoot and cobble fog.) We kinda hate the marvels and they dont fit too well with the classics balance wise.

    6+ players we go with GOA,but for 2 and 4 unmatched wins easily.

  10. AEON is my number 4 game of all time and I’m not up to cycle 2 yet.
    And I hear it gets much better in future cycles.

    And etherfields which I went through the entire campaign to the horrible ending is number 20 for me only because some of the dreams were really good.

  11. Keep the Heroes Out is my number one game these days. I can't wait for Boss Battles to arrive!

  12. You keep crapping on deluxifications, but those appeal to some of us. And quite frankly, I would rather kickstarters and promos focused on deluxe components than game play components that we’d have to chase down at exorbitant prices.

  13. my fav. Boss Battler is Marvel Champions. I don't need games that have more parts than the record holding puzzle.

  14. Keep the Heros out is so cute and fun :3 I go full for the new expansion. Only problem I have is the guild master expansion. The 1 vs many feels so unblance.

  15. My thoughts exactly, if release date is '24 why the heck you put it in your 23 list

  16. My man! Wandering Towers is great & very accessible. No one is really talking about this. I bought it at Gen Con & received 2 expansion packs of spells- awesome game! 🔥👍

  17. It's interesting, every car games I've played Formula D, Gaslands, every chariot racing game, the gameplay doesn't match the theme. They are never fast paced but rather slow, mechanic heavy, pedestrian games. Pedal to the Metal feels ala Flamme Rouge that it should be quick but Flamme Rouge scratches that itch. And I've promised myself that my game collection is now one in one out and Flamme Rouge is not going anywhere!! Happy New Year, thanks for the breath of fresh air.

  18. I still have the games – simply because I don't/haven't gotten rid of games! 😉

  19. I prefer annual updated top x of all time, not just of a certain year. One can rank the top ten games that came out in a year because you’re comparing a small group against itself, that doesn’t mean any of them will stand the test of time.

  20. You really need to invest in a new camera. This quality resolution of your videos is from 10 years ago…

  21. Reflection is always good to see if they stand the test. Good to look at now because maybe available at retail?

  22. Your mention of Godtier, made me think of a request. Could you do a best of list for different game types? Top 5 crawlers, dex, trick taking etc.

  23. great idea / reflection list. Especially for newbies like me who pretty much still hears about a game completely new to me at least 2 times every episode (of almost every games content creator I follow).

  24. Why are you allways in a bad mood? Allways miserable? No fun in your life? Just be happy, there is a life outside of your mons basement, there is sunlight. There is help out there. Wow. Donˋf worry be happy

  25. I just find Splendor incredibly boring at this point. There are less dry gateway games that I'd rather play ten times outta ten like Habitats or Barenpark.

  26. Speaking of 'splitting hairs', with the multiple Masters of the Universe games out there, please try to be accurate. Clash for Eternia, Fields of Eternia, or MotU Battleground. Unless you are actually talking about the 1986 Battle for Eternia?

  27. I wonder if the German version of Wandering Towers has the correct rules. Seems like there is an issue with the English version.

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